Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things I Hate About the Phillies: Carson's Volume 1

I love the Phillies like they're my family, but just like that uncle that tries to touch you in la-la area, there's certain things to hate about them too. WSBGM's has never hesitated to "keep it real" and speak our minds, like I say- "you can sugarcoat a turd, but it's still a turd in the end". So without further ado, here is the first installment of Things I Hate About the Phillies.

*I hate that Phillies' fans get labeled "Negative Nancy's" because we wear our hearts on our sleeves and expect our team to perform up to standard. Problem is, we drown out sorrow with booze and that leads to malicious heckling, in turn leading to our unjustified public persona. Down deep we're all a bunch of super nice people passionate about our team; and if you don't agree, you can go suck sweat from a freshly moistened jock strap a-hole!

*I hate that David Bell was a Phillie for 4 seasons and Chris Wheeler said, "he does all the little things right". If by little things he meant SUCKING, then yes, Bell was king of the lil' things world. He was supposed to bring veteran leadership with playoff experience to be a stabilizing fixture at 3rd base to help lead the Phillies to the promise land. Instead he popped up to the infield 97.4% of his at bats, and lollipopped throws over to first base as if there were no hurry because a ghost runner was taking the batter's place. Dammit, I still loathe that dickbag!

*I hate that we still pay Jim Thome to crush balls for another team. Seriously- the man is and always will be a slugger as long as he plays, and you mean to tell me that we couldn't have found someone to take his entire contract or at least more of it. Pat Gillick got raped in this deal, as Aaron Rowand was a decent pickup, but now he may be gone via free agency while we're still left on the hook for $7 million to the ChiSox for Thome next season...that's 2 quality relief pitchers right there. I know the trade cleared the way for Ryan Howard to become a superstar in Philly, but in retrospect I think even coming off an injury plagued season that Patty G should have shopped around for a better package for Thome.



GM-Carson said...

Congrats to Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins for winning the Silver Slugger award at their positions.

J-Roll has now gone gold (glove) and silver (slugger)!

GM-Carson said...

There will be plenty of minor league free agents available soon, I think Gillick should load up Triple A with a bunch of them- namely fill-in starters and relief pitchers with some prior MLB experience. There's always seems to be about at least 2 spots in the bullpen that turn over routinely throughout the season, so why not trying to "catch lightning in a bottle" and get lucky with a Lee Gardner or Jim Miller like Florida and plenty of other clubs do each season. I'm not saying to count on these guys, but have them in the system if/when we need help for a 2 week period in the rotation or bullpen. These guys are cheap and are low-risk, it's not like our upper minors are stocked with talent and they'd be hindering progress of prospects.

Corey said...

tough luck with that uncle of yours.

Jacobin said...

How can we talk about things to hate involving the Phillies and not mention the ownership group? I hate that gang of pricks and I loathe Bill Giles for putting together that group and for the shit job he did running the team.

furiousBall said...

i want a phils burka now

GM-Carson said...

Ease down Jacobin, this is merely Volume 1 of many Volumes of "Things to Hate About the Phillies". Have no fear, ownership will get theirs.

Corey- I'm still not sure if it was my uncle or my aunt with a hairy upper lip...either way- GROSS!

furiousBall said...

phils resign romero


BenJah said...

phils sign romero to 3 yr/12mil deal.

its a bigger contract than it should be, but whatever. it's still a good thing

GM-Carson said...

I like JC Romero, but 3 years for 12 million is unwise. Lets remember the guy did get released by Boston last season. Lets remember he only had 2.5 good months with the Phils. Lets remember it was his first time in the NL. Lets remember his career stats aren't anywhere close to how he pitched for the Phils. 4 million a year for a reliever that puts 1 and a half runners on base per inning? Corey- go loosen up your arm, I'm your agent and we're striking a deal.

I hope that everyone realizes that this deal also probably signifies the end of offseason deals for the Phils because they almost maxed out on 2 relievers...typical Phillies.

I wanted Romero back, but not for that money.

Don't fool yourselves into a false sense of security. We still do not have a 3rd baseman that can field or play every day, and we'll probably have a below average outfield soon too with the departure of Rowand with Chris Roberson taking Rowand/Bourn's spot...yuck! And our bullpen even with the addition of Lidge and the re-signing of Romero is actually worse that when the season ended, because Gas Can Geary and Myers were subtracted.

Pat Gillick is not a genius yet, still has much room for improvement!

GM-Carson said...

Gotta say I agree with this assessment of the deal from According to Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies have signed lefty reliever J.C. Romero to a three-year, $12MM deal. There's a club option for a fourth year that would bring the total to $16.75MM.

This is a terrible signing. Is it really this hard to find a competent lefty reliever? The Phillies seem to be demonstrating an ignorance of basic pitching statistics. Romero's contract is based on 36 innings. I admit: Romero is fairly tough to hit, and he keeps the ball on the ground (which limits home runs).

But his control is awful - he's walked almost five batters per nine innings in his career. And while he has allowed fewer than a hit per inning in his career, his 2007 success with the Phillies is based on him allowing just 3.72 hits per nine innings. Limiting hits to that degree is simply not a repeatable skill, and the Phils are paying him as if it is.

Bob D said...

I agree that 4 mil a year for Romero is excessive. I was expecting them to overpay in the 3mil a year but not that much.
Don't expect Roberson to be on the team next year, I expect the team to go after an OF or 2 like last year with Garcia/Werth. There is still a decent chance that Rowand will be back and the possibility that Burrell maybe traded (only with the addition of Rowand).
We will likely see at least 1 more reliever that has a good arm to be signed, and a strong possibility that they go after Kudaro from Japan. Getting Kudaro would be an awesome addition, as they will add to the team without losing anything such as draft picks. I'll guess in the 11 mil per year for him.

Los said...

We, as Philadelphia sports fans, have waited so long for a winning team (any of them), that we were even considering giving a parade to a horse ... dedication or insanity ... you decide!

chuckm said...

I'm sure other GMs arent too happy about the Phillies laying out so much for JC as it def ups the price for middle-relief in general, and we all know that middle-relief is a throw of the dice. That is rather generous for one good 1/2 season, but at least a 4mil bust in the pen can be buried easier than an overpaid starter or postion player and Romero did cut down on his walks as he settled into his role. He also showed some serious sack when coming into high leverage situations, so I'm just hoping that he can continue what he did as Gordon is still suspect to me (good stretch run nothwithstanding) and JC would obviously be called upon for set-up if Flash fails next season.

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