Sunday, December 02, 2007

Check Your Head: The Good Phight

Peter Baker of The Good Phight was kind enough to sit down at the keyboard for a good old fashioned Q&A session with yours truly. Past Check Your Head victims this offseason have been Jason Weitzel of BeerLeaguer and Tom G of Balls, Sticks, & Stuff. Let's see what Baker had to say...

1. Statistics aside, who is your favorite Phillies non-superstar of the past?
Depending on how far back you want to go, I actually really liked Von Hayes. And Glenn Wilson was a favorite due to his cannon arm, and his extra tuff porn 'stache and huge 80s glasses.

2. Why in the hell are you a Phillies fan anyway?
Born in southeastern Pennsylvania, and I was a victim of a heinous bait-and-switch by being a very young child during the '77-'83 mini-dynasty. I think I got the idea in my head that the Phillies were, and always would be, awesome. I've learned my lesson, painfully, in the ensuing years.

3. If you had to choose a current Phillie to start a new franchise with, who would it be and why?
Chase Utley, no doubt about it. In his prime, an elite hitter who plays a premium defensive position and plays it extremely well. Possibly the best all-around player in the National League.

4. Discuss the evolution of The Good Phight.
A bunch of too-smart people who got to know each other through the Renegade Phan Phorum over at We observed in each other a mutual skepticism about national and regional sports media, and wanted to provide an alternative outlet for people who wanted to seek answers to the tougher questions.

5. What is your honest opinion of our Special Olympics manager, Uncle R-Tard?
Most of "R-Tard's"* (as you put it) weaknesses are endemic to the structure of the modern game, and thus the problems are bigger than him. Bullpen management, lineup construction, etc.... we'd find something to bitch about with every manager. But I think Manuel draws the best from his players, particularly the hitters, by creating a positive clubhouse environment.
I also resent the teasing Manuel takes for his speech and mannerisms, particularly from the a-holes* who seem to think a northeastern urban accent somehow makes one sound more sophisticated than a West Virginian one. Not everyone is good in front of the microphone. That doesn't make him stupid.

6. What is your favorite aspect of baseball- pitching, offense, or defense?
To me, there's nothing more exciting and exhilarating to watch as a fan than a brilliantly pitched baseball game. Give me a Cole Hamels 15-K masterpiece over a 12-2 blowout any day.

7. Describe your overall impression/opinion of the Phillies fanbase.
It's as diverse as the Delaware Valley population itself. Lots of intelligent, reasonable people who are unfortunately and far too often drowned out by the morons* who give the rest of us a bad name.

8. Give Patty G a rating on a 1-10 scale (11 being the highest) of the job you think he's done thus far.
Probably a 4. His strengths are the opposite of those of Ed Wade. Gillick excels at moves that fill out the roster; he dumpster dives very well, but he's a questionable judge of front-line talent, which is how you get stuck with Adam Eaton for three years.

*= I think Petey disliked my reference to Charlie Manuel as a retard and believes I fall into the boat of a-hole and moron...which is fine by me, because I have no fear in stating my opinions, and my opinion is that Manuel is a huge f'n idiot.



SirAlden said...

San Diego declined to offer arbitration to outfielder Milton Bradley. With Barry Bonds, he was the only Type A Free Agent who was "Non-Tendered"

If anyone signs Bradley they get him for free with no loss of draft picks.

AB 209 | AVG .306 | HR 13 | RBI 37 | OBP .402 | SLG .545 | OPS .947

Including a 6 RBI game at CBP on Aug, 24th against the Phillies.

Bradley is a Switch Hitter and he can back up center-field. He will be out till June, and was paid only 4 Million last year.

GM-Carson said...

Let me make this simple and clear- Fuck Milton Bradley, I ain't interested in his game!

Great #'s, but huge asshole!!!

BenJah said...

this just in:

real baseball isn't like fantasy baseball. stats, apparently, aren't the only things that count. more on this as it develops....

GM-Carson said...

I love stats, but stats aren't everything. This is why I can't stand those uppitty bitches over at why I've been banned twice as well. They think k's are ok, even Howand's k's...I think k's happen, but they suck and contact is almost always better. But I'm not as "smart" as those Dungeon and Dragon fag-bags so I'll just stick to my blog and continue making fun of the world.

furiousBall said...

i agree, fuck milton bradley in his asshole with pointy corn

Skeeter said...

Did you know that if you type "hell" on, it automatically changes it to "heck" in your post?


Also, I called Alfonseca a fairy once on that bored and got a warning email from a moderator not to be so 'offensive'. Fairy could possibly be the least offensive word I've ever said.
ahh I love WSBGMs

And yes, Fuck Milton Bradley. I even hate monopoly now because of that jackass

Skeeter said...

also, bored=board...I'm dumb

SirAlden said...

Pointy Corn! lol

I love you guys.

But not in a David Bell way.

GM-Carson said...

Winter Meetings for GM's start today...plenty of rumors on the horizon.