Thursday, November 08, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Mark Leiter

Mark Leiter

Can Brad Lidge be a reliable closer next year? I think so. There have been numerous players that have had decent years as closers after less than stellar preceding performances. A great example of this is former Phillie Mark Leiter.

Leiter, the inferior half of the pitching brothers Leiter, was signed by the Phillies in '97 after a mediocre year spent with the Expos and Giants. He was pretty terrible as a starter in his first year with the Phils, going 10-17 with a 5.67 ERA. So, the Phils move him to the bullpen and make him a closer. He responded with 23 saves, a 3.55 ERA and a very respectable 1.28 WHIP. [I can't believe they didn't move Schilling to the pen that year, you know, so he could pitch 4-5 times a week instead of just once or twice...]

That season earned him a trade to Seattle for pitcher Paul Spoljaric (who had a ERA of 15 for the Phils.) He pitched only 37 innings the rest of his career.
The Lidge Trade
I love it.

The big talk surrounding this trade is the reliability and pure ability of Brad Lidge. Perception is that he's been garbage since Albert Pujols pounded him in the playoffs. But that just isn't the case. Granted, he was total garbage in '06 and parts of '07, but for the majority of the time in '07, Lidge was solid.

Compare his numbers to last year's closer Brett Myers: Myers 4.33 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, 83 K in 68 IP versus Lidge 3.36 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 88 K in 67 IP. Would Myers be a better closer in '08 than Lidge? Possibly, but factor in the value of Myers in the rotation, and it's really a no brainer. The starting rotation improves dramatically (for only around $6 million), the bullpen doesn't get worse, and as a little bonus, they fill the utility infielder spot.



TrekMedic251 said...

I'm on the fence about the whole trade. Part of me says "Ed Wade is behind this, so how bad could it be for us?" and part of me says "Michael Bourn, NL Golden Glove 2009!"

furiousBall said...

i really liked Bourn all season long until.. The whole game two NLDS where he came into run and didn't even attempt to swipe second

I'm sure he'll be a decent player, he's a great runner but not that great of a baseball player. AKA Rob Ducey.

Bob D said...

Bourn has great ability and slides into the role of starting CF and possible leadoff hitter. But it was worth the trade to improve the pen/rotation/utility IF spots. I read at that Romero is about to re-up with the Phils. With signing at least 1 more reliever after him this team should be pretty solid. They will need to find an OF to replace Bourn as Roberson is not the answer.

Signing Kudaro would make the rotation solid and could be had for Lohse money of $10-11 mil. And no lost draft picks.

BloodStripes said...

It's a good trade. The Phils needed to address pitching needs more than they needed OF surplus. Although, now Bourn has left Rowand needs to be highly sought after. Hopefully he just wants to stay no matter what. This team is good and has a shot at the title so he ought to be keen to compromise.

BloodStripes said...

If we don't keep Rowand I suppose there is no OF surplus. Damn! I still think its a good trade though.

SirAlden said...

Corner Outfielders are easier to get.

I really think "Shane Victorino, NL Golden Glove 2008!"

If Romero signs will will have 4 or 8 of our offseason needs met.

GM-Carson said...

It is true that finding a corner outfielder is far easier than getting a CF. Vic goes to CF and he'll play great defense and be solid at the plate. We need to let Fence-Face move on because of the ridiculous amount to money he's asking for...don't want to tie our hands with a fat contract to a guy who had one amazing season. I like Rowand, but I doubt he even duplicates those #'s again.

Even if Romero is signed we still need 1 or 2 more relievers.

That Japanese dude- Kuroda- sounds interesting, and I'd like him in the rotation because that means Eaton is bumped out. What to do with Eaton and his 16 million left on his contract though?

I can see the Phils signing Brad Wilkerson as an extra outfielder.

By the way- I hated Rob Ducey!!!

GM-Carson said...

I'd love to see Romero's deal announced today, and then for the Phils to trade for Brian Fuentes, who they're rumored to be really interested in. Having both Lidge and Fuentes at the back of the pen with have 3 people who have saved many ball games in their careers.

Ryan said...

Does anyone else think it may be valuable for the phils to add swingman starter/reliever type guy to fill in for injuries/Eaton?

furiousBall said...

i've heard a rumor involving the Mets that is insane dollars, but only three teams in baseball could truly pull-off. The Mets are considering sending Jose Reyes to Minnesota for Johann Santana and then, who do they sign to fill in that SS spot? You guessed it... Mr. $35 Mill, A-rod.

GreggyD said...

If the Mets do that, I might go ballistic. I am sick and tired of the NY teams going out and trading for/buying their talent. I liked the fact that Wright and Reyes came up through their system. I give them a lot of credit for the drafting of these two young phenoms. But as of late the Mets are becoming the Yankees that we all know and hate. Boasting a large payroll and bringing in everyone. Baseball could truly be monopolized if the Yankees and Mets keep paying more and more than everyone else for all of the top talent. But then again, maybe the Mets could learn something from the Yankees who have consistently had a payroll of 200+ Million and have not won the Series since 2000. Also, why would A-Rod want to go to the Mets? It seems to me that he wants to get OUT of New York, not move 35 mins. from the Bronx to Queens.

I am excited that the Phils will bring back Romero. Let's just hope he can keep pitching like he did last year. His success may have come from NL hitters not really being familiar with his stuff and you can bet that NL teams, particularly those in the East, will be studying him a lot.

I am with Carson in saying that I am not for giving Rowand the money that he desires. I do not think that he will ever put up those numbers again either. This was his career year and I see his numbers dropping from here on out. Don't get me wrong, I love his clubhouse leadership and tenacity on the field, but I just feel that Victorino has better range, a stronger/more accurate arm, and the potential for more pop in his bat as well. Not necessarily in terms of power, but I like moving Victorino to center and finding someone to platoon with Werth in right field.

I think Rowand's heart is still with the White Sox anyway.

furiousBall said...

the most logical place for A-rod to go is the Angels, they need a third baseman and have money. I'm going to send him an offer for my beer league softball team too. But he has to be able to down a six pack before every game and then one between innings. Also, I haven't seen him play the hot corner with a beer on the bag either, who knows.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently- Brian Fuentes is off the Phils radar now that Lidge has been attained.

I haven't heard any official Romero announcement yet.

I agree a swingman type starter is ideal for this team if/when a starter- namely Eaton falters. Problem is, anyone that fits that mold now gets signed as a starter unless you suck like Aaron Sele or Chan Ho Park. JD Durbin could be the swingman, but he needs to harness what ability he has.

BenJah said...

even with the trade, i still think myers should stay in the bullpen.


GM-Carson said...

I understand people's cocern with Lidge closing. If the had abundant money to spend this offseason, I'd say sure, fine, keep Myers closing and let Lidge set up. Myers- 8.5 mil, Lidge 6, Gordon 5...that's a lot of cash for a backend of a bullpen with a very spotty rotation of only Hamels (treats himself like he's fragile China), Kendrick (gutsy, but unproven), Moyer (old and getting older), and Eaton (ranks up with David Bell for most hated Phillie of all-time). That's only 4 starters and Hamels is the only really good one. We NEED...that's N-E-E-D Myers in the rotation logging 200 innings rather than wasting away with 70 in relief.

Myers staying at closer while Lidge sets up is a luxury this team cannot afford.

goDuke said...

Utley & Rollins silver slugger awards. I heard on 950 that Romero is close to signing with the phils... multi year deal.

SirAlden said...

"I think Santana will be moved for sure," Phillies GM Pat Gillick told USA Today.

SirAlden said...

Rated Above the Yankees and Red Sox
I have been looking at the two rookie teams, Low A Blue Claws, and High A Threshers.

The Phillies really have some good stuff in the pot.

SirAlden said...

In a deal with Boston, the Marlins would want center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury along with one of two pitchers, Clay Buchholz or Jon Lester - an asking price the Red Sox likely would deem too steep.

If the teams with better upper level minor league talent refuse to cough it up, we have a shot.

GM-Carson said...

The Red Sox and Yankees "refusal" to part with upper level talent is simply posturing. When push comes to shove, if you can get Miguel Cabrera for that, you do it!

Speaking of stuff in the pot- what's in your's SirAlden...pass it over here then!