Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

Chris Roberson - Killian's Irish Red
"Irish red" denotes a particular type of reddish ale from Ireland, usually made with roasted barley that imparts a smooth, malty flavor that is less bitter than traditional English ales. Killian's Irish Red, although red, isn't Irish or ale. It's a lager beer made by Coors that, although based on a traditional Irish ale recipe, has been modified to produce an American impostor. You just don't get what is advertised. Kind of like a speedy, defensive replacement that lets more flyballs drop than his predecessor. Killian's isn't Irish ale, and Chris Roberson isn't a major league outfielder.
Triple the fun...
but double the misery.
The Phils turned their second triple play of the year when Dobbs and Utley combined in the first, but it merely delayed the Colorado avalanche of runs, as the Phils lost their second straight. Is anybody still thinking Wild Card at this point?[Why is Brian Jordan on the cover of the Triple Play '98 game? Pretty weak selection. Who's going to be on there next year, Russell Branyan?]
Gavin Eaton
I second Carson's pictorial sentiments from yesterday. Eaton has made more people vomit this year than ipecac. The Eagles' punt return team is in a better situation than the back end of this rotation. Of course, he did only have nine days rest. If they would have given him a full two weeks, he probably would have made it past the 5th inning.

The only thing worse than Gavin Eaton is Gavin Eaton for two more years. His ERA's from the last three years (including this one) are 4.27, 5.12, and 6.31. I busted out my TI-83 graphing calculator and figured next year's ERA should sit at about 7.44.

Seriously though, he's given up less than 4 runs in only one of his last 7 starts. How can they keep running this guy out there and giving up wins? They took a chance and it paid off with Kendrick earlier this year. Why not try again? Happ, Castro, heck even Matt Maloney. Somebody. Anybody. Eaton's starts are virtual losses, so taking a chance on somebody else could only be neutral or positive.

Lastly, Eaton's 6.31 ERA is now higher than Paul Abbott's nauseating performance of '04 (6.24.) Stellar.



Chip Wesley said...

Was that Brian Jordan? I always thought it was Ray Lankford.

Triple Play 97 (Tony Gwynn on the cover) was better in my mind. EA started trying to cram too many features into the gameplay after that and really muddied up the experience.

control13 said...

I've been saying for weeks Eaton should not start another game, and they should give one of the young guys from the farm a chance (Happ, etc.). It worked with KK, what have they got to lose? Now it's too late though, they're dead in the water as far as playoffs.

CLARE. said...

Since the Phillies we have right now are stinking up the place, why don't we talk about the Phillies we used to have? How about that Jim Thome, with his 499 homers? Good for Ol' Jim-Jam.

Bob D said...

They still have a shot at the wildcard, that no-one seems to want. They did make the field crowded for that spot.
I believe we all agree that Adam Bomb shouldn't start anymore.

Jarex said...

a few more predictions:

-Phillies will again finish with more wins than the NL Central winner

-Phillies will again be home for the playoffs.

furiousBall said...

Wow last night...yeah.

Go Flyers!

GM-Carson said...

Screw the weak-ass NL Central!

Screw Adam Eaton!

Screw our bullpen!

Screw Charlie Manuel!

Screw Pat Gillick!

BloodStripes said...

Phils to bust out of the slump tonight. Time to fire up. Here comes a win.

Well, maybe........C'mon fire up Phillies. There is a playoff chance at stake. Crikey! Get your arse into gear. Last time you nailed Francis, now do it again.

GM-Carson said...

Lets not forget gay-boy Chris Wheeler thinks Jeff Francis is a good looking left-hander. Wheeler musn't have very high standards, he probably thinks David Eckstein is a sexy shortstop.

Los said...

Glad to see we have Eaton locked up for another two years. He was interviewed about his "slump," and he said he wasn't going to really do anything different ... good attitude.

BloodStripes said...

Thats the way Phils. Pound 'em!

furiousBall said...

I swear I heard the announcer say FINISH HIM in the 7th inning.

Jacobin said...

Phils win 12-4... though when Alfonseca and Mesa came in, I kind of figured the 8 run lead would collapse.

Lousy call by the umps in this game to rob Rollins of a triple (would have been 18 on the year!). Jimmy would have been 4-6 on the night if the crappy umpire would have noticed that the ball was not caught. Even Fuqua saw that it wasn't a catch.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah crap call but we still flogged 'em.

Padres getting flogged too. Looks like Phils and Dodgers will be 1 1/2 out very soon.

Hopefully Hamels can return in St Louis.