Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ask The GM

Q: Which Pat Burrell will we get in 2008? The April/May Pat or the guy who caught fire the rest of the year? - John , Malvern
A: Both, at variable percentages and intervals. We should expect no less. And even though Burrell caught fire last year, he isn't flaming...

Q: Do u think the Phils will go after anyone of the 3 free agents Bonds, A-Rod, or El-duque? I think Bonds would do great in this park - steve C , newark
A: A-Rod's locked into NY. As for Bonds, now that HGH is readily attainable over the internet and can be shipped across the county, he should do fine in any park. However, he can't play in the field and although Manuel occasionally manages the team as if they are in the AL, they are not. Also, there is that small issue with him lying to the federal government about knowingly taking steroids and the high probability that he will be in jail soon. So forget about Bonds. Also forget about El Duque, there is no chance they sign him.

Q: I'm glad the Phillies didn't sign Schilling or Lowell.I would rather see them resign Rowand and Romero and possibly going after Atkins and Santana. - Penn State Man , Tallahassee
A: I'm guessing by your ridiculous statement, you were a Criminal Justice major at Penn State. Possibly communications. Either that or you were high when you sent the email. Anyways, exactly what would the Phils offer Minny for Santana? It is unknown whether they have enough to even get Atkins. I'm all for dreaming big, but c'mon....

Q: Hey GM, are the Phillies going to look east, as in Far East, for more pitching help?
A: I hope not. It's not that I would be absoulutely opposed to a Japanese League pitcher on the Phils, I'm just fearful of overpaying for a commodity unproven in American baseball. Or one that is proven to suck, as is the case with former crap reliever Marc Kroon, who was mentioned previously on He holds the Japanese record for fastest pitch thrown at like 161 kilometers per hour or something. A Canadian told me that was fast. Great, he throws fast. Yippee. How's that working out for Kyle Farnsworth? [Okay, good for Farn$worth, but not so good for his teams...]

The fact is, Japanese pitchers for the most part have been substantially less than advertised. Dice-K cost the BoSox a gajillion dollars and posted a 4.40 ERA. Kei Igawa is back in short-season rookie ball. The Fat Toad was a flop. I shouldn't even mention Kuwata with the Buccos. Sure, there is some success - Nomo, Otsuka, Okajima - but for the price, it hasn't been worth it.

I don't think the Japanese pitchers, especially the starters, are prepared for facing the talented lineups in MLB. Japanese League lineups are weeeeeeak. Aaron Guiel was one homer from leading the league last year. That's right, MLB power machine Aaron Guiel, seen here during a Special Olympics shotput competition. He's out of the majors but tearing it up in Japan, hitting balls from Yokohama to Benihanas. So should we be impressed by pitchers who post great ERAs against lineups that have Aaron Guiel as there power threat? Over here, that is called AA. And you know who gets AA hitters out well? Gavin Floyd.



furiousBall said...

i think last year did a lot for pat the bat, he's that albert belle type of player, never hits his stride until the second half, i have no idea why

BenJah said...

whoa, the gm is ornery tonight. look out!

why cant the phils just leave myers in the closer role?? he wants to be there anyway. lidge as setup man makes the bullpen stacked and deep. i'm far less concerned with who starts. we got starts and innings from kyle effin kendrick last year, and who the hell knew who he was before the season?? i'm not saying i like eaton or that mathieson or some other shmo is our savior....but stranger things have happened?

GreggyD said...

I'm not sold on Kendrick. Yes he had a great year for coming up from AA, but now that teams have been able to see his stuff, he may not be as effective. I love how great he was last year, but I am interested to see how he performs in year 2.

BloodStripes said...

Adam Eaton would do well in AA too. Well, maybe.

Jacobin said...

Myers may say he wants to be the closer, but what he really wants to do is be involved in all the hoopla horseshit that goes along with being a closer. He was more concerned with sculpting the right goatee and picking music to be played when he came into the game than he was with actually being in shape and making the pitches.

We need starters and there aren't that many options out there. Barring some sort of miracle trade, Myers is the best available player to add to the starting rotation.

Corey said...

"being in shape" is the key point about myers. by the end of last year, dude was fat. not rich garces fat, but still fat. he can't carry that weight into next season and expect to go 7 innings every 5th day.

SirAlden said...

Myers is an immature guy. Schilling was too until he had his ass kicked by Roger Clemens.

Not signing Schilling 3 years ago when he was begging to return was a huge mistake for many reasons. Myers adored Schilling growing up and would have benefited greatly by being mentored by his work ethic, that he learned from Clemens. Myers along with Mike 'clubhouse cancer' Lieberthal ran hard nosed pitching coach Joe Kerrigan out of town when the owners and Wade were pussies who did not back him up.

Schilling is a big kid too, but he found his way after after he matured.

Jacobin said...

Yes, they should have brought Schilling back a few years ago, but Ed Wade was a thin-skinned cry baby. Schilling obviously has a problem where he doesn't know how to shut his mouth, but it's not like he says things to disrupt everyone. The guy just speak his mind, and sometimes it's not the best of things he says. But Ed Wade wasn't going to bring a guy in who'd have the nerve to criticize him or the ownership group for not doing a good job.

Hell, isn't Wade the guy who defended himself by pointing out the team was better than it had been when he took it over eight years earlier? At that time the team was completely in the toilet, so "being better" is nice but it wasn't good enough (unless you count some near misses and lousy trades for middle relievers to be an acceptable job).

My advice to any Astros that want out of Houston is to call into local talk radio stations and bitch about the GM not doing enough to help the team. They should get traded for retread middle relievers in short order.

GM-Carson said...

I have a feeling Brett Myers will get traded part way through 2009 and then go on to greatness with another team that whips his ass into shape physically and mentally. He has nasty pitches, and could be a GREAT starting pitcher, he simply needs focus and stamina.