Saturday, October 06, 2007

Breakdown Recap

Let's see how my breakdown looks after the first two games:

Offense: Push - Wrong. Phillies have been outscored 14-7. No Phillie has more than 2 hits in the series.

Defense: Rockies - Really a push at this point.

Bench: Phillies - Also a push. The benches haven't really been involved to this point.

Relief Pitching - Rockies. I was right on with this one. The Phils bullpen gave up 3 inherited runners and 5 others on Thursday. The Rockie pen has been solid, despite Manny Corpas' "water on the shirt" issue.

Starting Pitching - Phillies. Wrong again. The Phils were outpitched in both games.

Managers - Push. Dead wrong on this one. Clint Hurdle made Uncle Cholly his girlfriend on Thursday. I understand he's "Manager of the Year" and Charlie's everybody's favorite manager right now, but this is exactly why you can't go into the National League playoffs and expect to win with an incompetent manager. Pulling Kendrick in the 4th inning lost the game. He had recorded two outs followed by a pitch-around walk (which was mistake number 1) and a swinging bunt single before being pulled for Kyle Lohse. Why would Charlie think Lohse, a starter who does not usually come out of the pen who had less success during the season than Kendrick, would have a better chance of getting Matsui? He didn't. If the situation was so important that Charlie felt pulling his number two starter in the fourth, he should have used the appropriate reliever, such as JC Romero, who actually is a reliever, has a 1.92 ERA, and is a lefty, meaning Matsui would have batted from his weaker right side. Or even put in Brett Myers, get out of the inning, and see if Myers can go 2 more innings with the hopes of shutting out Colorado and getting to their bullpen. Even Gordon or Alfonseca would have been better options. Instead, Charlie went with his gut, and despite its prominence, cost the Phils a playoff victory.

Prediction - Phillies in 4. Hah.
File Under: Intangibles has a piece today on Aaron Rowand's impending free agency, you can read it here. My favorite part: " Beyond his above average offense and defense, he brings an intangible bonus..." I told you Rowand was good for 7 to 8 intangibles all by himself. Now he's going to get paid for them. Idiots...
File Under: Gotta Start Somewhere
The Pirates fired Jim Tracy yesterday, 17 months after I started my "Fire Jim Tracy Campaign." Do I think it is a good move? Come on, I had a "Fire Jim Tracy Campaign." Who should their next manager be? Charlie Manuel.



GreggyD said...

Well Phans, today could quite possibly be the last day of the season. It seems like just yesterday I was jumping around and screaming and infected with Phillies phever like the rest of Philadelphia, but now I find myself cringing as I think about what the Rocks could potentially do to us tonight. It's nice that the Phillies finally made the playoffs, but this is not what I had in mind for October baseball.

The offense needs to spark tonight and get things going early to give Grand Pappy a lead to work with. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley can't afford another strikeout in the box score either. This team needs to come together and play three perfect games if they want to see their season continue even further.

On a separate issue, did anyone find it as funny as I did about the bugs in Cleveland last night and how they "ruined" the game for the Yankees? I personally hate the Bronx Bombers more than any team in baseball and this was just hilarious. It's fun to watch the AL playoffs...much better than their NL counterparts, especially that horrendous CHC-ARI series which in my opinion has gotten zero attention in the media.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a win tonight from the Comeback Kids.

chuckm said...

greggy- Ya, just when you think you have seen it all...that bugs thing was bizarre. I'm no Yankee lover but I did feel kinda bad for Joba Chamberlain...Sure didnt feel bad for A-Rod tho. Bobby A does a great job of getting on base and swiping 2nd with two outs, all A-Rod has to do is bring a basehit and leave the rest to Rivera, but.....he strikes out. I'm guessing if the Yanks crap out, A-Rod flees for Chicago...I could care less about the Red Sox, but Mannys walk-off jack was awesome. Man, he just killed that pitch...So, I think that despite the 2 losses, the Phillies have earned the benefit of the doubt (except for Manuel, Helms and the 3 dogs in the pen)and a win tonight means that the Phils are back in it. We should be hoping for a ump who will give Moyer the corners, the lords of BABIP to be on our side and to tag the Rox rook early and often. The Phillies are a team accustomed to being behind the 8-ball, so LETS GO PHILLIES!

BloodStripes said...

Phils aren't the only ones down 2-0. Its nice to see Phillies phans are kinda upbeat for this do or die game. They had a September to remember and with the day off we have come to realize that all is not lost yet. Our boys have earnt their reputation of the Comeback Kids because they somehow find a way when the chips are down. So with the season on the line we can expect nothing but a good phight from our phigtin' Phils. Whatever happens they have done well this season.

Maybe this dumbass Aussie Phils phan typing this message doesn't know the real deal when it comes to disappointment. But one thing I can say, I am passionate about baseball and the Phillies are my favourite team and always have been. At midday my time I will be yelling, screaming and cursing at my computer screen MLB.TV coverage as much as you Phillie lovin' Americans. All bad managing and negatives aside, I know our Phillies baseball team will be trying their hardest to do what they can to win. Can we really ask for more?

It is 4am in Australia and I have been up all night with my lesbian neighbors on the drink thinking about baseball while we all talk our shit. We had a fire going and I sacrificed one of my Phillies t-shirts on the fire to send some good luck for the Phils in this crucial game 3. Believe it or not I have been waiting just as long as you guys for some October action. I hope my sacrificial piss-up helps somewhat. Whether first or last I will always follow the Phillies, just like you guys. So c'mon Phillies lets make today a blast and get back in this thing. We don't call you the Comeback kids/Phigtin' Phils for nothing.

Go out there and kick some friggin' rocky arse!

BenJah said...

i declared -- before the series, like a dope -- that the one phillie i thought wouln't press at all was utley. WOW!! i was totally wrong!

the questions is, would we be better off in a 7 game series with colorodo? i cant tell right now

Jacobin said...

The lights go out at Coors and delay the game. An omen?

C'mon Phils!

Jacobin said...

It was a fun ride while it lasted. Wow, this sucks.