Saturday, November 24, 2007

Minor Threats

The Phillies signed 7 players to minor league deals yesterday, essentially boosting their Triple A roster. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs located in Allentown, Pennsylvania just got a litle more competitive with the addition of Michael Restovich, Andy Tracy, Brandon Watson, Casey Smith, Ron Chiavacci, Kris Wilson, and Matt Childers. I know many people will not get excited about the players we just signed, but I will. Having depth is crucial and signing guys for Triple A that have had past success in the minors and some experience in the majors is a good way to build depth. The real talent is in Reading and below, so let the Iron Pigs serve as our "injured reserve" roster. The best way to prepare for unexpected injuries is to expect them anytime anywhere (see Chase Utley 2007).

Collectively the group hasn't faired too well in the majors, check out these Hall-of-Fame credentials while toiling in the minors though: (batters) 3,804 hits, 2,112 runs, 406 homeruns, 1,933 rbi, and 357 stolen bases/(pitchers) 161 wins, 29 saves, and 2,333 strikeouts...together they're practically Babe Ruth! Added bonus- Restovich has the potential to become a member of the Phucco Phamily, as he spent time with the Buccos in '05.

We're not the first,
I hope we're not the last.
'Cause I know we're all heading,
For that adult crash.
The times is so little,
The time belongs to us.
Why is everybody,
In such a f%#king rush?
Make do with what you have,
Take what you can get.
Pay no mind to us,
We're just a minor threat!



SirAlden said...

Santana is signed for 13.5 million dollars this year. He has asked for a six year extention at 20 million per.

13.5 + 120 = 133.5 Million Dollars for 7 years a bargain!

Lets go Phillies! I wonder what Steve Carlton would make today?!

SirAlden said...

The Phillies need to pony up now and take a ride on the Reading, then they will have 4 top notch minor league parks.

furiousBall said...

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs have the greatest logo ever, I must have one of their hats stat

GM-Carson said...

I'm hoping to get an IronPigs hat for Christmas.

Bob D said...

The Mutts are interested in Freddy Garcia.

That Iron Pig doesn't look like anything you want to slaughter for dinner, looks too tough!

B.S. said...

With these signings, the Iron Pigs look like a contending team in 2008. Considering the lack of action at the MLB level, a Governor's Cup is looking more likely than a World Series title.

das411 said...

Furious, have you seen this hat design?

just wanted to stop by and say I am thankful that WSBGMs has so far stayed away from all that stathead asshattery and is still all about simply enjoying our Phils.

Best wishes to everyone!

SirAlden said...


Saturday, November 24th 2007, 4:00 AM

The Mets tried to trade for Freddy Garcia last December, but the Phillies made a better offer and got the hulking righty from the White Sox.

The Mets, though, remained interested, and now that Garcia is a free agent, they've called his representative several times to discuss signing him. Garcia, 32, is rehabbing from shoulder surgery on his labrum and rotator cuff and should be ready to pitch by midseason, perhaps as early as June.

"The Mets have shown considerable interest in him, and some other teams, too," said Peter Greenberg, Garcia's agent. "Omar (Minaya, the Mets' GM) has called several times. Omar likes him. The Mets were one of the top contenders when the Phillies got him."

Greenberg said he would field offers for Garcia at the winter meetings, which begin Dec. 3 in Nashville, but he added that they might decide to wait to sign until after Garcia's rehab is finished. Then Greenberg would arrange showcases for Garcia to pitch in front of teams who then would bid on his services midway through next season.

SirAlden said...

I hope the Phillies do offer him Arbitration, so we get a sandwich pick between the 1st and 2nd rounds, because he is a Type B Free Agent.

We forget that when we gave up Gio, the expectation was that Garcia would have a great year and we would get 2 picks for him as a Type A Free Agent, if he did not sign him to a long term deal.

SirAlden said...

A Player's Injury Status and Performance in his platform year is significantly taken into account in ARBITRATION. Because it is a one year contract.

"There are several players up for arbitration who either did not play or played sparingly in 2006. In most cases, the player’s platform year is the ultimate factor in how much a player can earn in arbitration, so these players have a tough road ahead of them."

My Post was about three things, the future getting a draft pick, the past that the Phillies projected receiving a top pick for the loss of Gio Gonzalez, and third that last year and this there are teams who wanted and want Garcia for his 1701.2 IP, 1658 HITS, and Win 117 Loss 76 record.

There is a myth that the Phillies would have been able to see anything more about his shoulder when he was signed. The injury occured during Spring Training. He was lights out during September 2006.

GM-Carson said...

When Freddy Garcia was acquired I was ecstatic...a 17 game winner, proven workhorse, what's not to like? Then he sucked immensely!

GM-Carson said...

Dammit, I thought BloodStripes would be all over this Minor Threat themed post.

SirAlden said...

A.J. Burnett could make sense, as a top groundball pitcher who's considered available.

Gillick Trading Partner - Toronto - check.

Short term commitment - check.

Los said...

I gotta say - I love the "Iron Pigs" name and logo. Might have to make a trip up to watch them.