Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fuss & God

What the Wockenfuss?!

God was once on our side.



Bob D said...

Wasn't Wockenfuss a member of the Muppets in '86?

I wonder what it would take to acquire Brandon Inge from Detriot? He is a solid fielding 3rd baseman who has a lot of expierience at Catcher. He would make Philly's infield arguably the best in the NL. Also would replace Rowand's bat in the lineup. Iguchi is my 1st pick as a #2 type of hitter and acquiring him means no loss of prospects via trade.

Los said...

John Wockenfuss??? I think I have a few of his baseball cards, still. I always liked Ozzie Virgil a little better.

SirAlden said...

BOO HOO! -- only 5 Mil! Who would be better in RF Platoon than Bradley for 5 mil, Jenkins? For 8 Mil?

Rangers Reach Deal With Bradley is reporting that the Rangers have come to terms with outfielder Milton Bradley on what appears to be a one-year deal. Its base worth is $5 million, though Bradley can earn a few incentives.

GM-Carson said...

Milton Bradley can take in 5 mil in Texas and go eat a big on bull's dick...I hate him!