Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ask The GM

Q: Will Bourn be one of the players traded this offseason? I think the Phillies could get something decent in return plus he doesn't seem to fit into the Phillies lineup, in my opinion. They already have Rollins and Victorino at the top of their lineup who have alot of speed. - Mike , Washington, NJ
A: I agree with you Mike. In this era of baseball, playing half of their games in Citizens Bank Park, it doesn't make sense for the Phils to sacrifice slugging for speed by putting Victorino and Bourn in the same outfield. Bourn is a great 4th outfielder, defensive replacement and pinch-runner, but to keep a player with decent trade value as a backup outfielder is a waste to resources. If the Phils can improve their pitching staff by trading Bourn, he should be the first player traded this offseason.


A: Your use of the Caps Lock button is both intimidating and perplexing. I'm also perplexed as to who "DUPREE" is. You, Me and Dupree, blues musicianChampion Jack Dupree, former Padres pitcher Mike Dupree? I just don't get it.

Q: can i drink a beer with you? - chris jones , howell, nj
A: Do we have to share a straw?

Q: Is there a chance the Phils might go after Johan Santana or give Greg Dobbs the 3rd basemen job for 2008? Kevin , Endicott
A: Given the lack of quality trading chips the Phillies possess, and the depth of certain organizations that also have big wallets to lock-up Santana with a huge multi-year deal, I don't think the Phils have a legit shot at him. It would be tough to get a struggling Dontrelle Willis, let alone the best pitcher in baseball. About the third base job: the Phils learned their lesson last year when they gave the starting to job to a guy who couldn't field and might hit, I doubt they do it again unless they have no other option. Dobbs had a decent year at the plate, .272-10-55, but it's the first time he's had more than 150 at-bats in a season. I would need a larger sample size for evaluation before I make somebody a starter on a playoff contending team.



GM-Carson said...

Despite what whack-job SirAlden thingks, the Phils will not obtain Johan Santana...give up on the idea!

Dobbs as the starting 3rd baseman isn't a good idea. He's not a good field there, he can't hit lefties, and overall his offensive worth isn't very high as a starter, much better in a reserve role with limited exposure.

Richard Peter Dubee, or better known as Dick-Dick Dubee, is a horrendous pitching coach!

Spencer said...

Total misreading of the situation. The Phillies played much better when the speed was utilized at the top of the order. It's a much more dependable way of scoring by having guys who make things happen on the base than waiting for Pat Burrell to belt one. Also - Bourne and Victorino are cheaper - we can lose a little hitting to spend more money on pitching.

SirAlden said...

wack-job thingks?

You of farting flowers?

When I make a retorical remark that does not mean it is a certainty.

If it was a year later we would have the minor leaguers needed for trade. We have the cash.

The Phillies are in the Running for Santana with the Yankees, Red Sox, LA Angels and Dodgers. Just being in the running with 5 teams is significant. We have always been with the other "no chance" 25 teams.

If anything we will make the other
4 Big Dogs give up more in minor league talent to the Twins.

If you would like me to leave the Blog GM-Carson I will.

SirAlden said...

Spencer is right we need a balance of speed for our strikeout boppers, IF we sign a big stick at 3B.

Bob D said...

Dobbs was more effective as a pinch hitter/fillin but his average and OPS all dropped as a starter.

If the Phils bring back Rowand and Werth - then some outfielder will be traded. (Bourn, Victorino, Burrell)

Dear GM,
I though Dubee or Dupree was good as pinching coach. Isn't highest ERA good?
Sincerely, your drinking buddy from Howell.

Moe Ville said...

Cornell Dupree is, or maybe was, a very funky guitar player. The soul man would be a good fit.

BenJah said...

speed can't ever be a bad thing. and as much i'd love to have santana on the team, i don't want to have to pay him like we'd have to. please tell me, siralden:

what is the cost to trade for him?? which players make it happen?

how much does his next contract cost??

don't leave the blog, just tell me how it works.

SirAlden said...

Carlos Zambrano's Contract

$5M signing bonus
08:$15M, 09:$17.75M, 10:$17.875M, 11:$17.875M, 12:$18M, 13:$19.25M vesting player option

100 to 120 Million over 5-6 years

Santana will be in the same range maybe up to 25 mil per year.

If he is satisfied.

The Twins will take the best collection of talent that any of the 5 teams throw at them.

It will take 5 for one.

Starting with Bourne + and Cardenes, and pick any two of these 4 Pitchers - Carasco, Outman, Savery, Drabek + one lower minor leaguer like Sampson or D'Arby Myers, to outbid Boston, the Yankees, Angels, and the Dodgers.

Would you do that trade with the risks that long term Pitching Contracts have held since 1990?

I would.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- don't leave the blog, I enjoy your comments, I just don't always understand them.

I like a nice balance of speed and power- much like what the Phils had last season.

SirAlden said...


When I am unclear please ask me.

SirAlden said...

I never said we would obtain Santana or Cabrara.

I said we are legitimately in the hunt because the payroll being in balance and now only having 1 year of Burrell who is now certainly worth at least half of his salary, and 2 years of Eaton who is not.

Only about 20 million of bad debt.

The Red Sox blew that on Gagne and it blew up in their face.

As the #4 market we can run with the big boys if we do not make wasteful long term contract mistakes.

I am deflated as everyone was with Phuture Phillies Article rating our minor leagues and top prospects. However I do believe it is getting better over the last
2 years. We won at Lakewood last year and in Clearwater this year.

I really hope that the talent is not pushed to the Iron Pigs and we let Reading succeed this year.

At least we have 20-30 names in the minors worth pulling for.

Compare that to the last year of the Wade Era.

GM-Carson said...

I meant for the term "whack-job" to be used as a term of endearment.

SirAlden said...

Ok Wing Nut GM Carson.

I love you alot. I really do this is the most upbeat Phillie place on the web.