Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simply Awesome

Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley were simply awesome for the Phils in '07. Our miserable 3 game sweep at the hands of the Rockies would have never had a chance to happen if it weren't for these two willing the team on to victory.

Jimmy Rollins- .296 batting average, 162 games played, record setting 716 at bats, 139 runs, 212 hits, 38 doubles, 20 triples, 30 homeruns, 94 rbi, 41 stolen bases, and a .875 OPS.

Chase Utley- .332 batting average, 104 runs, 48 doubles, 5 triples, 22 homeruns, 103 rbi, and a .976 OPS.



SirAlden said...

In 2007 the Phillies Scored 892 Runs. Second to the Yankees who used the DH, and second most in all of Phillies History.

Thinks about it. Aside from the Yankees we outscored every single team in baseball. 15 in the National League and 13 teams in the American League who were using the DH.

Take a look at our Rivals the Braves scored 810 runs and the Mutts scored 804. Both of these top rivals in NL East got to come to bat against the Phillies awful terrible injury laden and incompetant pitching staff for 18 games - 11% of their At bats.

If they had not been batting against out pitchers they would not have broken 800 runs scored, which makes Rollins and Utley and everyone elses achievement that much greater.

And our 892 runs happened with Howard's injury, Utley's injury, Victorino and Bourne's injuries, Pat the Bat's .201 batting average for the first 70 games, and he who will remain nameless of great leather and no hitdom at 3B along with Wes Helm's flameout.

Just think how it will be next year with Jenkins in right and Cabrara at 3B. Nice to dream.

GM-Carson said...

Minus Aaron Rowand plug in Mike Lowell...wash-out.

Catching stats should improve slightly with Ruiz having more experience and Coste instead of Barajas.

A full season of Vic, Utley, and Howard should help too.

A more confident Burrell not batting near the Mendoza line for 1/2 the season could help a lot too.

Bob D said...

Plenty of offense already for next year. That makes upgrading 3rd base a lower priority. Catching should be better with Ruiz/Coste with Jaramillo/LaForest in the wings. Howard will likely improve with BA as should Burrell. Resigning Werth is important and if Rowand resigns then there are trading chips available for Gillick. If both are let go then the outfield will be a cause of concern depending who they sign/trade for, and in my opinion there is very little out there that is better than the Rowand/Werth combo. So resigning at least 1 of them is key to next years outfield.

GM-Carson said...

LaForest will be a free agent I believe- no big loss.

At first I thought Werth would be a free agent too, but I think he's still under Phils control.

Rowand is most likely gone.

An outfield of Burrell, Vic, Werth, Dobbs, and Bourn won't cut it...they'll need at least one more proven commodity to have a "good outfield". By the way, I doubt Burrell's batting average will improve much, and Howard's won't either unless he makes some changes at the plate. Power is great, but 200+ k's are not.

SirAlden said...

I think Werth is somehow under the Phillies control, I have been looking and I do not find him on Free Agent lists.


Left Handed Hitting Right Fielder to got with Werth

Middle Infielder

The Roster of Hitters really is excellent.

GM-Carson said...

I'm still a fan of signing Damion Easely as the utility infielder/pinch-hitter. At his age, he could probably be had for 1 year 1.5 mil.

SirAlden said...

Last year Damion Easley batted .280, but the seven years before that he batted in the he who shall remain nameless range.

Don't know much about him Carson. Why do you like him, aside from his cool 'devilish' first name?

Jacobin said...

It's a broken record, but we all know what's really needed... pitching, pitching, pitching, more pitching, even more pitching, and so on. I'm just worried about the organization's commitment to making such upgrades when they chose to bring back Dubee.

SirAlden said...

" the end with the money used on the free agent and the money given to the team that takes Burrell our LF could end up being more expensive than Burrell's 14 mil contract and possibly less productive." GM Carson

Yup - yup. 100% Correct.

I do think Burrell knowing his time is up in Philly might go as a part in a larger trade to Minn or the White Sox if the receiving team wanted him as their DH and extended his contract.

Bob D said...

Howards batting average will likely fall between this year and last year.

Mayfly said...

When J-Roll makes a comment, he stands by it. He pounded the bejeesus out of the Mets' pitching this year. It's going to be a really close MVP vote. May even be split.

GM-Carson said...

I think the last time the NL MVP was split, was the season Dale Murphy of the Braves and Schmidt of the Phils won it in '83 or something like that. I don't remember the exact season.

Burrell needs to stay next season. Replacing his production will be costly and trading him could actually cost us too.