Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where's Offense ??



GreggyD said...

The Phillies didn't deserve to win last night with that lack of an offense. Jamie Moyer came out and pitched his heart out and the offense just did absolutely nothing at all. I am disappointed in this team. This is going to be quite possibly the most boring NLCS I have ever seen. Thank God the AL teams know how to make baseball fun to watch. Looks like I'm going back to NFL mode from here on out.

Thanks for the run Phillies, but honestly, you could have tried to get some hits in that series. What an awful showing.

BenJah said...

with all the heart they showed down the stretch, it's disapointing to see the team sit around and wait for the rockies to hand them victories. what a pitiful showing. old-man moyer was great, but the rest of the team just fuckin blew. horrible, horrible effort.

Los said...

Man, after such a great performance by Moyer, they wet the bed. It was tough to watch. I hate goodbyes!

das411 said...

Whether good or bad, this team did have an awful lot of that 2000 Eagles look to them in this series...not the team that lost to the Rams in the NFC Championship, the one that got flattened by the Giants in their first playoff game ever, before making the rest of the league their bitches.

That said, it's been an incredible year for both the teams and here at WSBGMs. Here's hoping for more of the same (with Madson instead of Mesa, of course) in 08!

GM-Carson said...

Swept by the Rockies...typical Phillies.

Getting into the playoffs was nice, but the offensive output was a joke. The team lives and dies with its offense and only scoring 8 runs the entire series means DIE!