Saturday, November 03, 2007

Around The NL East

Time to take a look at the moving and the shaking around the NL East and see how the competition shaping up so far this offseason. I'll also look at the Nationals.

NY Mets - has linked the Mets with interest in Yorvit Torrealba and George Posada. I would hate to see the Mets get Posada, not only because he can hit, but because I want to see the Phils make Paul LoDuca their bitch for at least one more year. I also want him to re-grow that Magnum PI-stache he had with the Dodgers and continue his trend toward pedophilic gambleholic. It's the stuff legends are made of.

It looks like Tom Glavine will leave NY to go back to Atlanta, although recent rumors have the Cardinals in the mix. I'm mixed on this one. I like to see good pitchers leave the NL East, but an aging Glavine showed at the end of '07 that he could be useful to the Phils on another NL East team.

Braves - Big trade earlier this week, as the Braves shipped Edgar Renteria to the Tigers for Jair Jurrjens and Gorkys Hernandez. Renteria hurt the Phils last year, so I'm relieved to see him change leagues. Of course, the Braves do retool with two very promising young players. I have two major problems with this deal: 1) now the Pirates can't trade Jack Wilson to the Tigers and 2) Wheels and Sarge will butcher "Jair Jurrjens" and "Gorkys" for as long as they are in the booth.

As I mentioned before, Glavine could be headed back to the ATL to rejoin Smoltz in the rotation. No word on whether the Braves are interested in signing Steve Avery or Kent Mercker.

Marlins - The Fish had a payroll of only around $30 million last year, yet Dontrelle and Miggy Cabrera are on the block due to long-term affordability. This is an embarrassment to baseball that 4 year after NY and Florida met in the World Series, their payrolls are separated by $170 million dollars. There are multiple reasons for this and a full rant is reserved for a later time, but needless to say, there is a big problem with the economics of baseball that most people ignore most of the time.

Cabrera probably will end up in NY as A-Rod's replacement. The Yanks have excess OF (Melky) and the young pitching (Hughes, Kennedy, Joba, Wang) that it would take to get Miggy. As for Willis, I think the Phils could get him for Bourn and some minorleaguers, unless they get Melky from the Yanks to play center first.

Nationals - Really only one thing to keep track of this offseason for the Gnats.



GM-Carson said...

First off- I hate that lil hiney-hoppin-hobit LoDuca...what a bitch!

Second- Renteria is a very solid SS, but Yunel Escobar has major upside for ATL taking over for him and those 2 guys that they got in the deal are top notch quality...typical Atlanta smart player movement. Why can't the Phils develop players, sign players, and trade for players the way the Braves do? The Braves will always be a possible contender in my mind because of this philosophy throughout their organization.

I could see a possible Florida and Phils swap happening this offseason, but hopefully they trade Bourn and not Vic.

SirAlden said...

This in from Hardball Times -

The Phillies are ranked 4th out of
all 30 teams in pitching in their minor leagues. Granted it is all in the low minors, but for 2 years during Gillick's tenure the focus has been on drafting pitching, and the Hardball Times weighted rating system shows signs of life.

Over at Phuture Phillies they are running a TOP 30 Poll of the Phillies Minor Leagues.
This is welcome news after the
interview a Scout with the Toronto Front Office, who was not high at all on any of our minor league talent.

We have the cash for 2 huge signings, IF we can interest teams like the Marlins or Minnesota or Baltimore in what we have to trade. Bourne or Victorino and some of this minor league pitching talent could work if teams like the Yankees and Red Sox refuse to trade top young Pitchers like Philip Hughes or Clay Buchholz.

Everyone "Think VON HAYES"

SirAlden said...

Hopefully, CF Michael Bourn, 2B Adrian Cardenas,and then 2-3 of these pitchers for Cabrara and Willis.

furiousBall said...

I don't think we have enough to offer for Cabrera. Willis is a possibility, but that spike in ERA smells like some sort of shoulder issue. It all depends on just how badly they want to dump potential salary.

GM-Carson said...

Have "talent" in the low minors is great, but those kids are highly unpredictable. I doubt Florida is foolish enough to cough over Miggy and D-Train for a package of our minor leaguers. Willis is a possibility, but even he'll cost us at least Bourn and a pitching prospect. Willis very well could have an arm issue, but I think a lot of it had to do with constant trade rumors circulating about him, and the Marlins unsettled financial and stadium situations, as well as possible lack of motivation for playing on a sub-standard team that took a step back a season after they were on the verge to contending.

GM-Carson said...

From Ryan Howard is scheduled to host a one-day clinic for baseball players aged 7-14 at the University of Pennsylvania's Hollenbeck Indoor Annex facility on Nov. 10.

The clinic, sponsored by Topps Co., which signed Howard to an exclusive deal last year, will be a one-day instructional seminar on baseball fundamentals. The clinic will also include coaches of all levels from the Philadelphia area.

*What fundamentals is he going to teach these kid? How to strike out more than anyone ever has before and how to play shitty defense?

GM-Carson said...

3rd Base "Prospect" Mike Costanzo is sucking big time in Arizona. Currently batting .190 with 22 k's in only 58 ab's with a shit-o-rific .566 OPS.

Other suspects, oops meants prospects, aren't doing so hot either as catcher Tuffy Gosewhisch is only batting .250 and outfielder Greg Golson .234. We have NO offensive talent in the minors, that's disgusting and pathetic. It's pathetic that we can't even fill a 5th outfield spot or utility infield role internally.

Pitchers in the AFL- Joe Bisenius 6.30 era, Pat Overholt 7.82, Josh Outman, pitching sucks too! Wait, 2007 1st round pick Joe Savery has yet to give up an earned run in 8 ip...only bright spot.

Corey said...

dave kingman and rob deer will be there with howard to teach hitting. this will be followed by a screening of tom emanski's defensive drills video. it is yet unknown whether fred mcgriff and his old-school blue foam hat will make an appearance.

GreggyD said...

I like the idea of getting Willis from the Marlins, but at the same time, it worries me that he is so erratic when he is on the mound. I remember watching the final game of the season when Glavine was going for the Mets against Dontrelle and the Fish; Willis had no control whatsoever. I love the fact that he has had such great years, and I am willing to take a chance on a pitcher that has the stuff that he does, but you can't rule out the fact that you could have one Willis for one start and then a different Willis the next time he takes the mound. Either way, he's better than everyone else in our rotation, minus King Cole.

What if the Phillies did trade for Dontrelle and managed to sign Schilling?


Looks pretty damn good to me. But wait, Gavin Eaton isn't in there...just trade him for a couple of hot dogs and a case of Yuengling.

GM-Carson said...

Also at Ryan Howard's fundamentals baseball clinic will be Rick Ankiel teaching the finer points of control pitching, Pat Burrell schooling on base running, Steve Sax on routine throws, and Charlie Manuel on in-game strategy.

SirAlden said...

They will cough up the talent if, noone offers more.

The Yankees or Red Sox will not cough up their top young arms to the Marlins.

They might for Santana.

SirAlden said...

The Minors has been trash for a generation. They had a choice to make. Pitching or Hitters.

They chose Pitching, that is why we are now rated #4 in that statistical model.

It will take 4 years to fix the minors next year is year three.

SirAlden said...

I hope Ryan Howard inspires lots of coaches to bring baseball into inner city lives.

SirAlden said...

Cabrara is on the Market

On Thursday, Gammons named some possible buyers: The Yankees, the Red Sox, the Angels and the Dodgers. Count the first three of them out. In order for the pitching talent strapped, third basemanless Yankees to net Cabrera, they’d have to part ways with one of Joba Chamberlain or Philip Hughes. Boston faces a similar predicament. In 2006, the Sox overpaid Mike Lowell in order to get to Josh Beckett. Even though Lowell somewhat surprisingly proved his worth, he will be 34 by the time next season kicks off. Because of his late/postseason heroics, Lowell will get paid in 2008 but with young bats like Cabrera ripe for the picking, it probably won’t be coming out of the Red Sox’ pockets. But like the Yankees, Boston would have to part ways with their top prospect and a vital part of their ‘08 pitching staff, Clay Buchholz. Out west, the Los Angeles Angels have plenty of prospects to offer. 21 year old right hander, Nick Adenhart is being labeled as the total package and as a future number one starter. Infielder, Brandon Wood projects to be .270-.290 power hitter when he arrives in the majors. But as they have been in the past, the Angels may be a little bit reluctant to deal their top prospects for anyone not named Alex Rodriguez.

SirAlden said...

The Pittsburgh Pirates will name John Russell the club's new manager Monday, major league sources said.

Russell, the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies' AAA affiliate Lehigh Valley.

Russell is a good guy. Wish he were managing the Big Club. Good Luck!

GM-Carson said...

That's a good move by the Pirates in my opinion. No need to bring in an established MLB manager for a bunch of guys that wouldn't be on a normal MLB roster. Nothing against the Buccos, but they have taken small steps forward then huge steps back over the past 3 seasons. They have a nice mix of young talent, but the manager needs to get all that young talent to come together and play as a team, not a bunch of solo acts.

GM-Carson said...

Just read an interesting rumor- swap bad contracts, Vincente Padilla for Adam Eaton. Padilla makes 10 mil a season, but I'd do this trade if the Rangers threw in a reliever or possible extra outfielder or utility infielder.

SirAlden said...

I saw that rumor too, Padilla first came up as a reliever, with the idea that one day he would become a closer.

The knock on him as a starter, was that he would keep his bullets in the gun, throwing low 90s in the early innings and saving the 94-95 mph for later. I frankly loved the guy, especially when he would come to bat and you would never know if he would bat lefty or righty against any given pitcher. Vincente had his own mind about how the opposing pitcher was throwing and would sometimes bat left against a lefty and right against a righty making Bowa's veins stick out on his neck!

This would be a good trade if the Rangers in saving 15 Million, threw in Joaquin Benoit who was just signed for 2 years, or LOOGY C.J. Wilson. Hell throw in Hank Blalock, and you got yourself a an affordable centerfielder in Michael Bourne Texas, we will even throw in local boy Golson, and we got ourselves a block-buster!

GM-Carson said...

Holy shit, the world is going to end...I just now read your comment SirAlden after I posted today's "Let's Make a Deal". I suggested the exact same trade scenario as you. I'd do a Padilla, Blalock, an CJ Wilson for Michael Bourn and Adam Eaton swap.