Saturday, November 17, 2007


Assuming Fence-Face Rowand is all but gone, that pushes the Flyin' Hawaiian Shane Victorino to CF and leaves Jayson Werth all by himself in RF...unless you consider that crackhead Chris Roberson an option. Werth came on strong over the last 2 months of the season, but let's not forget he hadn't played in the Majors the previous 1.5 seasons due to a nasty wrist injury and he doesn't exactly light the world on fire against righties either (.724 OPS over the last 3 years). Since I'm a wannabe GM, I have come up with a list of candidates to be a platoon partner with Werth.

Geoff Jenkins- the Phillies started their "green" project this offseason and traded away our resident Geoff- Gas Can Geary. Therefore, it is safe to assume the city of Philly cannot survive without a Geoff in town. Solution- sign Jenkins to a 1 year 6 million dollar contract to be Werth's left-handed buddy in RF. Problem is, that's a lot of cheese to be throwing at a part-time mouse, and doesn't fit into the Phils offseason spending allocation of funds directed towards improving pitching. Jenkins pounds righties though (.869 OPS over the past 3 season), but not in the same way David Bell pounds men.

Shawn Green- doubtful he's a full-time player anymore, but he has the name and will likely want bigger bucks and more playing time than we can offer. However, he'd be a nice platoon partner with an .841 OPS against righties over the past 3 seasons. I have heard complaints about his deteriorating defense, and with Burrell in LF this may not be ideal.

Luis Gonzalez- believe it or not, Gonzo has an outside chance at making the Hall-of-Fame should he collect roughly 500 more hits. At the ripe age of 40 this seems unlikely and even more unlikely should he accept a platoon situation, so he really isn't an option at all, but he would actually be my choice if he could be had (.816 OPS vs. righties).

Kenny Lofton- like Gonzo, Lofton too is on the verge of becoming a potential Hall-of-Famer, but if signed I think there's a stipulation in his contract that he must be traded before the end of August, so unfortunately he would not be around for the 2008 Phillies drive to the playoffs. He did a tremendous job for the Phils in '05, and still makes things happen on the diamond (.822 OPS vs. righties).

Brad Wilkerson- it seems the Phils have been rumored to be interested in Wilk for the past 13 seasons. Seriously, this guy's name gets thrown around during and after the season almost every year as potentially Philly bound. His star has dimmed since going to Texas, but the man can still get on base and put the ball over the fence...strikes out a ton too, and he's actually better against lefties than righties.

Trot Nixon- horrible season with Cleveland in '07, but is another name that has floated in the Philly atmosphere for the past few seasons, and he does have a respectable .789 OPS against righties over the past 3 years.

Cliff Floyd- huge injury risk, in fact I don't even think he has cartilage remaining in his knees, I think they had to transplant excess butt flab to prevent severe grinding. He's a liability on defense as well, but the man can rake against righties- .840 OPS.

Corey Patterson- he was supposed to be a permanent fixture roaming CF for the Cubs, but then they quickly found out he has horrible strikezone judgement. Corey would probably endorse this signing because he drafts Patterson in seemingly every fantasy league he's part of. Bottom line- he has speed and not much else.

Ryan Klesko- didn't really play the outfield last season, but he can still hit and be had cheap. Probably not a solution though.

Darin Erstad- always injured and not really all that productive at the plate, but since Rowand won't be around to crash into the outfield wall I thought Erstad could fill the void. He could double as the backup punter for the Eagles too, as he did so at the University of Nebraska.

Who should be Werth's platoon partner?
Geoff Jenkins
Shawn Green
Luis Gonzalez
Kenny Lofton
Brad Wilkerson
Trot Nixon
Cliff Floyd
Corey Patterson
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chuckm said...

I am not sold on Werth. He went ape for about a month, but he swang through everything down the stretch. I also think that his BABIP (batting avg of balls in play) was flukish high and if (or likely, when) it comes back towards norm next season, we are talking a barely league-average batter with little pop. I would be much more for taking a shot at Kosuke Fukudome and package Werth as part of a grade to get an far as the other candidates. With Rowand likely gone and Burrell gone after 2008, we are going to need somebody permament in the OF and Fukudome is the best NPB batter since H Matsui

GreggyD said...

Fukudome would be the ideal choice for right field. I am a fan of bringing Werth off the bench as a 4th outfielder, but don't think he is solid enough to be a starter. Plus, I simply HATE platoon situations. Whether its third base or right field, I cannot stand the fact that the Phillies can't find a suitable player to start at these positions. I wouldn't mind bringing in a Luis Gonzalez or Trot Nixon simply for more experience and leadership in the clubhouse, but I would much rather have them find someone to bring in as a regular.

If they do decide to find a regular starter they will have to decide which position to address because I realize that they cannot afford both a stud third baseman and right fielder. Look at it this way, if Fukudome is signed, Werth re-assumes his role from last year, plus they still have Dobbs to backup the outfield as well. Would I be happy with the platoon at third? Oh hell no, but they need to bring in a starting caliber player at one of the positions if they want their offense to be consistent.

GM-Carson said...

Ideally we would get a full-time starter at both 3rd and RF, but unfortunately the organization is saying they won't extend the payroll that much- hence the platoon options I'm listing. Fukudome is too expensive by the cheap-ass Phillies standards.

GreggyD said...

I read today that Fukudome might opt to stay in Japan anyway. Either way, the Phils need to do something or another about one of the positions. Rumor has it they might be interested in Scott Rolen...

BenJah said...

if we get a real thirdbaseman, dobbs can platoon in right too.....but that's hardly ideal.

i remember brad wilkerson killing us all the time when he played for the expos. he hurt us like burrell hurts the mets.

SirAlden said...

Great Post. I voted for other.

Jenkins is top shelf. And he can field. Last year he made 243 catches when he was predicted to make 234, which is even better than speedy Eric Byrnes 239/237.

Pat Burrell with the bad foot (not his fault) was an 176 caught for 198 predicted, the worst in Baseball.

Fukudome is a great fun idea but would you come to the US to be a Platoon player? Everyone else on the list is underwhelming or would not want to platoon. Wilkerson is the best of the rest even with his strike-outs.


Drum roll please! MILTON BRADLEY!

Switch Hitting needs a calm Manager... Do you remember his 2 homeruns and 6 RBI's on Aug 24th at the Cit? Total nut job, but he could be our total nut job like Lenny Dykstra. Cost only 4M last year.

Here are his splits. .307 BA .937 , Against Righties. Fast and 29 years old. Can play Center which we need as a backup.

SirAlden said...

Great Site. Check it out. It has position balls caught/balls should have been caught ratings.

Atkins and Cabrera were both at the bottom as 3B men.

SirAlden said...

Phillies Right Fielders Lead All Baseball in Catching the Ball.

Jayson Werth caught 109 balls, when it was expected that he would only catch 95: a 114.32 ratio.

Shane Victorino caught 229 balls, when it was expected that he would only catch 210: a 108.72 ratio. He is going to be great in Centerfield.

Aaron Rowand caught 392 balls, when it was expected that he would catch 395: a 99.27 ratio.

Victorino if he can stay healty will be a huge upgrade.

Let's put it this way. If Victorino was in CF last year he would have caught 429 balls to Rowand's 392.

Think about it. 37 more balls would
have been caught.

furiousBall said...

Geoff Jenkins should not be in the top tier of this list. He's a strike out machine, average BA, no glove, injury prone, marginal power. Gonzo is the best player listed IMHO.

Gkit said...

Remember there are more RH starters than LH so whoever platoons with Werth will probably get more ABs, so you want somebody as good or better than Werth(like Jenkins or even better Fukodome). So this is not a signing you want to go cheap on.

GM-Carson said...

Maybe I should have prefaced this piece by saying- I'm acting as GM but staying in the salary constraints the owners have imposed. The organization has come forth and said they really only have about $10 million left to spend. Therefore, I proposed getting Kris Benson for about 2 million if possible. Then sign one of these guys to platoon. Platoonings isn't always ideal but it can work- the '93 team did it with the trifecta of Eisenreich, Inchavaglia, and Chamberlain. None of those players listed are studs on my list, but they could help the Phillies in the proper situation. Pair Werth and Lofton up and we're looking at good speed, about 10-15 homeruns, lots of runs scored, and a decent batting average. That's just one example. Pair Werth with Jenkins and we're looking at more k's, lower batting average, but probably a combined 30 hr.

GM-Carson said...

I was reading a Keith Law article on this morning and he had this to say about platoons- "Everyone complains about the price of players, but no one does anything about it -- even though platoons, especially in corner positions, often provide above-average production for below-average cost, if you can spare the extra roster spot."

*Wow, that's the exact message I was trying to convey on here.

Anyway, in that same article he mentioned two players that might be on the move this offseason via trade and would fit the Phils need for a LH platoon partner for Werth. Luke Scott (true outfielder and .898 OPS vs. RH) and Ben Broussard (.802 OPS vs. RH). Scott can still be relatively cheap for a couple more seasons, but Ed Wade may want something more than the Phils will offer for him. Broussard is in Seattle so this seems like a logical trade for Patty G to make and Seattle doesn't want him anymore and probably won't demand much.

Bob D said...

For Gillick to do what he wants to do and stay within the salary they want then someone is gonna get traded (Burrell/Eaton/other high salary)
They want at least 1 SP, 1 RP, and 1OF.
Hard to do, the starter alone may run 8mil plus. I say break that salary cap that is self imposed and spend the extra 5 to 15 mil they would need, it will payoff. With a better team on the field there will be more fans attending the games pitched by Kudaro rather Eaton. Sign a Japanese player then there will be an overseas market for merchandise as well as thier fans attending when in the country. And that is just the start.

An extra 15 mil spent may bring in an extra 30 mil profit.

Bob D said...

Carson, don't forget the 93 Phils had a couple of awesome platoons on thier team in the OF. That one did work well.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- read my above comment, I mentioned the '93 team's platoon situation in both LF and RF, but need to add Milt Thompson to the list of Chamberlain, Inky, and Eisey.

Owners are saying only 10 mil more to spend, but I agree another 20 mil would make things a whole lot easier and lead to more success next season. I truly want the Phils to delve into the Japanese market and get Kuroda and one of the various relievers available. That what they won't be as polarized being solo on the team, they have a built-in commrade, much like Okijima and Matsusaka last season in Beantown.

SirAlden said...

Milton Bradley

Kenny Lofton

Geoff Jenkins

Descending in Speed.

Boy if we could have the speed of Bradley. Wow. 4 of the starting 8 would have after burners.

Don't let Gillick fool you, they have the money, they had it last year when they went after Soriano.

SirAlden said...

If we get a 3rd baseman, Dobbs is better than most on the list.

BenJah said...

siralden -- i always found you somewhat annoying, but generally unoffensive. now you say you want bradley on this team.

fuck you.

there. i said it.

of course he's really good, and of course i would root for him if he is signed. i root for eaton and mesa, for god's sake. it's a terrible idea. get over it, and move on.

Jacobin said...

I really don't like any of the options, but I really don't have any better suggestions at this point. The best option is to get Rowand back... but that isn't going to happen.

The balls caught thing is kind of interesting, but the improvement of catches in center should really be tempered by a realization that less is going to be caught in right when Victorino vacates that position.

Oh, and I'm annoyed to read that Gillick is satisfied to "stand Pat" with the 3B situation. Can't wait for another season of hoping the Mets choke down the stretch while we watch stone-gloved Wes Helms bat somewhere around .230!

Los said...

Dobbs could probably play outfield, right?

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- sorry to burst your bubble, but your favorite cancerous asshole Milton Bradley won't be playing any games (pun intended) at the beginning of the season because of that bad knee injury he suffered at the end of the season when Bud Black pushed him.

SirAlden said...

I knew that that Milton Bradley hurt his knee. It is not deemed to be career threatenig. We have a strong team spirit that could provide a calm place where he could achieve his potential.

He is an affordable alternative that provides: batting average, on base percentage, power, speed, defense, and the ability to cover CF this killing two birds with one stone.

The Dodgers and Phillies are in the running Torre wants him.