Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dos Durbinos

The Phils have just clinched the "Team With The Suckiest Durbin Contest," because they signed ex-Royal/Indian/Diamondbag/Tiger Chad Durbin to join holdover JD. The elder of the two Phillie Durbins, Chad never has been any good. Last year was his best year, going 8-7 while posting a 4.74 ERA and 1.43 WHIP.

Durbin, as of now, would be slotted in to the 5-spot in the rotation, with Adam Eaton and his injured shoulder on the sideline. I'm guessing that another arm will come through before the end of the winter, and Durbin will be a spot starter/long reliever type of guy for the Phightins.

The signing is being reported by Buccos beat man Dejan "Mustard" Kovacevic. As he says, no financial terms are known, but it's my opinion that whatever he's getting, it's too much.
Interesting tidbits over at They say the Phils have offered 2 year deals to both Jenkins and Cameron and might take the first one to accept. Really? Did Gillick send each of them a note that said, "Will you play outfield for us? Check yes or no." I highly doubt they do business that way. Now, Ed Wade on the other hand...

In the same post, they mention the possibility of Kenny Lofton returning. I don't even want to get into that now. That deserves a post of its own...

This is also a quote from over there: "They're looking at a rotation of Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Kyle Kendrick, Jamie Moyer, and Durbin. Beyond the front two that rotation is going to be pretty bad." Geez, I know Kendrick is young, but he proved himself enough to not be categorized as "bad." A little harsh, I think.



SirAlden said...

They Loved Him in the Motor City...

We beat out the Mutts and the Pirates for him. Here Chad Durbin posted to a Tigers Blog.

Chad Durbin says:

December 17th, 2007 at 4:56 pm


Thanks so much for the attention and virtual pimp status! My family informed me last year of the blog and it was certainly the focus of some fun-poking on my account. I understand baseball’s dynamics and realize that it is hard to find reasons to cheer for some of the obscure, forgettable players. There are more “forgettable players” out there than the stars…we all understand that much. I don’t have to defend the amount of tremendous success a baseball player must have to reach even the obscure status, either…because this was all in fun. Thanks for finding reasons to make us/me unique. The beauty of free media, right??

I’ll have to check in to see who the next pimptim is…best of luck! Oh yeah, to ease your mind on having to cheer against me…I’ll most likely be in the NL. Pittsburgh, Philly, NYMets…somewhere like that.

Chad Durbin

GM-Carson said...

Maybe Durbin will read this site, because we're sure to make fun of him.

By the way- this team in now 2 Durbins too much.

GM-Carson said... is reporting Gillick says the interest in Cameron and Lohse is gone, but the Phils are still after Jenkins (with possibly a 3 year deal on the table- yikes!). It also mentions the Phils are still looking at Benson and Otsuka.

GM-Carson said...

My homeboy Jayson Stark has the Phils looking at Akinori Otsuka, Byung-Hyun Kim, Roberto Hernandez, Kris Benson, John Parrish, Sidney Ponson, Chad Durbin, Kyle Lohse, and Jeremy Affeldt.

Please no return of Roberto Hernandez, he was horrible!

SirAlden said...

Great Post On Werth a former first round pick.

It will be interesting to ROOT for him this year and see if he becomes a full time major leaguer, or turns back into a PUMPKIN.

SirAlden said...

1. C Ruiz (R)
2. 1B Howard (L)
3. 2B Utley (L)
4. SS Rollins (S)
5. 3B A New Thirdbaseman(R)(Crede?)
6. LF Burrell (R)
7. CF Victorino (S)
8. RF Jenkins (L)

9. C Jarmillo (S) or Coste (R)
10. IF Bruntlett (R)
11. IF-OF Dobbs (L)
12. OF Werth (R)
13. OF (L)or(S) Glove/Speed/Defense

The batters are shaping up if Jenkins is signed.

GM-Carson said...

Based on watching a season of Jayson Werth's swing, I am very skeptical about his ability to become a full-time player.

SirAlden said...

I wonder if there is any chance that Burrell would want to wave his No-trade clause to a team that wanted him as their DH and extended his contract.

I don't see with his bum wheel that the Phillies would ever resign him, does anyone agree or disagree?

SirAlden said...

13. OF (L)or(S) Glove/Speed/Defense

Chris Snelling (L)
Chris Roberson (S)
Brandon Watson (L)

SirAlden said...

Adrian Beltre (R) at thirdbase....


Jarex said...

I've read a couple of other negative snips about Kendrick this off season. It seems most puds, I mean pundits feel last year was an accident and he'll settle into a sub-.500 journeyman soon enough. I guess they don't appreciate his ability to keep the ball down in the strike zone as much as Phans who endure the cit house 81 times a year.

GM-Carson said...

Geoff Jenkins is a Phillie. 2 year deal for 13 mil, with a vesting option for 2010 that could push the value to 20 mil. More on this tomorrow.

Jarex said...

I guess they slot Jenkins 6th behind Burrell to break up the left-left of Utley and Howard. But I'm sure Charlie will run out a left-left-left-left-left-left-left-right-left line up just to be funny like.

furiousBall said...

I'd like to see two more arms added (doubtful) and a right handed bat (Beltre?)

Jacobin said...

Kendrick showed consistency last year and I think it's bunk to refer to him as bad. Does it look like he'll be a stellar front of the rotation pitcher? No, not at all, but there's no reason to think this guy won't be a good number three or four for a number of years. He doesn't get rattled and he makes his pitches.

For the record, I have no interest in Bung-Hole Kim.

GM-Carson said...

Jacobin- amazing I've never heard of Kim being called Bung-Hole Kim...that's KWality stuff right there.

I'm surprised by 2 years and 13 mil for Jenkins, but he will help this team, that I'm confident of.

I wonder who the Phils will drop from their 40 man roster to make room for the new Durbin and Jenkins, probably Bohn and Anderson Garcia.

SirAlden said...

On the Durbin links there are great Photoshopped Pics of him in PIMP Garb. You should ask if you can use them and invite DurbinTOO for an interview. Ask him if he is doing something new in the last two years to improve his chances in the majors.

If he is slotted as pitcher 11 or 12 then we can root to see if he outdoes "Gas Can" Geary or Jose "No Mas" Mesa.

GM-Carson said...

Chad Durbin is probably our 5th starter now and that scares the way, what the hell do we do with Eaton now? He makes too much to cut, but he sucks too much to pitch.

SirAlden said...

The Phillies are overpaying
J.C. Romero 4 mil on his 3rd year.
Jenkins 7 mil on his 3rd year.

This together, if they deteriorate is 11 million or a 4th Starter Money wasted in 2010. No one can now say that they are not trying from a financial penny pinching point of view. Hope Jenkins steps up and then he will be underpaid. Not likely but he is getting 10 million extra not to hang at the beach in San Diego after home games.

This really could be a fantastic signing.

SirAlden said...

I think over time it would be great to make Kendrick a long man in the pen, and I do not think DurbinTOO was signed as the 5th Starter.

Every year in August the 4 and 5 slots are "pray for rain" guys, does anyone remember who the Braves and Mutts were sending out there?

I hope DurbinTOO is a Mesa, Gas Can Geary upgrade not the goto 5th Starter.

GM-Carson said...

I want to know what Chad Durbin salary is going to be. If cheap, fine, if anything more than 1.5 mil- bad.

SirAlden said...

Beltre or Crede and this team rocks.

The bench is way better to start off.

The team can be hit with injury, any team can, but it's balanced on the Hitter side.

We will also have 5 players in AA, one or two of which might advance and could be late season call ups for the bench.

SirAlden said...

Lots of work to do on the Pitching Side, but this is great, especially if we get a new third baseman.

kentucky phils phan said...

i think jenkins is a good pick up, he straightens out the outfield situation. i think we need to go after benson now and get him, because i have no faith in chad durbin to be viable as a 5th starter for us.

GM-Carson said...

I too am still in favor of signing Kris Benson to a 1 year deal. I look at the man's career stats and notice he'd be the best option on the free agent pitching market if it weren't for his lost '07. If healthy he'd really help solidify our staff.

SirAlden said...

Benson is throwing 76 MPH at the moment but as GM-Carson says...

"there are always TWO good reasons to sign Kris Benson"

Gather all the arms you can.

SirAlden said...

Also anyone coming from the AL with better hitters and the DH should have better stats in the NL.

GM-Carson said...

The Tigers stadium is much more spacious than the Phils.

Where did you read Benson is only chucking 76 mph?

SirAlden said...

Durbin had almost identical stats to Tom Glavine but gave up the same number of Homeruns 21 in 128 innings to 23 in 200 innings.

DurbinTOO is a great 11th or 12th pitcher signing, awful as an 8th or 9th pitcher on the depth chart.

Kris Benson was throwing at 76 MPH, at his audition, I saw that number in 2 places, GM-Carson I will try to go find it. I would not hold your breath on Benson unless you are between his wife's sugically enhances love bags. If you were Benson or Anna would you want The CIT and Philly or huge Shea and NYC bright lights? The Mets Blogs are all over Benson. I wonder if the Mutts new stadium will be a large pitchers park like Shea?

As for Wise his ERA was 10 in August and 12 runs per inning in Sept. after beaning that guy in the head.

I hope Akinori Otsuka is healthy, and we can really overpay him.

The Phils wouldn't go past three years on Kyle Lohse, Amaro made it clear that an unwillingness to go beyond a three-year deal is what took Philadelphia out of the running. "From all indications it looked like it would take four years," Amaro said. "We let him know that we wouldn't go higher than three. He indicated he could get four, and we bowed out gracefully." The Mets are now believed to be the clear frontrunners to sign Lohse.
Source: New York Post

Agreed. I would love Lohse but 3 years tops.

Ethan Michaels said...

Thanks. I added your link just now so you can add mine whenever you get around to it. Have a good one!

SirAlden said...

The Phillies are better off, if we project Rowand regressing to the mean.

The Phillies also have Bruntlett vs. Nunez.

13th Batter OF (L)or(S), glove/Speed/Defense

Chris Snelling (L)
Chris Roberson (S)
Brandon Watson (L)

instead of Bourne.

Coste or Jaramillo at back-up catcher, and most importantly, potentially one more month of Howard, Utley vs Iguchi, and Victorino.

The team should top the Division and the League in Runs Scored for the Third Straight Year.

The only thing left on the hitting side of the fence is if the Phillies Land Beltre or Crede which would make things even better.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils don't have what it takes to get Beltre, so no use pitchin' tent.

SirAlden said...

If Jenkins makes a total of 925 plate appearances in the 2008-2009 seasons or 525 plate appearances in 2009, it would trigger a $7.5 million vesting option for 2010. If the agreement fails to vest, he and the Phillies have a mutual option for the third year.

That seems good...not automatic.

Los said...

At this point, they should coax Larry Anderson out of the booth and back into the bullpen ...

chuckm said...

I dont get all this Kendrick dissing from so-called experts. Did John Maine get the same kind of disrespect after his rookie season?

Bob D said...

Jenkins make the outfield 4 deep and solid. A mix of speed and power.

Mike said...

You can never have too many Durbins. They should both be good for ERAs under 6.

SirAlden said...

Chad Durbin to a one-year contract worth $900,000.

Not over 1.5 million. Good.