Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, even those weirdo vegetarians that refuse to partake in the bountiful amount of dead turkey...enjoy your tofu! Anyway, it is customary to say what you are thankful for on this blessed day of family and eating until your waistband expands. Therefore, I too will say some things I am appreciative of...

1. Baseball- I love this sport, and in my honest heartfelt opinion, it's the only sport that matters. Football is okay, Fishing is relaxing, and BeerPong is fun, but I don't know where I'd be in this world without baseball.

2. The Deportation of David Bell- loyal readers of this blog know of the extent of my hatred for David Bell. I say many cruel comments about him for a laugh, but make no mistake- I mean everything! Wes Helms and Greg Dobbs may suck at 3rd base in tandem, but I will never be as upset with them as I was when Bell was here manning the hot corner...Mike Schmidt spits in his generally direction. I still have a fear that Bell will return to this organization in some capacity and fairy-tize it from the inside out.

3. Ricky Ledee- I'm not really all that thankful for Ledee, I just came across this picture and found it Ricky- you made millions, but never came close to living up to your hype. He did get traded to the Giants for Felix Rodriguez, who in turn got traded to the Yankees for Kenny Lofton, so I suppose he was somewhat useful.

4. Superstar Phillies- of course I'm most thankful for the core of players on the Phillies that have the capability of leading us to the playoffs for the next few seasons as long as they have the proper supporting cast. Thanks Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, and Brett Myers. I'd have included Rod Barajas or Rob Ducey, but unfortunately, they're no longer with us.

*Last year's list included the powder blue uniforms, the riddance of Ed "Nutsack Face" Wade, Ryan Howard, John Kruk, Mike Schmidt, and Larry Andersen. Gobble, Gobble, Hey! Gobble, Gobble, Hey...pleased to eat you!



GM-Carson said...

Unfounded rumors-

1. Randy Wolf will soon be announced as a new member of the Phils 2008 rotation, signing a 1 year $5 million contract.

2. Phils look to obtain Melvin Mora from the O's for 3rd base. Apparently the O's don't want much in return if the trading partner takes on Mora's 18 mil left over 2 years.

3. If Mora is landed, the Phils then swing Helms to the Yanks for fireballer Kyle Farnsworth.

4. Outfielder Jeff Devanon is on their radar.

5. Jeremy Affeldt or Joe Kennedy will be added to the bullpen- ok by me, because it gives us a 2nd lefty in relief and our internal options are injured Matt Smith and Mike Zagurski along with wildman Fabio "Model Dictator" Castro.

*I like if Affeldt or Kennedy were added for bullpen depth. Farnsworth for Helms would be ok too if the Yanks ate a bit of contract. Mora is an upgrade at 3rd for the Phils, but his contract is kinda hefty for his production. Getting Wolf would be much better than relying on Eaton. Jeff Devanon sucks!

BloodStripes said...

Happy Thanksgiving mate. Thank you my friend for this blog and yes the greatest game on earth....Baseball. And thanks Jimmy Rollins for being a Phillie and for a stellar 2007 and a well deserved MVP award. Uts, Vic, Howard your up there too.

Getting Wolfy back would be good.

GM-Carson said...

As you know, I do this blog for fun, I'm just glad other people find it entertaining and actually come and read my thoughts. I know we'll never reach the status of BeerLeaguer, but WSBGM's has a decent fanbase. Thanks to all the readers...ok, enough with the corny sentiments.

Bob D said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you all have lots of food, family, and fun today. (another corny sentiment)

Mora - expensive but an improvement for the team, can we throw in Eaton? or just throw him - from a train or bridge?

Helms for an relief pitching is OK as I think he does not fit in with the team.
Sign Kudaro also.
Trade Condrey for a dozen Turkeys.

GM-Carson said...

Two possible Adam Eaton trade scenarios:

1. Trade him to a team desperate for starting pitching (Royals, Rays, etc.) and eat a large portion of his contract and get little in return.

2. Trade Eaton to a team looking to swap bad salaries.

*We just have to suck it up and face it that Eaton will be a Phillie in '08.

SirAlden said...

If we get Wolf and swing a deal for a big Starter like Bedard, guess what?!

Brett Myers gets his wish to be the CLOSER! Excellent

SirAlden said...

4 lefties in the Rotation too. How cool is that!

furiousBall said...

I don't know why anyone would take Eaton. And that Helms deal, that makes no sense unless the Yankees get a discount on their christmas presents they plan on buying Satan from Boscovs. Satan really wants a new 20 LED Pivot Lantern (on sale now for $9.97 under gifts for him)

kentucky phils phan said...

i agree, i'm thankful for the phillies core, i think we're set for years with these guys leading our team, they have all the talent and desire to win in the world, now its just up to the front office to put the right players around them to give them the opportunity to win it all.

kentucky phils phan said...

o yeah, and adam eaton sucks and if we could somehow find a way to get him the hell out of here that'd be great. and i think mora and wolf would both be good pickups.

BenJah said...

happy thanksgiving to every here at wsbgm's!! even siralden, you bastard! i'm thankful for this website

SirAlden said...

" Yankees signed outfielder C.J. Henry to a minor league contract.
New York's first-round pick in 2005, Henry was sent to Philadelphia in the Bobby Abreu trade. He then batted just .184 with an abysmal 139/18 K/BB ratio at low Single-A in 2007 before requesting that the Phillies release him. They did, perhaps thinking that he'd quit baseball to pursue a college basketball career, but instead he returns to the Yankees."

Little Prick. I wonder if he develops into a major leaguer if it could be proven that he 'tanked' it to get back to the bright lights of NYC?

GM-Carson said...

I know the Abreu deal was a salary dump- but Gillick got anally pounded by Cashman in that swap.