Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Need Pitching...Well Duh!

Every Phillies blog I read says the Phils need pitching (including this blog)...well duh!!! There is much debate on what pitching we should go after- old hats like Curt Schilling and Mariano Rivera, reclamation projects like Kerry Wood or Mark Prior, guys looking to bounce back like Jason Jennings or Carlos Silva, or trading for John Garland or Dontrelle Willis. I'd take any of those guys over Adam Eaton or Jose Mesa for the right price, but the bottom line is pitching is expensive as a Grade A hooker in Vegas, plus you might get a communal disease so "enter" at your own risk. I say we throw the Steve Carlton bobblehead out on the mound and see if "Lefty" can still mow 'em down.


The real Jesus is not a Phillies Phan, because if he were the Phils would have more than 1 measly championship in 120+ years of existence and we'd be spared the pain of the 1st sports franchise to reach 10,000 losses. The son of God turned water into wine after all, I'm sure he could have made some lousy Phils teams of the past winners if he really wanted to. Maybe this t-shirt is referring to Ruben Amaro Jr.'s cousin Jesus, pronounced "Hey-Zeus", from Fish Town.


Looks like the Phanatic has gone "David Bell" on us after watching him man the hot corner for 4 seasons. How in the world is he going to explain this change of lifestyle to Mrs. Phanatic?


Third eye blind? I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend...



Jarex said...

Damn - that is the most random field of entries I've ever seen on any blog anywhere. Great stuff.

One comment on Jesus - perhaps the "ye must suffer for your sins" version of Jesus is a Phillies fan; after all, waiting for a championship is like waiting for the second coming.

Q: What did Jesus say to Phillies fans when they asked when he'd be back?

A: "Maybe next year."

Ah well, hope springs eternal - it's almost March.

Jacobin said...

The pic where Chase has sprouted a third eye is kind of disturbing. It freaks me out more than Alfonseca's extra fingers.

Of course the team needs pitching, but when hasn't this team needed pitching? And, on the other hand, what teams out there do not need pitching? We'll see how serious this ownership/management is about winning during this off season. They're in a position of having some payroll freed up, having a few prospects in the minors, and having a potent core of offensive players.

GM-Carson said...

The way I see it, with the right moves, this franchise can have this season be the 1st season as part of a dynasty. Seriously, Howard, Hamels, Utley, Rollins, and some others are a good nucleus, and with the proper supporting cast I can envision a string of playoff appearances over the years. Maybe not to the extent of the Yanks or Braves, but a good run of 4-5 seasons if managed/ran correctly. That means developing talent in the minors, making wise trades and signings.

CLARE. said...

That picture of Chutley with the third eye is creepy as shit, you guys.

BenJah said...

siralden, i carefully reviewed your comments from the last thread and considered your terms for how the phils should build their team. as such, i'm going to volunteer to be a reference for you if you ever apply for an actual GM position with the mets or braves. if you ever become the GM of the phils, however, i'm going to start following a different sport.

SirAlden said...

This can be the first season of a Dynasty.

Thank GM Gillick for two things - getting the payroll in balance, having 3 years or building the minors. He refused to lose any top draft picks. Our minors Rookie, Low A, and High A are all doing well. Next year Reading Fans could have some fun. The current owners for the first time paid above slot for draft picks Dieker and Sampson.
The ownership is awful, but Gillick who is not all powerful has slowly been able t show them the right way of doing things.

Every one please teall me if you agree with the following -

We need a good Rotation Starter - Schilling, Woods, Santana if we get lucky. Any others ideas fellow GM's?

Myers needs to go into the Rotation and Eaton needs to be dumped. Anyone disagree?

We need to trade or sign for a true closer, and 8th inning reliever, and Romero.

Added to Gordon, Madson, and 2 arms from our 40 man roster, say Binenus and Castro, our bullpen could be excellent.

Starter, Closer, 8th inning reliever, and the resigning of Romero. Does anyone disagree?

These 4 pitchers will not be easy to sign/trade for. If we do not get then it is not because GM Gillick will not be trying, it will be because we are biding with 29 other teams.

This said - a year ago I felt that no good pitcher would ever CIT, but I think they now might, seeing the young dynasty and league leading runs produced for two years in a row.

SirAlden said...

Thanks benjah for the reference, what would you do differently from the last thread?

That is what the fun of Hot Stove is all about. Which of my ideas would you not support?

SirAlden said...

We pitching DUH...

We need a 3rd Baseman DUH...

How about a Left Handed Rightfielder to platoon with Werth?

Geoff Jenkins, Brewers. He will not cost a free-agent draft pick because the Brewers may not be picking up his option.

Kosuke Fukudome, Dragons. Left-handed hitting outfielder from the Dragons in Nagoya. Can play any outfield position, but probably best in right. A solid, no-nonsense type player, with a terrific glove and sound arm, he’s the best Japanese position player in either league.

Bobby Abreu, Yankees. He came on strong at the end of last year, the Yankees picking his 16 Mil option is about 80%. We might be able to have him back with that
30 million dollar savings over the last 2 years. If option is not picked up no draft picks are lost.

These are pipe dreams, but don't be surprised if they happen.

Los said...

Why do I get the "pheeling" that Gillick is not a good scout of pitching ... Two years ago, it was Ryan Franklin ... last season Garcia and Eaton ... what's in store this season?

GM-Carson said...

If we were to sign the Japanese import Fukudome, I would never run out of material with a last name like that...Fuk-U-Dome...nice!

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