Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Roundup

Here is writer Randy Miller's proposed use of the $23 million the Phillies have to spend this winter. To quickly summarize: In - Schilling, Romero, Riske, Cameron, Loretta; Out - Burrell, Geary.

Schilling, Romero and Riske sound great. He could just stop there. But Mike Cameron and Mark "Get Back" Loretta? And then giving Burrell away for nothing to afford those two jokers? Ridiculous. He then puts the cherry on top by ending the post with, "There you have it, a championship team in place."

Just think, he got paid to write that...
Links of the Day
Beerleaguer mentions Phillies first round pick Joe Savery's Arizona Fall League journal.

The Zo Zone links up a great spoof of those horrible Dane Cook playoff promos.
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GM-Carson said...

I agree JC Romero needs to come back. He proved to be good against lefties and more importantly righties too.

Schill is old, but he'd be worth bringing back on a 1 year pact. He has a hero complex, and I'm willing to allow him to play hero for Philly next season.

Mike Cameron doesn't seem like a good fit for this team. Strikes out a ton, and has a low batting average. I'd rather keep Rowand.

David Riske is worth the risk.

Mark Loretta was mentioned by me a week or so ago as a nice utility infielder, but he won't find enough playing time on the Phils unless it's at 3rd base, and having him play there is optimal.

I've got no problem dealing Gas-Can Geary, as long as something semi-useful comes back in return.

No need to trade Burrell. Let him play out his final season of the contract.

GM-Carson said...

Based on that picture Eaton has no bravery-true, Manuel has no brain-very true, Gillick is a girl-possible, Helms has not heart-willing to conceed that, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is a lil' ugle mutt-yes!

GM-Carson said...

Wow, this offseason has been slow comment-wise so far. Oh well, here's me commenting with more info.

Quotes from Mike Lowell about coming to Philly- "There are a number of teams that I'd be interested in. Is it a playoff-caliber team? That's a big thing for me. And the Phillies obviously fit in there," he said. And- "Where would I fit in the offense? You look at Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley and guys like that, and that has to bring a smile to your face.

"And I've always hit well in that park. So that would definitely be a team I would consider." Lowell's career stats at Citizens Bank Park: 24-for-68 (.353) with seven homers and 14 RBI.

Also- Lowell grew a Phillies fan.

Disgusting stats about our 3rd basemen from last season- Phillies third basemen combined for a grand total of 11 home runs this season. Only the Pirates (10) had fewer among National League teams.
Phillies third basemen - primarily Wes Helms, Greg Dobbs and Abraham Nuñez - scored 66 runs. That was dead last in the league. Phillies third basemen had 76 RBI (ahead of only Pittsburgh's 69 and Houston's 68) and 156 hits (topping only 148 by the Dodgers).

Jarex said...

Picture is worth a million words - I actually missed Toto Nunez the first time I viewed. Beautiful.

GM-Carson said...

Corey does an excellent job photoshoping faces on to funny images.

GreggyD said...

I don't feel so shitty about losing to the Rockies now that they went ahead and completely dismantled Arizona, too. That team has some kind of magic. Hopefully it will be ended by Cleveland in the World Series. I really don't want Red Sox fans to be able to celebrate again.

GM-Carson said...

By the way, my first comment on this post said playing Loretta at 3rd would be optimal...that's not what I meant. I meant to type- "having him play there would not be optimal", because of his lack of power.

GM-Carson said...

I'm hoping for a Cleveland vs. Rockies World Series with the Rockies winning it all.

By the way- Aaron Rowand and Chase Utley were voted on to the Sporting News All-Star team, but possible NL MVP Jimmy Rollins was snubbed by his peers as they went with Hanely Ramirez.

Jacobin said...

I don't know if you've read the story, but all of the coaching staff will be back next year... this means Steve Smith and Rich Dubee will be back to display more ineptitude. Thankfully Jamie Moyer returns also to coach the starters, too bad there isn't a clone of him to handle the bullpen.

But there were two coaches that did a good job - Davey Lopes and Milt Thompson. The stolen base stat took me by surprise, I mean I knew it was good...

First-base coach Davey Lopes guided the Phillies to the best stolen-base success rate in major league history - 87.9 percent - in his first year with the Phils. Hitting coach Milt Thompson steered the Phillies to the most runs scored in the NL (892) for the second consecutive year and the most by any Phillies club since 1930.

SirAlden said...

Nice Link on Santana.

We all seem to be in agreement here. Amazing. We need a starter, we need to lose Eaton, and we need to put Myers' ass in the rotation.

Does anyone on WSBGM's think he should be a closer?

An interesting tid bit. If anypone remembers... Myers as you know is not the most sophisticated of gents. What was missed when Wade and the gang of seven owners, and blew big time, was that Myers, ADORES, i.e. as in Luke Skywalker to Obie Wan Schilling (or Yoda Schilling). It was argued at the time that Myers would develop big time if Schilling was on the team.

Schilling has an apocraphal story about how he was "a punk" on Houston and Roger Clements came into the locker room after work outs one day and reamed him a new asshole. Schilling said that event changed his whole life as a pitcher.

Would have been nice to have had Schill taking Myers under his wing 3 years ago.

It might still happen.

GM-Carson said...

Yes, I have unfortunately read a few articles about the Phils retaining the entire coaching staff. I also read that bench coach Jimy Williams may get some consideration at a manager for next season.

Dick-Dick Dubee and the actor known as Steve Smith at 3rd are horrible. Why in the hell do we need Dubee? He knows nothing!

Davey Lopes did a tremendous job with the baserunners and I'd like to see progress continue as speed disrupts pitching, and disrupting pitching leads to more runs. Rollins, Victorino, and Bourn are burners and smart runners who could amass 100+ steals easily collectively. Utley is a solid baserunner too, as is Werth.

Skeeter said...

Fuck Randy Miller. Him and Bill Conlin (my other hated "journalist") should drive a car off a cliff with Adam Eaton and Britney Spears in it.

...why Britney? Because I am pissed that I used to think she was hot

BenJah said...

i think myers should be the closer

Los said...

So, now that the Rockies swept the Diamondbacks, does this make the Phillies sweep look ... not so bad?

Bob D said...

Myers for rotation! Add a closer and 2 or 3 setup guys then we are close.