Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sunday Quickie

Interesting post over at about the Yankees that has some Phillie implications.

First note their source is that they expect the Yanks to make "eye-popping" offers to Posada and possible Phillie target Mariano Rivera. This really shouldn't be a surprise. Last year NYY paid Roger Clemens about $17 million for a partial season, $11 million for Carl Pavano and about $6 million for Kyle Farnsworth. Basically, the entire Florida Marlins payroll for little to nothing. So why wouldn't they splash $15-16 million for one of the greatest closers in history. Not only do they need a decent closer, after the PR hit of the Joe Torre departure, they can't afford to have two other stalwarts from the good ol' days (i.e. the 90's) go. The Phils have no chance to match what the Yanks can offer.

Take the last part of the above argument and apply it to this rumor too: "the Yanks may make a big play for Aaron Rowand." After Torii Hunter, who isn't coming to New York, Rowand is probably the best OF option, so why wouldn't the Yanks want him? Well, maybe because that would give them 5 OF for 3 spots (Matsui, Damon, Cabrera, Rowand, Abreu.) Unless they decline the option on Abreu (who would you rather have right now, Abreu for $16 mil or Rowand for $12-14?) and trade Cabrera. It makes sense to me.
File Under: Steroid Conspiracy
If you're keeping track at home, it now makes two Philadelphia Phillies implicated in HGH use, as Paul Byrd follows in the mighty footsteps of David Bell. Apparently, neither player is fond of testicular shrinkage.

Byrd, notorious leader of Baseball Church who was on ESPN earlier this week talking about using baseball to spread the message of Christ, apparently found nothing in the Bible about illegal drugs and cheating. Hey, if he asked WWJD and answer is "keep dem nuts big," there's no arguing with the Big Guy.

I'm not surprised by any player being accused of using 'roids, I just wish the ones implicated from the Phils would have played better. At least the Yankees had MVP's Giambi and Sheffield. And the Giants had MVP Bonds and ROY Santiago (Phucco!). We have Byrd and Bell? Who's next, Sandoval, Sefcik, Doster, Marsh...?



Spencer said...

I'm hoping against Rivera in candy stripes. It's easy to go spend a lot of money on one guy, but I really think the Phils need 4 or 5 new guys and Rivera will just distract from us not getting them. Look at the Padres, their bullpen isn't all big names. You need to get to the end of the bullpen consistently - either the starters get you there, or you need good mid-relief.

Gillick just needs to do the work and dig a little.

(They also must sign Romero immediately.)

Los said...

Isn't that crazy about the 'roids? I'm guessing we'll find out that Barrahas took 'roids as well, considering his horrible play.

Bob D said...

2 inexpensive additions would be Romero and Werth. If a closer is brought in watch for a little Gillick magic via a trade. Fuentes, Cordero, or a few others are likely. I also see this team going after setup men in the free agent market. the back up middle infielder to replace He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will likely be filled after the non-tender list in late December. 3rd base is a big question mark but my gut feeling is there will only be a minor move to fill the spot and wait for 2009 and Constanzo to have his make-it or break-it year in the minors in 2008. If Werth and Rowand or another quality OF is added then watch for an outfielder to be traded (Bourn, Burrell, or Victorino).

I bet Steve Jeltz wish they had HGH when he played. Corey you should create some pictures of players from the past and what they would look like if they were on HGH.

GM-Carson said...

I can't believe you put Danny Sandoval in the same heap as Kevin Sefcik and Tom Marsh...oh no you didn't!!!

SirAlden said...

Good for Schilling.

I hope we have a rocking off season.

8th Inning Reliever

Lefthanded Platoon Right Fielder
Third Baseman
Back Up Middle Infielder

Jarmillo as back-up Catcher, trade Coste to team who will use him.

Dump Eaton, Myers into the Rotation.

Lose any Blue on the Caps. Sign hot Phillies Ballgirls.

Yup. Yup. That's about it. Oh! almost forgot let Ruben team schill, migrate, and sign Leo Mazzone. Bring me a Schmitter and a 1980 Schmidt's of Philadelphia, you can have the Iron City Beer.

"Beer as Beer Should Be".'s-of-Philadelphia-Beer-Serving-Tray_W0QQitemZ170160351730QQcmdZViewItem

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- to be honest, I doubt the Phils would get much of anything in a trade of Chris "Coast to" Coste. He really hit for shit in the last month+ of the season. He's fine as a backup, but I'm glad we have Jarimillo waiting in Triple A.

Bob D said...

We also have LaForest at backup catcher also. Coste has value if also played at 3rd, 1st, RF too bad he is not a middle infielder. I'd rather have Ramon Henderson pitch rather than Eaton, he would have a lower ERA.

GM-Carson said...

Ramon Henderson, he of back-to-back Homerun Derby champions, would be better than Eaton Crap.

Bob D- I think LaForest will be a free agent this offseason as he's out of options and I doubt the Phils make sure for him on the roster. I'd like to see him brought back on a minor league deal to share the catching duties with Jarimillo for the Iron Pigs next season, but I doubt that happens.

SirAlden said...

I know we will not get anything for Chris Coste, I just we should send him to a second division team basically for free. We owe him that.

I too hope we sign LaForest to AAA.

Our Bench of 5 must be:
2 Outfielders
2 Infielders
1 Catcher

Bourne and ???
Dobbs and Middle Infielder

Dobbs could be thought of as the Outfielder and Coste could take his place.