Monday, November 05, 2007

Ask the GM

Q: Now that the World Series is over, what do you think the Phils' first move will be? - Anonymous
A: Count their money.

Q: Can Romero close? If he can, it would justify paying him more. Madson and Gordon could set up, and Myers could return to the rotation. - Frank , Stroudsburg
A: Closer? Never has, never will. Romero is much more likely to blow up with a 5+ ERA than become a closer.

Q: If events of the offseason lead to either resigning Rowand and trading Vicorino for pitching or letting Rowand walk and keep Victorino, which player do think is more important to the Phillies? I think Victorino will end up being the better player. Thanks. - Al
A: If Rowand could repeat his brilliant '07, he would be more valuable to the Phillies, or any other team, than Shane Victorino. The contract he gets in '08 will reflect that potential, which is why I think the Phils let him walk and use the money for pitching. That being said, Victorino's '07 numbers, despite suffering some injuries, were better than Rowand's of '05 and '06. In the last 4 years, Rowand had two good and two slightly below average. Signing Rowand to 3-4 years at big money is a bigger risk than most people are talking about. Remember, we had trouble getting Scott Linebrink for him last spring. Victorino, on the other hand, is younger, cheaper and has shown the ability to be a .280-10-50-50[steals] solid-fielding, LoDuca rolling sparkplug in centerfield. Plus, he's a pig and a pimp, which doesn't hurt. I say Rowand walks, Vic walks into CF, and overall the team is better for it.

Q: Ok I know this is a long shot, but what are the odds of the phillies looking into A-ROD? He can play third base and his hitting would definitley compliment Utley and Howard.. - mike , levittown
A: Odds of A-Rod to the Phillies are 1,000,000 to 1. By comparison - odds that Ryan Howard walks more than K's in '08 are 800,000 to 1; odds that Adam Eaton is NL Cy Young in '08 are 2,000,000 to 1; odds Charlie Manuel botches a double-switch in the first week of the season are even...

Q: Why don't the Phillies recruit in Latin American countries or go after more quality Latin players in trades or free agency? Just look at the rosters of the better team in MLB and you will find latin player that are part of their core teams. (Manny, Ortiz, Lowell, Rivera, Posada, Vlad, Escobar, Pudge, Ordonez, Guillen, Reyes, Delgado, Alou, Beltran) - og , Hamilton Twp.
A: og, neither your name or your question are very well though out. Ever heard of Nunez, Brito, Castro, Ruiz, Garcia, Romero, Rosario, Alfonseca, Hernandez, Garcia again, Mesa.

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GM-Carson said...

That last question was retarded. Just because we don't have superstar latin players doesn't mean we don't want them or don't try to get them. Remember Bobby Abreu? Juan Samuel? F'n idiot!

SirAlden said...

"I go commando." Excellent Shane.

Shane is going to be a huge upgrade defensively in CF, it is his natural

SirAlden said...

Actually the last question is a good question. The Phillies are not spending what they should, in finding and developing Latin American talent.

GM-Carson said...

I don't think Shane will ever have the power numbers and overall season that Rowand had in '07, but I don't think Rowand will ever come close to duplicating his season every again either. Vic for CF is the right move.

I've been looking for some possible utility infielders and found the following:
1. Geoff Blum
2. Miguel Cairo
3. Jeff Cirillo (SS would be a stretch)
4. D'Angelo Jimenez
5. Rob Mackowiak (no prior SS exp.)
6. Mark Loretta (will cost too much)
7. Ramon Martinez (bad '07 at the plate)
8. Chris Woodward (bad '06 and '07 at the plate)

Bob D said...

Rowand 2 down years were affected by injury. His good years were with health and he was doing good the year he ran into the fence then his production dropped off. As for value Victorino produces alot with defense, great arm, speed, and hitting and it will not hurt the team any with losing Rowand. Keeping Rowand would give the team either a deep OF with Bourn, Werth, Burrell, Vic, and Rowand or make one of those a valuable trading chip.

I wanted the chances of Nunez as our 3B and his chances to hit 20Hrs like the rest of the league's 3B.

SirAlden said...

Slim Pickin's on them that can play SS for an extended period.

furiousBall said...

of the players listed...

1. Geoff Blum - can play all over the place, very injury prone
2. Miguel Cairo - ok glove, ok bat - just ok.
3. Jeff Cirillo - smells like Wes Helms
4. D'Angelo Jimenez - no bat, no glove
5. Rob Mackowiak - strikes out a lot for a guy that hits for medium power
6. Mark Loretta - smells like David Bell
7. Ramon Martinez - Philly born, can hit for an OK average, no speed, no power
8. Chris Woodward - looking at his numbers it makes you wonder if there's an injury after the 2003 season, severe drop in all cats

GM-Carson said...

Remember our utility infielder will be used primarily as a pinch-hitter if we can snag a regular 3rd baseman. Without freak injuries (ie- Chase Utley) the utility guy will barely play the field. J-Roll hardly ever misses an inning let alone a game, Utley is usually healthy, Helms and Dobbs could handle 1st and/or 3rd. So I want a guy who could spot start at 2nd or SS, but more importantly can deliver a quality pinch hit at bat.

Los said...

Who would be your ideal third baseman for the Phils?

What did you think of the announcing team this season (especially Gary Matthews)?

GM-Carson said...

Chris Wheeler is a brown noser. Harry's eyes are getting bad. Sarge was annoying overall, but I did somewhat like his perspective on under-performing players...he didn't take it easy on them.

Does ideal have to be realistic? If not, Miguel Cabrera or A-Rod would be awesome at 3rd. Neither will happen. If we can get Hank Blalock for a reasonable price then he'd be ok. I'm not looking for a superstar at 3rd, just someone who can play every day and be average with the stick and glove...Helms and Dobbs wouldn't provide that if platooned. Joe Crede may be worth a look, but his injury problems scare me. Lowell will be expensive. Mike Lamb is a utility guy, not an every day 3rd baseman. Troy Glaus would be worth a look depending on the asking price.

Mike said...

I don't think Eaton's Cy Young odds are quite that good.

SirAlden said...

Third Base

Miguel Cabrera
Hank Blalock
Joe Crede
Mike Lowell
Troy Glaus
Garrett Atkins

Not too shabby.

GreggyD said...

I was reading the Phils mailbag with Ken Mandel today and found this question to be ridiculous, but I got a chuckle from the stupidity of it:

"You said last week that Ryan Howard won't be used in a trade for starting pitching. What about a trade for a first baseman like Albert Pujols? It's an upgrade offensively and defensively."

How dumb are some of these so called fans? First of all, why would they trade Howard and second of all, why would the Cardinals even dream of trading Pujols? I don't understand why these questions are even posted on the website.

Malcolm said...

I still contend the Phillies write these questions for Mandel to answer. It's all PR and shmoosh. I mean, Greg Dobbs isn't young, he's 29. And there was another ridiculous thing said in there, I forget it and am too lazy to find it.

Also, I'm gonna plug Pheeling Goosebumps 2.0. It's back and better than ever, baby.

SirAlden said...

In case anybody missed this, Phillies owner John Middleton sold his tobacco company for $2.9 billion. That's B-I-L-L-I-O-N. The story says he would like to own a bigger share of the team and make it more competitive. Well, $2.9 billion could buy a whole bunch of players and turn the Phillies into the Yankees or Red Sox of the National League.

SirAlden said...

That was todd from zo zo zone