Monday, October 29, 2007

Mike Lowell Update

from Yahoo! sports:

About 15 minutes after the final out, a huge horde of red-clad Boston fans behind the third base dugout chanted "MVP! MVP!" for Lowell and "Re-sign Lowell! Re-sign Lowell!"

"Free agency to me is very new, so I'm going to take it step by step. But I've never hid the fact that I enjoy playing here in Boston," Lowell said. "I have great teammates, a great manager, great coaches, so we'll see what happens."
File this under "Obvious," but Mike Lowell is going to be verrrry hard to get this off-season.

It would have been hard enough to get him if the BoSox would have been knocked out in the first round or two, but now that they won the World Series, and he played so well, he might be untouchable.

I see three major candidates for Lowell's services next year, and here is how it breaks down.

1) Red Sox - He was a clutch performer for a World Series winner. They are going to want him back and they have the money to pay him above market value. And it's not like he's miserable in Boston (see above quote.) Like Toby in "Michael Scott's Dunder-Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro-Am Race for the Cure," the BoSox are way out in front in the race for Mike Lowell.

2) Yankees - Now that A-Rod has opted out of his contract and at this moment it looks like the Yanks won't re-sign him, they could throw tons of cash at Mike Lowell. Lowell could be the next Johnny Damon, going from Red Sox playoff hero to overpaid, underproducing Yankee. However, given the state of the Yankees and the way they treated their last third baseman, I would be surprised if he makes a "money-grab" deal to play there.

3) Phillies - Lowell would have to (likely) take less money to come to a different team that ISN'T the World Series Champions and has a pitching staff that likely will keep it that way. I honestly can't find a single reason for Lowell to leave Boston for Philadelphia. And until something changes, I won't even consider Lowell a possibility.



GM-Carson said...

I agree with you Corey, Lowell is staying in Beantown most likely, with the Phillies a very distant afterthought.

We CAN'T go with a platoon of Helms and Dobbs next season at 3rd so look for a signing of a shitty free agent, or a trade where we get ripped off. Oops, what happened to my optimism?

GM-Carson said...

Adrian Beltre is rumored to be on the trade market this offseason from Seattle. He's expensive, but plays ok defense and is more than adequate with the stick. I'm not sure what it would take to pry him away from the Mariner's, but it's worth a look.

Corey said...

the phils have no interest in former/current mariners. never have, never will.

GM-Carson said...

Your utter inscenerity of that last comment makes me chortle.

GreggyD said...

I love the reference to The Office. Absolutely hilarious.

I see no reason for Lowell to leave Boston for Philly. He has a much better chance of getting another ring there and will get paid. It just doesn't make logical sense for him to leave a city that chanted his name and practically was begging Theo Epstein to resign him.

I think that pitching is clearly the Phils most pressing need and since Ruben Amaro, Jr. came out and said "We are not pursuing A-Rod" (not a surprise), the Phillies really need to try to get someone at 3rd. Bring Dobbs/Helms off the bench, but no more of this platoon crap. We need a solid presence at the hot corner.

GM-Carson said...

A-Rod is the marquee free agent, perhaps of all-time, but he honestly doesn't fit into the Phils plans. Owners would have to raise payroll to the BoSox/Yankee level in order to even field a complete 25 man roster if they were to sign A-Rod, and we know they need tons of pitching too this offseason, not just a 3rd baseman.

furiousBall said...

no reason to leave Boston. But who knows. The Yanks love dicking the Sox. I say we find another Nunez (no hit, good glove) for no money and channel our moolah into pitching. But I will not be happy if we sign Lohse for Eaton money.

GM-Carson said...

I bet Lohse gets better than Eaton money- prediction: 4 years 40 mil. Not worth it, but the pitching market is ridiculous.

Jarex said...

Not sure if this has any weight or even anything to do with reality, based on his '07 #s, but didn't Helms play for Girardi in FLA, and if so, do you think we could send him to NY for some low-level prospects, overpriced middle relief, bag of BP balls, a broken fungo, or Don Mattingly's mustache, circa '86?

GM-Carson said...

I'd trade Helms and his somewhere around 2.5 mil contract for Kyle Farnsworth and his 6 mil contract just to get rid of Helms and have a bullpen arm that throws gas. Might seem silly, but I'd do it.

SirAlden said...

gm-carson -- deadpan-corey

SirAlden said...

A-Rod leaving the Yankees lowers our chances of getting Lowell.

The Yankees are in the bidding now and it will double his price.

If the Red Sox go for A-Rod which I think they will increases the chances of Schilling coming to the Phillies.

They will look at his 9-8 record and recent injury record and their affordable arms coming up from the minors, and say if we throw in Schilling's 13 Mil and Lowell's 10 Mil into the A-Rod's 30
Mil pot we only have to come up with 7 Mil.

SirAlden said...

(winner gets 1 free cheesesteak at both Pat's and Gino's)

44 million over 4 years - SirAlden
40 million over 4 years - GM-Carson

GreggyD said...

Lohse = 34 million over 3 years

Curt Schilling pretty much came out today and said that he most likely won't be returning to Boston. I like to think that he has his eyes on Philly. I know he just dissed some of the city's writers recently, but I'd gladly take him back for one year. He was 3-0 in the postseason and his experience is invaluable. Just imagine having Moyer and Schilling in the rotation. Hopefully they could teach our young kids even more than they have already learned.

Bob D said...

Lohse 35 mil for 3 years and a option year at 14 mil.

There are other 3rd basemen available. Beside Atkins the rest are a step lower in production. We don't need a top player there at 3rd. One rumor I hear that sounds like a Philly wish is to get Hank Blalock.

GM-Carson said...

Last season we got Hank's brother back in the system- Jake Blalock...too bad Jake kinda sucks!