Saturday, December 08, 2007

3-Headed Monster

Let me paint the picture for you- Gregg Dobbs starts the game at 3rd against the righty. During the game he commits an error leading to an unearned run which prolonged that inning that also leads to the early departure of our starting pitcher. Opposing manager brings in a lefty to face him in the 6th inning, so Manuel strategizes (cue Dueling Banjos) and pinch hits Helms to face the lefty...Helms grounds out because he sucks! Then in the 8th inning Charlie gets defensive minded and puts Eric Bruntlett into the game to hold down the fort at 3rd base- essentially using 3 players for 1 position and leaving the bench barren of extra bats. If a south paw started the game, this scenario would be flip-flopped with Helms starting, followed by Dobbs then Bruntlett. Basically I'm saying we're wasting too many players on one position, and we're not even guaranteed that they'll be productive. In theory if Manuel actually managed the platoon correctly (that's a big ass IF) it could be potentially productive because Helms has a career line of .280/.359/.476 against lefties and Dobbs a .264/.315/.417 versus righties. Problem being- neither can field, and that's a huge problem in my eyes because the man scooping up their errant throws across the diamond (Ryan Howard) isn't all that adept to fielding up extra outs is never a good thing, especially in the Brick Cit House. So what am I saying? I demand Wes Helms to be traded to the Marlins for whatever bag of steaming poop they give us in return. People are concerned about 3rd base without him; I'm concerned about 3rd base with him. Patty G needs to find a full-time 3rd baseman some way some how, and allow Dobbs to pinch-hit and play some outfield with Werth and allow Bruntlett to be nothing more than a seldom used utility player. If the Phils head into the 2008 season with the 3-headed monster of Dobbs/Helms/Bruntlett I'm hiring a hitman to blast Gillick in his crusty old ballsack!



SirAlden said...

Agreed. Pit the Marlins, against Joe Girardi of the Yankees (now that they have lost Phillips for 1B) against each other, and get the best 6-7th man available for the Bullpen.

Put Dobbs to platoon in rightfield, or if someone is signed, make him the top left handed pinch hitter when there are men on base, off the bench.

Put Bruntlett #1 on the depth chart at 3B (he has good OB skills) until you sign a 3rd baseman.

I am glad we got that settled.

Corey said...

is a "south paw" a father from dixie?

i find it hard to believe anybody would want wes helms. but if they do, i hope the phils send him out for "future considerations," with the phils later considering themselves lucky they got rid of him.

did you see has a link to something about abe nunez being considered by the marlins? i didn't click it because i figured it had to be a joke...

furiousBall said...

i'd like to see a starter at third picked up OR a centerfielder signed, put Dobbs in a platoon in the outfield/3b as needed, simmer and serve with parsley

SirAlden said...

We Need.

A Real #1 #2 Starter.

A Real #2 Reliever. *

A League Average 3rd Baseman.

A League Average Left Handed Right Fielder.

We got the rest.

* Or a #2 and a #3 Starter, with Myers sliding back into the pen.

BenJah said...

i realize that i'm in the minority here, but:

i would like to see brandon inge playing 3b for us this year. he really doesnt make all the much money for the production, and he's one of the most purely athletic players in the game. he's also a better hitter than he showed for much of last season, with good pop that would look even better in the national league and in a stadium like the cit.

BenJah said...

from's keith law:

"The Phils are also planning on placing a wooden stake at third base this year -- if the ball hits it, the batter is out -- but they might consider acquiring a capable everyday player instead."

probably a better solution than playing helms

Bob D said...

He who should not be named and Helms in Florida?? That would be awesome!

GM-Carson said...

Brandon Inge is owed 19.1 mil over the next 3 seasons. He is a good fielder though and has had success at the plate in the past (27 hr in '06 and an OPS around .750 04-06), but he did suck horribly last season offensively. However, the change of leagues and a little bit of luck, he'd be our league average third baseman that would need to be replaced sporadically throughout the ballgame based on the matchup because he can field and somewhat hit.

GM-Carson said...

There's a reason Gillick didn't cast Helms off to the Fish- the Marlins wanted the Phils to pick up1.8 of the 2.9 millin owed to him. That's not really a salary dump then now is it?

Phils still after lefty reliever Damaso Marte. He's good and would really help out towards curing the Phils bullpen woes.

SirAlden said...

I think Brandon Inge could be the league 3B man with a good glove. If Detroit ate most of the salary.

Crede as well if his back held up. Shades of Bell's Back is not something to look forward to again.