Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

Charlie Manuel - MD 20/20

The Phils made it official on Tuesday, giving Manuel a 2 year extension. Awwww, crap.

After I got done crying I thought, "How is this possible? How has the idea of Charlie Manuel [mis]managing this team become a positive thing?" And then it came to me - MD 20/20.

Mad Dog, the high alcohol fortified "wine" drink, at its best, is disgusting. Back at LaSalle, we would throw a few bottles in the freezer, and when adequately chilled, chug it fast while having a mini-seizure in between gulps due to the rancid taste. Through the first bottle and in between seizures, the talk would often focus on why in the heck we were drinking the stuff. The answer would come to us by the end of the second bottle, because by then, life seemed good. Deliriously happy, not a care in the world. And that bad taste? Gone, because by this time your taste buds were essentially destroyed, and the "Red Grape Wine" was tasting like an aged cabernet. And the next day, all we would remember was how great the Mad Dog was and immediately hit the state store for a few more bottles.

Well, the Phils are in the midst of a playoff hangover, are running full speed back to the liquor store, and aren't going to realize they just bought a bottle of crap until they crack it open next April.



BenJah said...

good comparison with fuqua!!

btw: i read the last comment section, and i'm seriously considering quitting the blogging world until spring training. seriously, when pavano and prior are looked at as good signings, along with trades for willis, johan and cabrera being real possibilities....well shit. i dont know if i have the patience for this.

Corey said...

i think the unexpected playoff appearence combined with some unseasonably warm October weather has affected the thinking of many of the phaithful. or it could be drug and/or alcohol. either way, i agree, there is some retarded shit being slung around the phlogosphere. of course, that is part of the fun. i'm just waiting for the a-rod to the phils talk to heat up...

Moe Ville said...

Fuqua is bound to blow at least 10 games a season. I'm being kind...more like 15. Shilling isn't going to win that back. They need more starting pitching...we all know that. How fucked up is it that we need even MORE pitching to make up for this bird-brained hayseed of a manager? I hope the rumor is true and the cheap bastard owners are finally willing to sell this team. Maybe some Wallmarty scumbag will come up with the cash and finally spend what it takes to buy some real pitching.

BenJah said...

moe ville: a walmarty scum already own the royals....and we see how that's going.

also, just to put this on record: shilling is NOT a good idea. unless we're specifically collecting fossils for our pitching staff. how about a rotation of moyer, shilling, wells and glavine. that would be great, like 12 years ago!

GM-Carson said...

Benjah- I would only consider a Pavano or Prior signing "good" if it were a minor league deal and they were merely counted on as being insurance policies in the minors. To count on them for a full season in the majors would be foolish. Foolish is thinking the Phils have a shot at Miguel Cabrera or Johan Santana...not gonna happen.

By the way, I'm hoping and thinking Moyer may retire, so in my mind having Schill on staff for 1 season isn't so bad then.

Also- Corey was right that the Phils won't realize that they bought a bottle of crap until April because that's when the Phils play their shitties ball under the guidance of Fuqua.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel's contract extension was for $3 million...holy hell, that's an expensive Thirsty Thursday. Hopefully we're not let with a depressing hangover from this.

Kevin McGuire said...

Wow, Mad Dog being used to relate to Charlie Manuel. I couldn't have said it any better myself. I remember the first time I bought a couple bottles of MD; it was one of my first trips to the state store and I figured I had a steal with the dirt cheap drink. Of course, I was robbed in a sense, of money and taste buds.

My friends and I would use MD when we made a rule in a card game, or any foul had to be served by taking a shot of that stuff. We would end up buying it just for that reason all the time!

SirAlden said...

"General manager Pat Gillick said the Phillies' payroll next year will be in excess of $95 million, up from $89 million in 2007. If that's the case, Gillick should have about $23 million to spend this winter."

"Club president David Montgomery said yesterday that the team spent roughly $103 million this season...the club is willing to spend that much or more."

So that makes $31 + Million. I think it could go higher for the right top name or names.

This is Pat Gillick's gift to all of us. A sane unfettered payroll, and the gentle push of the owners to a higher payroll.

That wou

SirAlden said...

And do not forget that after next year: $14 million dollars allocated to Pat Burrell, and $5.5 million dollars allocated to Jim Thome come off the books.

So after next year the total is $31 + $19.5 million dollars, or a total of at least $50.5 million, thanks to our smart GM.

Go shopping with $50 million dollars gives you 2 superstars and 10-20 million in change.

chuckm said...

benjah- When I mentioned Pavano and Prior, I qualified with "low-risk, high incentive" deals. To further specify, I am talking the same as what Kevin Millwood got with the Indians in 2005. 1 year guaranteed
@ 3 mil with performance based bonuses, a team option/low buyout for the next season, all contingent on a thorough physical examination with MRIs. This actually worked out well for the Tribe as Millwood had a good season with them. I hardly see that idea as being worthy of ridicule. I would concur that giving up an arm and a leg for 1 guaranteed year of Santana or emptying the farm for Willis would be foolish.

Jacobin said...

One encouraging thing I've read is that third base coach Steve Smith probably will not be back... but on the flip side, it is being reported that Dubee will return to do a crappy job of coaching the pitchers.

I really think Lopes had an underrated (and by that I mean good)impact on the team this year. The base running from first to third was noticeably improved (third to home is a different story, see Steve Smith).

I cannot deny that players love Charlie and they keep playing for him no matter what is going on. That being said, I know everyone would love if this guy got the "Flowers for Algernon" treatment in the offseason and miraculously developed keen insight into managing the pitching staff and making double switches (maybe not run through the bench by the 7th or 8th innings...).

And for the love of God, could someone please kick this team in the ass hard enough that they begin playing baseball on the first day of the season, rather than waiting until they are 11 games under .500?

GM-Carson said...

Don't you think Rollins, Utley, Rowand, Howard, and company would play "hard" for any coach? I do, because they're f'n professionals.

Bottom line- Manuel is a dumbass as a manager.

Jacobin said...

Do I think those three guys will play hard for anyone? Yes, I think they'd play hard for 95% of all the managers out there (holding some room for error if someone were a total loathsome bastard). I'm not worried about those guys, it's the other 21 people on the roster who help make up the entire team.

But in any event, probably the saddest news I've read today is where David Montgomery Burns and anti-Phillie Bill Giles vehemently deny that the team is for sale. They say that there is absolutely no interest in selling the team. Damn!

GM-Carson said...

I'm optimistic about word of upping payroll for next season. If the Phils were to stretch their pockets open to the 105-110 million level we could really add some useful parts (pitching, both starting and relief, as well as a 3rd baseman).

Also- Steve Smith needs to go as 3rd base coach. Time to add another proven coach to the staff or someone like John Russell from our Triple A affliate. Davey Lopes rocked this season though, he did a tremendous job working with our baserunners.

furiousBall said...

The potential upgrades at 3rd are actually pretty decent. Pitching is going to be tough to come by. I don't like the talk of doing a trade for Jose Contreras and his nearly 6 ERA. Jon Garland or Dontrelle Willis would be better (although Willis didn't have a great 07)

BenJah said...

if anyone makes a comment like that again i will BITCH slap you!!


.....i'm sorry for yelling guys. but i'm serious.

SirAlden said...


Official! Barajas and Nunez are gone!

Happy Birthday GM Carson!

SirAlden said...

"Montgomery estimated the cost had risen to approximately $103 million. I asked him, point-blank, if he thought the payroll would be that high on opening-day 2008, and he said, "In that ballpark, or higher." from delawareonline.

So what I have been saying all year is exactly what is unfolding.
I hope someone remembers that I said this. I am sure GM Carson and benjah do.

if If IF ! Gillick finds someone worthy of giving the 20-40 million to (that he has worked hard to have available) that will be freed up this year and next.

SirAlden said...


Los said...

I have a feeling Manuel will be gone when Gillick retires... at least, that's what I keep telling myself.

ihatephilly said...

I guess its two more years of Ol' Charlie butchering the english language and screwing sh*t up. I DONE BEEN GROWED UP.

I would like to see Garland or Willis..

New ownership is on the way...Maybe.


Jacobin said...

Despite the denials about a possible sale of the team, there really isn't a better time to sell if you are so inclined. The team just made the playoffs and has a hell of a nucleus of young players. They drew over 3 million visitors, while playing in a very new stadium. It's the largest television market in the nation to have only one baseball team. If you're going to strike while the iron is hot, now is the time...

...and if they do sell, we can only pray the buyer isn't a moronic douche bag (more so than the gang in charge now).

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