Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought the Philadelphia Phillies and the Colorado Rockies would be squaring off against each other in the National League Division Series...not me. Some time in mid-summer I discounted this season as yet another lost cause for my beloved Phightins, but look where we're at now. The Rockies have pulled off quite the stunner themselves, and each team is riding a wave of emotion and momentum into the playoffs. Corey and I are still in shock, and keep thinking we're going to wake up with sticky sheets as if this has all been a dream. I think it won't fully set in until game time tomorrow that the Phils are actually the 2007 NL East Champs. By the way, if you're watching at home on tv, Corey and I will be the two dudes going apesh*t in the stands waving rally towels...Go Phils!!!



BenJah said...

wow, this is the ultimate series of underdogs working overtime on adrenaline, emotion and momentum. what a great matchup. both teams have great strengths and are handicapped by horrible weaknesses. this is also a great matchup of managers who are great motivators and terrible strategists. i can't wait!!

SirAlden said...

Philadelphia 89 73 .549

NY Mets 88 74 .543 1.0 GB

chuckm said...

Split @ CBP, split @ Coors, Phils take Game 5. Series MVP: Cole Hamels

Los said...

I was kind of afraid to go to sleep on Sunday night, for fear of waking up and finding the Phils a game out of the playoffs ... thankfully, this was NOT a dream!

Go Phils!

Skeeter said...

I'll be there too, boys. Hope to celebrate with you in the stands after Cole throws the game of his life.

I'm sad to say it (because I love heated rivalry type games), but there is really no one on that Rockies team that I 'hate.' The whole team is almost a mirror image of us. They fought hard and made it where they are. Good for them.
that said, I hope they play like fucking dogs and we mash them three games to none.

BloodStripes said...

Go Phillies!!!!!

BloodStripes said...

Phillies pounded Francis twice this year. Both home and away. Continue the trend boys.

GM-Carson said...

It is true that the Phils have pounded Game 1 starter Jeff Francis twice this year. It is also true that Chris Wheeler dreams of pounding Francis.

I don't have anyone on the Rockies either Skeeter. They're actually an enjoyable team. But screw that- sweep 'em Phils!

By the way, I was the victor in the We Should Be GM's Phantasy League...yeah No-Talent-Ass-Clowns!

GM-Carson said...

I love this line that starts the article on ESPN.com about Eaton being left off the Phils postseason roster- "Despite Adam Eaton's big contract, the Phillies can't afford to pitch him in the playoffs."

I hate Adamn Eaton!!!