Monday, October 08, 2007

Thank You

Am I bitter about being swept in the NLDS by the Colorado Rockies? Heck yes!

Do I wish the Phils were still playing baseball in October? Absolutely!

Am I upset that our manager has a lower IQ than a life skills students? Dee-dee-dee!

But you know what? I'm legitimately happy the Phillies finally made it back to the postseason after a 14 year hiatus and there's reasons to be optimistic about our future with the likes of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino, Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick, and Brett Myers. With some added relief help and a possible starter or two to the rotation with a real 3rd baseman this team can get better, 90+ wins better. So thank you for this season, and lets start focusing on making next season even better.



Jacobin said...

Paul Hagen has this list in his column today as to what the Phillies need to do this offseason to improve the team:

1. Improve the pitching.

2. Improve the pitching.

3. Improve the pitching.

4. Improve the pitching.

5. Improve the pitching.

6. See about upgrading third base.

GM-Carson said...

Both relief and starting pitching should be the focus this offseason.

I'd like Myers back in the rotation, with Hamels and Kendrick. I look for Moyer to possibly retire. That leaves 2 openings and 1 is for ass-face Adam Eaton. If I'm the Phils I give Eaton a strict workout program ato adhere to this offseason as well as watching tape and working with a pitching coach because we need him to improve next season. The bullpen is the big question mark. Madson, Geary, and Gordon will be back and hopefully they can re-sign Romero.

I'd love to get Mike Lowell at 3rd, who is good defensively and offensively.

Hopefully No-Hit Nunez is gone too, meaning they'll need to find a utility infielder who can backup SS/2B.

BenJah said...

i feel EXACTLY the same way about this team and this season. what else can you say??

i think myers should stay at closer, and we can upgrade from there. i also like lowell at 3b, i just don't want to have to pay him.

thanks again corey and carson for a great season of blogging entertainment! i sincerely appreciate your efforts.

CLARE. said...

Since it's pitching the Phillies need in '08, I LOVE the "Schilling on a short-term contract" scuttlebutt. I've loved 38 since his last go-round with the Phillies. Yeah, he's old but he's crafty, and I don't think signing him to a one-year contract could hurt.

Then again, what will I do if my Bacon Pants leaves me?

Carson and Corey, I've enjoyed this season even more thanks to your commentary and photoshop every day. I think you saved the best for last with the "Where's the Offense" picture. I blew it up and laughed for about five solid minutes.

Corey said...

here is the link to the larger pic.