Friday, October 19, 2007

Saturday Poll - Schilling

I broached the subject of Curt Schilling yesterday (foreshadowing...) and now today you have a vote on whether or not Curt Schilling would be a good fit for the Phillies for next year. Here are some key Schil points.

1. Cost - I looked around the 'net and found estimates on Schilling's asking price for next year at around $13-16 million. [He made $13 million in '07.] Combine that with other estimates that put the off-season spending budget at $20 million, and it doesn't leave much. Specifically, there wouldn't be enough to go after Mike Lowell unless 1)they went over budget (typical Phils fashion, right?) or 2)trade a high dollar player (Burrell) to make some room.

2. Age/Experience - Although he is younger than Jamie Moyer, Schil is still old. Of course, we would be looking at a one year deal, so even if he falls apart like a Chevy Corvair, they wouldn't be stuck for a long term deal. Also, his post-season experience could be very helpful if the Phils get there next season.

3. Ability - If he does stay healthy, even at 40+ years of age, he's still a good pitcher. In '07 he threw 150 innings, had an ERA less than 4, a 1.24 WHIP, and a 4:1 K:BB ratio.

4. Chemistry - This is probably the most talked about aspect of Schilling's return. However, it is also the aspect that is hardest to predict. Granted, Schilling is a jackass who talks way too much, way too often, about topics he should probably avoid. And if you have ever read Beard, Bellies and Biceps, you know Curt was not the most popular guy on the team. And since "team chemistry" was seemingly so important last year, there are some that would argue that bringing Schilling in to possibly mess with that would be a risk too severe to justify his fine pitching.
Curt Schilling?


SirAlden said...

Yes and I think he can be signed for 10M.

Schilling wants to go into the Hall of Fame. The best way there is to take a third team (the Phillies) to the World Series.

With Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Schilling, and Kendrick in the rotation we are solid as we thought we were last year.

Corey said...

i don't see schilling and myers both being in the rotation though...

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Bring 'em.

chuckm said...

Schilling has said that he has made his money and isnt overly concerned, but Curt says a lot of things. I dont worry about the chemistry aspect, as much as Schilling likes to run at the mouth, it isnt like he was a cancer to 2 World Series winning teams. My main concern is his age and injuries.

Bob D said...

I say bring in Schilling and trade for a closer and bring in 2 setup men. Leaves room for Myers in the rotation where he has had success, while his success in the bullpen the jury is still out on.
With Schilling and Moyer for one more year that gives those quality prospects in A and AA a year more experience in the minors at AA and AAA. The rotation for 2009 could have a lot of young prospects vying for jobs (Carpenter, Carrasco, Outman, etc...)

SirAlden said...

Santana would be nice too.

LP Santana, LP Hamel, RP Myers, LP Moyer, RP Kendrick

Now that is something to shout about.

SirAlden said...

We need a Starter, a Closer, and a Top 7th-8th inning guy, and Romero.

With Myers in the rotation the pen will not be as strained.

7th-8th inning guy

Not too shabby.

BenJah said...

shame on all of you who voted YES to shilling!

why is it ok to give him 13-16 mil on a one year deal, even if he breaks down?? are you actually going to be ok with that??

i think not, and freddie garcia would agree with me. i'd rather resign him for half of what shilling would make.

10 years too late on the shilling crap!

Corey said...

it's not ok if he breaks down, but like a said, the risk of a one year deal is far less than shelling out for 3 years for crap.

you mentioned garcia, whose acquisition wasn't thought by many to be a good one, despite the fact he was ALREADY hurt, pitching like crap and making 10mil. AND they had to trade for him! schilling would be a better pickup than garcia was last year. i know that isn't much, but they have that going for them, which is nice.

i'm not sold on the idea of schilling coming back here either, but then i think of eaton, durbin, segovia, happ, ennis, lieber, garcia....and having another dependable arm would be nice. and it's not like they are easy to pick up.

joln8888 said...

Schilling had his shot with us and the traitor left. Ask yourself how the braves dominated the national league for over a decade. Young pitchers. Get the scouts off their ass and out there finding the young arms.

SirAlden said...

benjah is right there is a 50-50 chance Schilling will break down just the way Garcia did.

Santana Willis or an Oakland A in trade, or Schilling in Free Agency are our only non Eaton like options however.

One of these options must be employed.

SirAlden said...

Garcia rocked in Sept 2006.

Atlanta had 3 Hall of Famers, Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz, and 14 years of a very very very wide strikezone.

More money has to be put into the minor leagues. It is gettting better over the last 2 years with GM Gillick drafting arms that now have pulses.

We are still in the bottom third in minor league talent. Next year we may move into the middle third if things go well.

Corey said...

"GM Gillick drafting arms that now have pulses" - along with Tommy John surgery.

SirAlden said...

Oh corey corey corey....

The Rookie Leagues, Low A, and High A all have good pitching talent now correy.

Mr. Drabek not withstanding.

GM-Carson said...

I'd rather have Schilling for 1 year 13 mil than Carlos Silva for 3 years 30 mil. The starting free agent market isn't good, and shitty pitchers will get monster contracts...just look at Adamn Eaton.