Friday, October 05, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phridays: September 30, 2007

Take a little walk with me down memory lane, and when I say "little", I mean little because it was only 5 short days ago that we were all filled with joy and excitement about the Phillies making the playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons. A smack, a slap, and a kick to the nuts later- here we are on a depressing Friday wishing we could rewind time to start this series all over again. The Mets collapse and the Phils rise was almost surreal and many Phans thought it might all just be a dream. That dream has quickly turned into a full-blown nightmare as the Rockies have kicked our asses and taken our names for the first two games and are prepared to sweep us in 3 Saturday night in Colorado. We have crafty Grand Pappy Moyer set to pitch for us, and I'm hoping he can win the game on Saturday much like he was the winner of the game this past Sunday that made us the 2007 NL East Champions. I was happy as swine in its own slop to play baseball in October, but now I'm scared, angry, and worried it will be over all to quick. I'm not ready for this season to come to an end, I want to see more of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and company. I'm not ready to say goodbye to the 2007 season of the Philadelphia Phillies. I want to go back to that ecstatic feeling I had on Sunday watching Brett Myers closing out the game. I want to feel overcome with happiness like I did watching Alfonseca spray the hose into the crowd during the celebration, or watching the Phils players have fun like little kids. I don't want to think about losing, losing this season. One loss ends it all though...what will be the outcome?



Jacobin said...

The Phillies' showing so far has me feeling down, but there's a bright spot today... PA Bar Exam results came out this morning and my name is on the list. I passed!

GM-Carson said...

Congrats Jacobin!

At first I thought I would be satisfied just making it to the playoffs, but I'm quickly finding out that's not enough. I want the World Series, but at this point I'll settle for 1 f'n victory.

GM-Carson said...

Our bullpen sucks aside from Romero and Myers...Gordon is mediocre. So taking the starting pitcher (Kendrick) out of the game in the top of the 4th inning while he's only given up 2 runs is retarded. This forces us to use garbage pitchers from our relief group early in the game. I understand Kendrick wasn't pitching lights-out and worked into a tough situation with the bases loaded...but there was 2 outs and Kendrick had only thrown 66 pitches. Kendrick has shown the ability time and time again to work his way out of jams like this, so it made no sense to take a control pitcher like Kendrick out of the game and throw Lohse into a high pressure situation. Manuel may be a great motivator, but the man is retarded!

*Mesa shouldn't be on the team, and especially not the playoff roster.

GM-Carson said...

Some unknowing schmuck was visitor #100,000 to WSBGM's (well, since we've gotten the counter anyway).

Bob D said...

Congrats to Jacobin! Congrats to some unknowning smuck (visitor 100,000)! And congrats to Corey and Carson for a successful and good Phillies blog.

As for the Phils, take it one game at a time, and maybe they can finish this series out on a 3 game win streak. It is possible. I like Moyer for tommorows game and Lohse followed by Hamels makes it hard for the Rockies to win each of those 3 days. If the offense turns it up and I don't see them being down for long they will have a good chance.

Yeah, Mesa was a complete surprise for this playoff roster. Take Geary or even Durbin.

Mike said...

The Phillies can win two in a row against Ubaldo and Fogg. No way does Cole lose Game 5. It's not over yet.

Congrats on your 100,000 visitors!

Jacobin said...

Thanks for the congrats! Now maybe the Phillies could do something nice for me, like sweep the next three from the Rockies.

BenJah said...

congradulations jacobin!! way to go on your test!

speaking of test, do we really like our chances with a home run pitcher in a home run park?? wow, what a series.