Thursday, November 01, 2007

All that starting pitching...

$24.71 million in wasted payroll, 14-21 record, 297.2 innings pitched, 357 hits and 49 homeruns surrendered, 192 earned runs given up, a 5.81 ERA and 1.58 whip...they sucked!



GM-Carson said...

The utility guy I wanted has already re-signed. Damion Easley re-upped with the Mets for 950K...I would have thrown a mil at him.

Corey said...

from the department of redundancy department...

abe nunez also sucked.
ryan madson got hurt.
tom gordon got hurt.
mike zagurski got hurt.
brett myers called somebody retarded.
charlie manuel is stupid.
chase utley is awesome.
j-roll is awesome.
pat burrell was good, then sucked, then was good again.
rod barajas was a waste of money.
wes helms didn't hit.
etc etc etc

furiousBall said...

ahhh, that's better - Garcia and Barajas just filed for free agency... I feel a weight off the shoulders, very nice. yes.

GM-Carson said...

It's difficult not being redundant when it comes to complaining about our crappy pitchers or hitters, or even praising our "awesome" players as well. I guess I just feel that certain things need repeated, even at the risk of redundancy. For example- Nunez can't hit and was horrible, or our pitching hurt us, or Pamela Anderson has big boobs.

furiousBall said...

Lieber has a sweet set of hooters too

GM-Carson said...


SirAlden said...

I'm telling you... the Phillies are going to sign he who shall remain nameless, if you keep using his name.

It's going to be all your fault.