Thursday, November 08, 2007

In & Out

In: Closer- Brad Lidge and Utility Infielder Eric Bruntlett. Lidge is a fireballer with closer tenacity, and is a welcomed addition to a lackluster bullpen. He brings with him 123 saves, 561 k's in only 401 ip, 3.30 era, and sparkling 1.20 whip. He's had some ups and downs over the past 2 seasons, but overall he's a tremendous reliever. Eric Bruntlett takes the place of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as the primary backup at SS and 2nd with the glove to handle 3rd in late innings in replace of Dobbs/Helms. Brunt has even toiled some innings at all 3 outfield positions...added bonus in case of emergency. He's a .250 career hitter with a .687 OPS, but remember this is an upgrade.

Out: Michael Bourn, Gas Can Geary, and Mike Costanzo. I'll miss Bourn and his lightning quick speed on the basepaths, but at the expense of acquiring a closer I'm alright with his absence from the team next season. Gas Can has a classic nickname, but lets not forget how he got that infamous moniker. Thirdbase "prospect" Mike Costanzo is a strikeout and error making machine and in my opinion only possesses MLB power- nothing else, so I'm not too sad to see him go.

Outcome: I like this trade because the report is that Brett "the Hit Man" Myers is going back to the rotation where Corey and I both feel he should have been the entire time. That now gives us a starting 5 of Hamels, Myers, Kendrick, Moyer, and Eaton- I'll take that. Lidge is a decent closer, and Bruntlett will serve his purpose in the utility role. The departure of Bourn and most likely on his heels Aaron Rowand will leave us with Jayson Werth as the starting RF, and that scares me. Hopefully Gillick goes and signs a 3rd baseman to allow Dobbs to platoon with Werth or a quality 4th outfielder type because we all know Burrell needs a breather and Werth hasn't shown he can play every day yet. Still need to get some more relief help though...



Jeremy said...

The addition of Lidge is huge in my opinion. He has shown in the past that he can close out games. I would like another middle reliever though as well as 20+ homer guy at the hot corner, like Blaylock. I think the OF will works itself out. For whatever its worth I want Rowand back, I like his tenacity and how he plays the game, but now that he is a gold glover if he brings us 2 more quality arms maybe...

SirAlden said...

So Pat Gillick is a genius on this trade?

Losing Gas Can! lol

GM-Carson said...

Rowand had his career year last year, and I doubt he'll ever duplicate it.

By the way- it's Hank Blalock, not "Blaylock" like the ex-NBA player Mookie.

SirAlden- Patty G isn't a genius, I think each team got what useful parts.

Jacobin said...

Wow, I'm not sure what to say... this would really have kicked ass in August. My only concern with Lidge is the knock that he was a head case that wouldn't handle the pressure of fans with high demands and expectations. So there are two ways to look at this, we've either gotten an all-star caliber closer or Albert Pujols' personal bitch.

Personally, I like to view it in an optimistic manner. By adding a quality closer, we've in fact picked up a better starter in Brett Myers than would be available via free agency. Losing the speed and promise of Bourn is tough, but you have to give up something to get something. And, let's face it, Bourn doesn't really fit into Charlie's preferred American League player mold because he doesn't have long-ball power.

Now it looks like we could use some outfield depth and some middle relief (I'm not sure I want to bank on Madson coming back from his injury and being good again... we've seen Mad Dog and Bad Dog out of this guy). Not to forget that 3B needs an upgrade offensively and defensively.

It's great to see Gillick hit the ground running this off season, so now let's see what comes next!

Bob D said...

Last we heard was the Phils are not likely to address 3rd base this year. This may have changed now. Constanzo was probably viewed by the brass to be in Philly late 2008 or spring of 2009. We may see something happen now at 3rd, but my instinct is the Phils believe they already have enough salary tied up in Dobbs/Helms.
Bruntel does have some speed, so that is an upgrade, but he lacks power much like he who should not be named.
With Bourn gone the possibility of Rowand resigning has gotten better as Werth is prefered to be the 4th OF. As 4th OF he will see alot of playing time for Burrell and an occasional rest for CF/RF (Victorino).
Having Myers in the rotation will be a huge plus with a top end righty/lefty combo and 2 mid-rotation guys in Kendrick and Moyer. I feel that Gillick will still look for another rotation arm maybe a low risk high reward guy to push Eaton.
The top 2 priorities at this time for the team is more bullpen help (Romero) and at least 1 OF (Rowand).
Good trade.

Bob D said...

Also the Phils are interested in Japan's Kuroda a SP who throws in a stadium which is small like the Cit. By signing him there is no posting fee for him as he is not on a team in Japan now and no lost draft pick. So he would be perfect to add to the SP mix.

furiousBall said...

this is an excellent trade IMHO... first and foremost is moving Brett Myers back into the rotation. So in effect, the Phils improved both their bullpen and starting rotation with one move. Bruntlett gives the Phils the late inning sub for defense we needed after parting ways with Nunez. Constanzo put up nice numbers in the minors last year, but he’s at least a year or two away from making a MLB roster and when he does, I’ve read his glove is suspect at third and would most likely be a first baseman. Although Lidge has had problems closing games ever since the bomb that Pujols hit off him in the playoffs two years ago, he is the poster child for needing a change of scenery. I think he’ll do fine for the Phils as our closer.

GM-Carson said...

Lets not forget that Myers isn't a proven closer yet. Lidge is just as good if not better because of experience than Myers in my opinion. I want Myers in the rotation logging 200+ innings rather than 70-80 in relief.

We still do need relief pitching, and I like the idea of signing a low-risk high-reward free agent pitcher that could do long relief or start if/when one of our starters falter.

Jarex said...

I actually like Myers better in the bullpen - as a starter he's never quite put it together (topped out at 12-13 wins). Even this year, remember, he got off to a fairly shit start (0-3 or 0-4). In the bullpen he can put it all together and blow his brains out in 1 inning - I think he's more suited for that role, and if they go and get another starter, I'd love to see him pitch the 8th.

Still, Myers IS an upgrade to the rotation, plus he's a better "addition" than anyone they were going to get as a free agent or via trade.

Now they have some flexibility. If they do get another starter, Myers can stay in the bullpen and fight it out w/ Lidge for the 9th inning. Myers/Lidge to close things out is tough to beat.

One more thought - I think they'll make a hard push for Rowand now - I wouldn't be surprised if he signs within 48-hours.

goDuke said...

I think Rowand back to the Phils is much more likely now. Lidge should be fine, Myers back in the rotation is good. Bource stunk (I couldn't stand him) and Costanzo was a Ed Wade draft pick, so we should be glad he's gone. All in all once Schilling went back to the Sox, the best thing the Phightins could have done was find a way to get Myers back in the rotation, as any free agent pitcher would have been a step down from Myers. Great trade. Phils World Series Champs in 2008. Done Deal... and oh yea... you're my boy Burrell!

GM-Carson said...

I'm ecstatic Eric Bruntlett will be the utility guy, because that means no more No-Hit Nunez...thank Jeebus!

We still need to sign a lefty for the pen...hello JC Romero.

I don't think Rowand returns, nor do I think he should at the price it will cost. Remember he is an injury risk coming off a Gold Glove and career year at that plate, that equals too much money, more than he's worth. I'd rather see Vic in CF with Werth and say Jenkins or Nixon platoon in RF.

michael said...

The Inquirer has learned that the Phillies also are close to a multiyear deal with lefthanded relief pitcher J.C. Romero.

An announcement could come as early as today. If an agreement is reached and Romero returns to the Phillies' bullpen, the back end of the bullpen next season would include Lidge, Romero, Tom Gordon and Ryan Madson.

Bill said...

yeah except you forgot to mention that Lidge could be washed up. I like Gillick and all, but lets not forget this is a man who signed Eaton, Lieber, Garcia and Barahas. As much as I like Myers back in the pen, lots not forget that Lidge's last good season was in 2005 and that he lost his closing role for a reason.

GM-Carson said...

If Lidge is healthy, I am confident he'll do fine next season as our closer.

I hope the Phils do sign Romero, because that means a lot of the offseason shopping is already done even before the holidays get here. Even if Romero is signed, we still need another reliever, even if it's a guy who'll give us a 4.50 era and 1.40 whip, because I don't trust Francisco Rosario, Clay Condrey, Fabio Castro, and/or JD Durbin.

By the way- 3rd base is still a concern for me along with the need for another outfielder should Fence-Face leave via free agency.

SirAlden said...

Would you have taken Gas Can and Constanza if you were GM of Houston?


SirAlden said...

If you play Chess, the people who see 6 moves ahead beat those who see 5.

This is what Gillick is all about.

I hate it when people are mad when he tries something and it blows up, and they think there is any way anyone could know. If you date you give it a shot, if it is not what you want you try again.

Lidge is a 50-50 as a closer honestly. Boy oh Boy two years ago what incredible strikeout rates. Lidge was growing into big money arbitration territory.

If Lidge is lights out everyone will cheer for the GM if he is a wash out everyone will say he is an idiot. The Genius of Gillick's managing of the payroll, is that he got us to the spot to take a shot on Garcia, and now to take a shot on Lidge.

You can date a great hot girl from a good family. You get into it and find she is OCD and ADHD and loves you but really doesn't like sex. lol

You got to the point of being on shape and in the right place to be able to date a certain level of hotties if you live in the Northeast and not the deep south where you can luck out when you spend your long summers with your cousins.

Lidge is a shot he is not a sure thing. He was available because we can take on payroll. Being in the right place at the right time by seeing ahead like a chess game is what is Adult about Gillick.

On a side note I really am I'm ecstatic Eric Bruntlett is the utility guy. He can field the postion SS 2B and 3B like he who will remain nameless. Also LF.

He runs deep counts, he walks, and can pinch run and steal. He is a combination of he who will remain nameless and Bourn. If he could hit for power he would be a starter somewhere. He is a perfect guy at a fair price for an upper income team, he was growing out of Houston's budget.

SirAlden said...

I would love it if we signed 2 starters and then kept Myers in the Pen.

Do not be surprised if Madson goes in a trade now to a team like Baltimore.
Baltimore also wants to dump Chad Bradford and the huge contract he signed.

The news on Romero is encouraging.

SirAlden said...

Bruntlett is a combination of he who will remain nameless and Bourn and Iguchi.

Jacobin said...

There is something I forgot to mention earlier... this deal must be great for us, either there is something wrong with Bourn or Lidge will turn out to be lights out for the next few years as a closer. Why do I say this? Who's the GM for the Astros? Who made this deal? Ed Wade. Anyone think Ed Wade gets the better end of trades that involve crappy middle relievers?

BloodStripes said...

Exactly. Ed Wade was involved. Phils win this one hands down.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- Eric Bruntlett can field and swipe an occasional bag. He no extra base power whatsoever. Don't start saying he's a combo of Nuni-Bourn-Iguchi, because he's only a slight step above Nuni...Bourn and Iguchi are out of his league.