Sunday, November 04, 2007

Let's Make a Deal

Ask any Phillies fan if they'd like to see Vicente Padilla and his $10+ million per season back in a Phils uniform and you might get a boot to the frank & beans followed by a Hulk Hogan atomic elbow drop. So maybe you should preface that question with- getting Padilla back by trading our resident steaming pile of poop Adam Eaton...then you might just get a puzzled look rather than swollen jewels. Tis the offseason, so that means rumors aplenty, one rumor I found interesting was the classic bad contract swap scenario between old trading buddies the Rangers and Phillies. In this trade, the Rangers would send their ridiculous Vicente Padilla contract (2 yrs. $24.75 remaining) to the Phils in exchange for our heinous Adam Eaton contract (2 yrs. $16.64 remaining). As much as I detest Eaton, that trade makes absolutely no sense because each pitcher sucks (although in my opinion Padilla sucks less), and Padilla is owed about $8 million more over the next two seasons. However, what if the Rangers threw in some useful player(s) like relievers CJ Wilson or Joaquin Benoit or even extend the deal to really help us out by sending 3rd baseman Hank Blalock our way? That would entice me a whole lot more. Besides, I know Corey and I each miss that crazy Nicaraguan's switch-hitting prowess...Viva La Vicente!



chuckm said...

No way for Vincente...I honestly think there is a better shot of Eaton getting his act together and being at least a servicable 5th starter than Padilla does. Also, as a Philadelphia area resident, the less drunks on the road, the better.

GM-Carson said...

I think Vicente has more upside than Eaton. Even at Padilla's worst, he's better than Eaton.

Here's the trade- Padilla, CJ Wilson, and Blalock to the Phils for Bourn and Eaton.

Then Phils go sign Ron Mahay for 2 years 4 mil, and David Riske for 2 years 7 mil.

Bullpen: Gordon, Wilson, Mahay, Riske, Myers, Geary, Madson, and one of Rosario, Condrey, or Durbin.

Then sign Schil for 1 year 13 mil to fill out the rotation, and pick some utility infielder off the non-tender scrap heap.

By the way, the Phils would have Blalock for '08 and '09, which makes the deal worth it.

Corey said...

Here is the link to the article.

this is the same guy who suggested back in september that the rangers may outright release padilla, which is the origin of this new "rumor." the rangers apparently want rid of padilla. i would take padilla and his overblown salary if they included hank blalock AND [a reliever OR the rangers pick up some money on padillas contract] and took adam eaton. anything less would be a major mistake.

furiousBall said...

I can't stand Eaton, that alone makes it worth it to me. Padilla has much more electric stuff, just no brains to do anything with it.

Blalock involved?...I just made a mess of myself.

GreggyD said...

Good lord if we could make that trade it would be one of the happiest days in my life as a Phillies fan. I don't know if the Rangers would part with all three of those players for Bourn and Eaton, but I'm sure we could throw in something else if they also picked up some of Padilla's contract.

I would miss Bourn's speed on the base paths and in the field, but we need pitching and a solid third baseman more than anything. I would feel comfortable moving Vic to center and putting Werth in right.

Plus, if Blalock was brought in, as mentioned he would be here until 2009, at which time they could decide whether or not to re-sign him or maybe Mike Costanzo will get his act together and will be pushing for a spot on the big club's roster.

All in all if the Rangers are willing to make this deal I would be jubilant to say the least. I knew Eaton was a mistake when they signed him last year and nothing would make me happier to see him gone.

Jacobin said...

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Why the hell would anyone want Eaton after the kind of year he had? Granted, he is cheaper than Padilla, but we're saying the only way you make the move is if you get Hank Blalock in the deal... and that's what makes it too good to be true.

I'm just disgusted to be hearing the rumors that the Mets want A-Rod and are looking to trade for Santana.

SirAlden said...

Viva La Vicente!

Vincente as the long reliever or the 7th inning guy. He used to rock against the Braves.

SirAlden said...

Can't wait to put on my racist Sombrero and Mexican Zarape Blanket and sit in out in right field.

The Padilla Flotilla!

Bob D said...

Padilla Flotilla! I would do the trade of Eaton for Padilla and a reliever (CJ Wilson), heck I would do a trade of Eaton for peanuts. Padilla seems to be a pitcher who could be fairly good in the pen or a better upside over Eaton. How about a trade of Eaton for Floyd - Floyd was better, Oh wait every pitcher to ever set foot in a Phillie uniform pitched better than Eaton, and that includes the few times that Glenn Wilson pitched for the Phillies.
Any trade involving Bourn or Victorino should be done once they can re-sign Rowand.

Che said...

Hey guys. I was MIA this past season, but I wanted to congratulate the Phils on their trip to the postseason. I would've liked to see them kick the crap out of the Red Sox, but we'll take it one season at a time.

BloodStripes said...

Eaton and Padilla will be in jail soon for theft of good baseball money. The rate in which salaries are increasing, someone like A-Rod will soon have a larger bank account than many world nations.

Anyway if Wilson, Benoit or Blalock were involved in a Eaton/Padilla swap the move ought to made ASAP before the Phils get thrown in jail for theft.

BloodStripes said...

We all know we need a Blalock but a Wilson or Benoit would be a welcome addition to the pen.

GM-Carson said...

I don't think this trade will ever take place, but I found it amusing and wanted to do a piece on it. It's good to see so many of you jumping back on the Flotilla.

GM-Carson said...

Just read a disgusting rumor that Michael Barrett could be signed on the cheap and then moved back to 3rd base. His only value is at catcher and after last season, he's not all that valuable there either. The Phils are one of the teams suggested that might look into moving Barrett back to the hot corner...please no!