Saturday, December 15, 2007

Brett Favre a Phillie?

The mighty midget of Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal, is reporting Geoff Jenkins will soon decide between the Padres and the Phillies. I'm guessing the Phils actually beat out the Friars on this one. We've lost 2 free agents to the butt-bags in San Diego already this offseason (Randy Wolf and Tadahito Iguchi), but hopefully the third time is a charm. Why do I think Philly has the upperhand this time? First- Jenkins will love the Brick Cit House far more than the cavernous park in Sandy. Second- the Pads (Maxi-Pads that is) just traded for oft-injured prick Jim Edmonds, which means they may be done fiddling around with their outfield now.

Now that I've determined Brett Favre, oops, I mean Geoff Jenkins is destined for Philadelphia, the question remains do we want him...I do. I'm guessing if signed, Jenkins gets a reasonable 1 year 5 million dollar deal with a vesting option year. Currently the Phils have "The Bat" if LF, the Flying Hawaiian in CF, and Werth/Werthless in RF. Yes, Jayson Werth is suffering from dual personalities, as when Werth he has worth against lefties, but when his alter-ego Werthless rears his ugly head he his worthless against righties...hence the need for a Jenkins platoon who happens to WHAM! righties to the tune of a .883 lifetime OPS versus them.



Corey said...

i think jenkins could be a (relatively) cheap option to platoon with werthless in RF, I'm for it (if only because he looks like my personal hero, brett favre.) as for years, i like one with a team or mutual option for a second.

what do you mean by a "vesting option." would that mean the player gets an option for another year if he gets certain statistical milestones?

GM-Carson said...

By "vesting option" I mean a certain # of games or plate appearances. Say Jenkins gets 500 ab's- then he has his contract automatically renewed for the next season. A player at Geoff's age (33) who is most likely on a platoon outfielder now may jump at that opportunity. I like the mutual option idea too, a route that would be nice as well.

Corey said...

was the last player to have a contract like that mike lieberthal? i think so, and that one didn't turn out so well. the problem with contracts like that is that the milestaones are usually relatively low (say 350ABs, 100 games) and usually aren't stats that reflect actual performance, rather mediocre durability. (see: lieberthal). and i could give a f**k if he's durable, i want an OF to hit. so unless the stats are HR or RBI, i would go that route.

SirAlden said...

Jenkins is the third best bet after, Eric Burns, who signed for 30 mil with the Diamondbacks late last season, and Milton Bradley, GM-Carson's fave-o-flave who signed with Texas for 5 mil.

Hope we get him. He can field and he should see that Left-Field might be opening up in 2009, so he could earn some job security.

SirAlden said...

Hope Otsuka is healthy and we sign him, hope we go for at least 2 non-tender pitchers, and trade for either thirdbasemen Crede or Inge with good terms.

GM-Carson said...

Minor News- Eude Brito goes to the big loss.

Mike Restovich, recently signed to minor league deal, goes to Japan...who gives a shit?

Chris Snelling signs for 450k, he could be decent bench player.

Phils sign some minor leaguers- Vic Darensbourg RP, Gary Knotts RP, Travis Minix RP, Brian Mazone SP, Valentino Pascucci OF/1B, and Mike Cervenak 3B. Look for Darensburg to get a strong look in Spring Training.

Bob D said...

I say resign the Nunez from yesterday's post. (the Balco one)

Jenkins would be a good fit for the team.

McPhearson, Dallas wouldn't be a bad signing either. Then Helms could be shipped off to the fire sale/AAA Marlins for a left over Dontrelle Willis bobblehead.

furiousBall said...

I don't like Jenkins. He's a strikeout machine and his power numbers have dipped the past few years. It's gotta be a one year deal.

They friggin' better get full physicals on any pitcher signed - especially Benson and Otsuka.

The thing I don't like is where is the Mike Lowell offered money going?

SirAlden said...

The Money is there, the question is what do you go spend it on?

The shelves are really bare. Do you go spend it offering 10 million to the Eric Gagne's of the world who are in the Mitchell repott and almost lost the AL East title for the Red Sox last year? He was worse than Jose Mesa at his worst last Aug and Sept.

SirAlden said...

We offered Lowell and extra year at 12 million, we offered Schilling all the money upfront 13 mil (5 more)he could get up from the Red Sox if he meets incentives. We offered Iguchi 3 years not one to play 3rd Base.

Who else out there did everyone think we did not go after that we should have?

SirAlden said...


Low Cost - Rakes over 1000 ops - can cover Centerfield - Loves to hit in the CIT - Non -tendered - No cost in Trade or Draft Picks - Eventually has to grow up, might as well be with the Phillies, Milt Thompson and Cholly who has success with these types - Left Handed.

BloodStripes said...

The Phils need another OF! One who can as said Boy George right handed pitching. We need Jenkins. I hope he signs. There aren't a great deal of options remaining. He and Werth can platoon and do well.

BloodStripes said...

If Bradley can harness his emotions in the right way he can be a very good player.

BloodStripes said...

The heat of Phils phans would either turn Bradley into an axe wielding murderer or entice him to harness the energy for a huge year. Its worth getting him just for the experiment.

SirAlden said...

The Giants have spoken to agent Scott Boras about non-tendered, free agent Angels 3B Dallas McPherson.

UGH. A Boras Client.

SirAlden said...

I agree Blood about Bradley.... the Texas Rangers signed him for one year a few days ago for 5 million.

Everyone? Who would you have gone for that the Phillies seemingly did not try to go after so far....?

SirAlden said...

MLB Rumor Central: Phillies in the mix for Cameron INSIDER

Hmmmm... Could be an interesting short term option compared to Rowand.

More Speed, can steal. Reasonable money.

BloodStripes said...

There is a bit of an argument around that Werth may well hold his own as an everyday player with no platoon necessary. A platoon arrangement ought to be made anyway just in case.

Sure its still 2007 but what about pitching? Lets see Otsuka become a Phillie. Any moves at 3rd? Still a weak spot.

goDuke said...

The whole thing on Cameron from ESPN insider:

Add the Phillies to the list of teams interested in Mike Cameron, reports's Jayson Stark.

Earlier in the offseason, the Phillies had indicated Cameron wasn't on their shopping list. But now, in the wake of Aaron Rowand's signing with the Giants and the breakdown Friday in Cameron's negotiations to return to San Diego, the Phillies have expressed interest, according to a source with knowledge of the discussions.

Cameron was the center fielder in Seattle when Phillies general manager Pat Gillick was the GM there. And with the loss of Rowand and Michael Bourn (traded to Houston), the Phillies are looking to add either a center fielder or right fielder, with Shane Victorino manning whichever of those two positions they aren't able to fill. The Phillies also continue to speak with the agent for free-agent outfielder Geoff Jenkins.

Other teams believed to have some degree of interest in Cameron include the White Sox and Rangers.

Go for Cameron I say, I love Vic's cannon out of right field... and that puts Werth as a bench player, where he belongs.

Bob D said...

Question: Will the Phils lose thier 1st round pick if they sign Cameron? That would be a loss all the way around. I'd rather have Rowand over Cameron.

SirAlden said...

Good Question.

If the Padres don't re-sign Cameron, they will receive a compensatory pick in the Draft in June, a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds because Cameron is a Type B free agent.

So the Phillies would not give up any picks if they signed him. I still would like to put Victorino in CF long term and leave him there. Cameron Played RF for the Mutts.

Bob D said...

The Phils continue to have interest in OF:
Sidney Ponson (for a minor league deal)

Not much happening with 3rd base as of yet. I would think Dallas McPhearson, Morgan Ensberg, and Joe Crede would interest them but so far not much happening there.

Los said...

I threw up a little in my mouth after looking at that Wham pic.

Bob D said...

If the Phils could land Otsuka, Benson, Ponson, Jenkins, and Cameron that would be about the best they could do at this point.

If Jenkins and Cameron sign with Philly look for an OF get traded most likely Burrell who has some trade value would go.

GM-Carson said...

That Wham! picture is fabulous!

SirAlden said...

That Wham! picture is fabulous!

In a David Bell, pump me up with steroids sorta way...!

Bob D said...

In regaurds to OF some of last years stats for feilding:
Rowand 2 Errors, 995%, 11 Assists
Victorino 3E, 988%, 10A
Werth 2E, 987%, 9A
Burrell 10E, 948%, 8A
Cameron 5E, 987%, 7A
Jenkins 3E, 988%, 7A
Bourn 0E, 1000%, 0A

That is alot of assists by the Phils last year. Werth played only half the innings of the others but had nearly the same # of assists. Bourn who had 0 assists probably has the best arm of them all. Victorino has the 2nd best arm.

Picking up either Cameron or Jenkins or both would keep the OF defense solid. If both are picked up then watch for another trade to happen - likely Burrell which would improve the defense even more despite him having one of the best arms in the league.

On offense:
Rowand 119 SO, 47 BB, 374 OB%, 309 BA, 27 HR.
Cameron 160 SO, 67 BB, 328 OB%, 242 BA, 21 HR.
Jenkins 116 SO, 32 BB, 319 OB%, 255 BA 21 HR.
Burrell 120 SO, 114 BB. 400 OB%, 256 BA, 30 HR.
Victorino 62 SO, 37 BB, 347 OB%, 281 BA, 12 HR.
Werth 73 SO, 44 BB, 404 OB%, 298 BA, 8 HR.
Bourn 21 SO, 13 BB, 348 OB%, 277 BA, 1 HR.

Cameron and Jenkins could replace Rowand but with more strike outs and a lower OB%. Rowand did have his career year while Cameron had an off year.
We will miss Bourn's good eye, speed, but he did have a low OB% for a fast player. Werth had the highest OB%, with decent amount of walks in less ABs then the rest.

Looking at this I feel Werth is worth keeping, but if they add Cameron and Jenkins then I could see Burrell going for better fielding despite losing the high amount of walks and OB%.