Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

Shane Victorino - Grolsch
Grolsch is a Dutch lager. It's pretty generic, but pretty good too. It's relation to Victorino, besides the fact that they are both foreign (Grolsch-Netherlands, Victorino-Hawaii), is purely cosmetic. From Wikipedia - Grolsch has a "distinctive shape of bottle for some of its products, known as the beugel or "the gurdle." Bottles of this type use a swing-top cap, eliminating the need for an opener." Victorino doesn't have a "swing-top cap" but he also eschews traditional toppings and opts for the double ear flap helmet. Although many great players wore the double flap (Delino Deshields, Otis Nixon) and all minor league players must wear it, I can only think of Victorino and O-Dog Hudson that sport the look in the majors. I'm not sure why, I guess it is so they don't have to have two helmets since they switch hit.
Jimmy Rollins
Last night Jimmy became only the fourth player to have 700 at bats in one season. The last was Ichiro in '04. The other two: Willie Wilson and Juan Samuel. The record is 705, which Jimmy should break on Saturday.
One Back...
...of both the Mets and the Padres with 4 to go, and we have Kendrick and Hamels in the next two. Let's go Phillies!!!!



GM-Carson said...

It was great to see Victorino hit that pinch-hit homerun last night. I miss him in the lineup. Werth has done a good job, but his numbers are slowly declining due to what I believe to be over-exposure. I like Werth, but I don't think he's an everyday player, but he is a helluva 4th outfielder who can spot start.

Go Phils!

BloodStripes said...

Vic is a top player and Grolsch is a very tasty beer. Thats one of the beers you have mentioned on this blog that I can actually get downunder. Top drop. The big gurdle is good for re-use too. Homebrew or just plain water.

Victorino's homer last game was massive. Just what the Phils needed.

Mets are desperate. El Duque pitched in relief to try and stem the tide. Still lost.

Rockies are being gifted games with LA opting to play youngsters. Last game Kent, Nomar, Kemp, Martin et al were all benched. Fogg wasn't that good for Colorado but he won. 2 lousy runs to zilch. LA were lame.

Brewers to nail San Diego with 4 good RHP going. All in decent form with the brew crew playing .636 ball at home. If Colorado keep streaking and sweep the Snakes. Phils can still take the wild card over them. But I reckon the Phils can win the division. NL East champions. Sounds bloody good doesn't it?

BloodStripes said...

Play Werth against Chico the lefty and Vic against the righties if he is healthy. Werth with 2 homers against last two lefties.

BloodStripes said...

"If Colorado keep streaking and sweep the Snakes. Phils can still take the wild card over them."

Doesn't sound right but them being the Snakes.

Go Phillies!!!!!!

SirAlden said...

Two days later and we are one game back in both the Wild Card and the NL EAST. I think that is a better place to me than tied in the Wild Card and two games back in the NL EAST.

We have doubled the pleasure, doubled the fun, with doublemint, doublemint, doublemint gum. Two races. The Rockies only have one shot. The Diamondbacks could still lose the division, they have only one more win than San Diego...

Tonight is the NIGHT! Our Hump.

SirAlden said...

Dear Buddha BenJah Of Eternal Light...

Please help our Phillies have the most plate appearances in history they need 165 PA's in the last 4 games, or 41.25 per game to go down in history.

Please help Jimmy Rollins get at least 1 triple, and 9 RBI's would be very nice.

Please help Ryan Howard get at least 6 total bases, and a mess of home runs.

Please help Chase Utley get at least 3 doubles, 5 total bases, and 1 stolen base.

Please help Pat Burrell get at least 1 homerun, and 5 RBI's.

Please help Aaron Rowand at least 2 RBI's.

Thanks Buddha BenJah....!

Corey said...

i agree, huge game tonight. don't want to fall 2 back of anybody or 1 back to two teams in the WC with only 3 to play. must beat smoltz tonight.

goDuke said...

Come on Phils... you can do it!

chuckm said...

There could be a situation where 5 teams are tied with 89 wins

furiousBall said...

I went to the game last night and it was freakin' awesome. Lohse pitched out of his head last night - 7 innings and only 89 pitches!

GM-Carson said...

I actually wanted Lohse to pitch the 8th inning because he was throwing so well, but Charlie's decisions worked last night with the pinch-homer and Gordon/Romero/Myers holding down the lead.

The NL is crazy right now. The AL is boring already decided...every race is still hot in the NL.

GM-Carson said...

Smoltz career vs. the Phils- 63 games, 34 games started, 13-12 record, 11 saves, 4 complete games, 248.1 ip, 239 k, 3.55 era, and 1.21 whip. Those are damn fine numbers except for the wins/losses. We NEED to beat him!

GM-Carson said...

My homeboy Jayson Start gives the rundown on how the tiebreakers will be handled if the situation arises- Five-way tie (Mets, Philllies, Diamondbacks, Padres, Rockies):
• The Mets and Phillies play a one-game playoff Monday in Philadelphia to decide the NL East.

• The Rockies, Diamondbacks and Padres would have a three-team playoff Monday and Tuesday to decide the NL West champ. (The Rockies, the team with the best three-way head-to-head record, would have the option of playing two games at home or one game on the road.)

• That would still leave three teams tied for the wild card. So those three then would kick off another three-team playoff for that spot Wednesday and Thursday. (If Colorado is involved, it's just about guaranteed to have the best head-to-head record and, again, the option to choose two home games or one road game. But if the Rockies win the West and three other teams are involved in the wild-card playoff, don't even ask. Too many different scenarios.)

• The survivor of those four days of madness would be the wild-card team and, if it's an NL West club, would start the playoffs in either New York or Philadelphia. If it's an NL East team, it would start the playoffs in the park of the NL West winner.)

Got all that? Great. Then let's go on.

Four-team craziness: If the two NL East teams and the top two NL West teams all tie:
Just for the sake of discussion, let's say the Mets, Phillies, Padres and Diamondbacks finish with the same record. Here's how that would work:

• The Mets and Phillies play a one-game playoff Monday in Philadelphia to decide the NL East.

• The Padres and Diamondbacks play a one-game playoff Monday in Arizona to decide the NL West.

• The losers then play Tuesday to decide the wild card. A Diamondbacks-Phillies game would be at a site to be decided by a coin flip Thursday. A Padres-Phillies game would be in San Diego. If the Mets are involved, no sites have been determined yet -- because the Mets were such an unlikely wild-card bet, MLB never held any coin flips for those possibilities, either. So they had a big afternoon of flipping scheduled, as well.

More four-team craziness: If the three NL West teams and the Phillies all have the same record:
• First, the Padres, Rockies and Diamondbacks would have to settle the NL West on Monday and Tuesday. Again, the Rockies have the best head-to-head record, so they would have the option of playing two home games or one road game.

• Then BOTH NL West runners-up would get thrown into another three-team wild-card playoff with the Phillies on Wednesday and Thursday. Here is the team that would get the option of one road game or two home games:

• In an Arizona-Colorado-Philadelphia three-way: Diamondbacks.

• In an Arizona-San Diego-Philadelphia three-way: Diamondbacks.

• In a Colorado-San Diego-Philadelphia three-way: Rockies.

• If an NL West team survives all that, it would then play at the Mets on Friday to kick off the NLDS. If it's the Phillies, it would start the NLDS on Friday in the home of the NL West champ.

Potential tiebreaker matchups based on coin flips:
Philadelphia at San Diego
San Diego at Colorado
Chicago at San Diego
Philadelphia at Colorado
Chicago at Philadelphia
Colorado at Chicago

NY Mets at Philadelphia

Milwaukee at Chicago

San Diego at Arizona
Colorado at Arizona
Colorado at San Diego

Jacobin said...

That's a ridiculous rundown of what the hell could happen if a load of teams have identical records to end the season. But even to get to that point, we need to keep winning. I seriously think the Phillies need to run the table at this point. No more losses! 90 wins would be damn good... one more loss still gives us a chance, but at this point I don't believe 88 will be enough.

GM-Carson said...

Winning the last 4 is possible, difficult, but possible, and possibly/probably necessary.

chuckm said...

So, if it comes down to these 3 way round robin things, what happens if each team goes 1-1 (i.e COL beats AZ, AZ beats SDG, SDG beats COL)? Run differential?

GM-Carson said...

It feels like the playoffs right now. I'm so nervous about tonight's game that it's exciting and fun.

BenJah said...

dear ganesha,

please help the phils just win their damn games so we don't have to worry about the stupid tiebreaker crap.


Bob D said...

Thanks for the run down Carson, now my head is spinning.

Los said...

Man - this might be a clusterf*ck of an ending to a season ... one major league baseball probably wasn't ready for.

BloodStripes said...

This race is awesome. Its a bit to tight for comfort but sure is intriguing and fun. 88 wins was enough last year. Go for 90 Phils. That should do it.

Go Cards, Go Fish, Go Brewers........

GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!

BloodStripes said...

What a great start. 4-0 Phils.

2-0 Cardinals

chuckm said...

Damn, the Phillies are just killing that whiny-ass Smoltz.

Bob D said...

Siralden, there is Burrells HR and some RBIs and Howards TBs. And a 6-0 Philly lead with Mets down 3-0 to the Cards. Looking good for Phils.

BloodStripes said...

The Comeback Kids are now in FIRST place. Even if we are level.

Oh YEAH!!!!!!

Bob D said...

Favorable matchups for the Phils this weekend.

Aewsome game alot of excitment

Of note: Ryan Madson maybe back soon, likely for the 2nd round of playoffs.

Good to see Vic back and playing good

Jacobin said...

Wooooooooooo!!!!!! How exciting was it to see Smoltz look so damn rattled in the first inning! Things got a little exciting near the end, but the crowd was fantastic tonight (at least all the yelling and towel waving I could see on the television seemed great).

The frigg'n Padres are winning again (I'm beyond sick of that) and if the Dodgers are fielding their AA lineup again, the Rockies will probably win their 11th straight. But I don't want the Wild Card... I want the NL East!!!

How cool is this?
EAST.............W - L PCT GB
Philadelphia.....87 - 72 .547 -
New York........87 - 72 .547 -

BloodStripes said...

We have a friggin' magic number.

Woo! Can you believe that?

Man I'm pumped. I got BloodStripes down my arm I'm so pumped. My veins are popping.

HAhah! Woo!

Jacobin said...

Here's a cute little quote I saw on MetsBlog!

There are now 5000 new alcoholics in the united states after this week… all mets fans

Some guy responded and said the number is actually 40,000+

chuckm said...

Great night tonight, thankfully that strategy of going into smallball/prevent far too early didnt backfire.

BloodStripes said...

Mets can't win 3 from here can they? I'm sure I spotted somewhere they are only playing about .500 ball over their last 50 games. Anyway the Phils can win 3 and that would make 90 wins and a bloody division title.

Other stats to make you feel good....

Phillies v NL East......40-29
Mets v NL East..........34-35

Home records........


Its gotta happen. If it doesn't......I'll be left with a stiff upper lip because I'll be half dead, the walls will crumble around me, I'll run but I can't hide, so I think I'll try f*kn suicide..........aaaarrrgggghhhh!

SirAlden said...


BloodStripes said...

Thanks to the Butthole Surfers for that last bit above.

This shits on last year for suspense and excitement.

das411 said...


did they show us throwing the rally towels down from the upper deck onto the field?? And could you hear us shouting M! V! P! for J-Roll, who is going to absolutely demolish that at-bats record?

BloodStripes said...

We certainly heard the MVP chants das. The stadium looked electric. My hairs were standing on end. I must have punched the air a thousand times. Wicked win.

Nunez cops alot b/c he doesn't hit but man he saved our ass in the 9th. Around him the offense is still killer. Right now, I'm glad he is on our side.

Another thing. Is Charlie managing better or is it the fact that the players are doing a much better job when he makes changes? Whatever it is I'm liking both. Yep thats right, I like Manuel. Good luck to him. Things are going well.

BloodStripes said...

I'm delirious. Being a Phils phan i'm sure i'll turn on him the next time things go pear shaped.

GM-Carson said...

I'll give Manuel credit when I think he deserves it and last night he deserved credit. Pitching Gordon in the 7 and Romero in the 8th (instead of the opposite which is the norm) was a very smart decision based on Chipper and Tex batting righty in the 8th against JC.

Nunez sucks at the bat, but his glove is top-notch.