Thursday, October 25, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Charlie Hayes

As the Red Sox and Rockies battle it out for the 2007 MLB Championship, I decided to go back and look at the first Rockies team in 1993. And who do I see logging 157 games at third base? None other than Charlie Hayes.

Although no relation to Von, Charlie Hayes was a fourth round pick by the Giants in 1983. He made it over to the Phils in 1989 with Dennis Cook and Terry Mulholland for Steve Beard-rosian.

He was here 3 years before being traded to the Bronx. He ended up in Colorado after the expansion draft. He had repeat stints with the Phils ('95) and Yanks ('96-'97) and also played for Houston, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh (Phucco!).

He finished 16th in MVP voting with the Phils in '95 (.276-11-85 got you top 20 in the MVP, my how times have changed...) but his best statistical year was in '93, hitting in the thin air of the Rockie Mountains. [Hayes wasn't alone in Colorado. There were at least 5 former Phillies on that original Rockies team. I'll look at that more in future Fridays.]

A career .262 hitter, Hayes provided a steady bat and steady glove. He wasn't spectacular and couldn't do much for a bad team, but the '08 Phils could use a guy like Hayes.



GM-Carson said...

By no strange coincidence, Charlie's best year was that first season in Colorado- .305, 25 hr, 98 rbi, .877 OPS. Looking back on Charlie Hayes' career it really wasn't that good, but for some reason I have fond memories of him. I supposed because he was a 2 time Phillie loser.

SirAlden said...

Plus plus glove. 14 seasons played.

A major leaguer. 85 RBI's in 1995 for the Phillies. Hit .270-280 when he played regularly.

GM-Carson said...

Didn't Charlie Hayes commit a crucial error in a Yankees playoff game? I'm not sure if that is true or not, but for some strange reason I just thought I remembered that happening then him being practically booed off of the team.

Bob D said...

Happy be-lated-by-1-day-birthday Jacobin.

Charlie played well for the Phillies during his times here. Not a bad trade for the Phils there Bedrock for Mulholland, Hayes, and Dennis 'can't pitch but can hit Ankeil style' Cook.

GM-Carson said...

Happy Phamily- I love how we all wish each other happy birthdays, it's like a Hallmark card up in here!

GM-Carson said...

Found this very interesting tidbit of information about new scouting director Chuck LaMar from BeerLeaguer- If you want an idea of LaMar's ability, consider that of the 847 players in the Majors last year, only 22 were drafted by the D-Rays. That puts them at #26 in the league despite always drafting at the top.

Conversely, teams like Oakland and Toronto, who favor a a stat-based approach to the draft are number 1 and 2.

*Not so great now SirAlden?

GM-Carson said...

Apparently JC Romero is not pleased with the Phillies contract offer and he is likely to test free agency. I want him back, but lets be honest- he wasn't exactly lights out over his career, and he was released by Boston last season, so he shouldn't be going and getting too greedy. I say 2 years 5-6 mil. is a decent offer.

GM-Carson said...

Like Yo-Yoel Hernandez, Kane Davis has been outrighted and has elected free big loss.

BenJah said...

did i read that right?? a .262 career hitter would help the phils next year??

thewster said...

We'd better resign Romero....he revived the bullpen this season!.


GM-Carson said...

Benjah- a 3rd baseman with an adequate glove that bats .260 with moderate pop 15-20 homeruns and can drive in some guys would help the Phils next year. We don't necessarily need a superstar at 3rd, but a Dobbs/Helms platoon won't cut it...they can't field and can't hit all that great on a regular basis either.

Jarex said...

Charlie Hayes caught the last out of the '96 World Series - that's my only memory of his glove work w/ the Yankees.

He also cost Mulholland a perfect game in 1990 vs. the Giants with a throwing error, then "saved" the no-hitter by snaring Gary Carter's pinch hit line drive down the 3rd base line for the last out. Another PRISM memory.

I say "saved" because it wasn't really a hot shot, more of a low soft liner that he didn't have to move too far for (was playing the line); of course Wheels in the PRISM booth made a lot more of it.

furiousBall said...

Fat guys are great hitters - Puckett, Gwynn, Kruker, Pendelton

GM-Carson said...

FuriosBall- I'm fat but stopped hitting in high school when the fastballs became too fast and the curveballs curved too much.

furiousBall said...

you didn't get fat enough

SirAlden said...

I had read that as well GM Carson.

I have no idea if this man sucks or is any good.

What I am saying is that that stat 22 of 847 with the Tampa Bay payroll and signing restraints
may not tell the tail about this man's ability.

This year I was very very shocked and dismayed by our middle draft. The Phillies Ownership aside from Sampson and Diekman were tanking the draft. They drafted and found people willing to accept below slot.

It was awful.

Look at draft picks 3a and 4.

Were players who could have been drafted 5-6 rounds later. The Phillies were saving money on an 3A an extra top pick. Heinous.

If I am the regional director of Wal-Mart and you are the regional director or Bill's Sporting Goods.

I will kick your ass in sales.

So 22 of 847 could me something or could mean nothing.

The question is what would the record show if we reversed jobs.

The negative thread at Beerleaguer shows low level thinking. You fall into the trap about 25% of the time GM Carson. But it is only 25% of the time and that makes you a genius in my book. Just like Pat Gillick.

SirAlden said...

A 1995 Charlie Hayes would be Nunez with the glove and above the production of Helms/Dobbs.

This year we has one or the other. having both glove and average production at the plate at one time, would have given us 3-5 more wins this year.

SirAlden said...

Great Posts on Beerleaguer, about Romero GM-Carson.

Why don't you post that smart stuff here?

SirAlden said...

On Left Relievers.

"J.C. Romero (32) - The Phils picked him up after the Red Sox released him, and he did a nice job with a 1.24 ERA in 36 innings. But his success was owed to an absurdly low and unsustainable hit rate of 3.72 per nine innings. Romero still walked a ton of hitters, as is his custom. Romero's agent has talked to the Phils but isn't optimistic. He should get at least $2MM per year from some team."

"There are others to consider as well... There's no reliable Jamie Walker type here, but Mahay may be the best of the bunch. Any team that gives a three-year deal to any of these types probably doesn't know what it's doing or has too much money to spend."

Clear Independent Logic.

Not let's give Romero 10 Mil for 3 years.

Bob D said...

Each team has exclusive negotiations with thier own free agents for 2 weeks after the world series. the negotiations with Romero are just starting, so his agent maybe just playing his hand with the media to get more $$$.

GM-Carson said...

2 years 6 mil for Romero, anything more is foolish.