Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thirsty Thursday - We Need It...

That was too disgusting for words. Of course, Jacobin's summary that "Today's game makes me want to dry heave blood," is about as accurate as it gets (although I think the presence of blood would not make it "dry" heaving...)

After plopping down two losses in FLA, it looked like they would take two from Atlanta. And then the Pat Gillick Experience took over, as Gordon and Myers contributed 1.2 innings and 7 earned to steal a loss from the jaws of victory.

The combination of Charlie Manuel and the Pat Gillick Experience (4.76 ERA, are you freakin' kidding me???) has cost this city a playoff birth. Plain and simple. Both need to go. When people were trashing Gillick last season, I was all for giving him an opportunity. Well, he's had his opportunity. And he crapped all over it. I don't care how good the offense is, when your manager and general manager do their jobs with this sort of ineptitude, the team has no chance.
bob d - "Myers is miscast in the closer role and should be in the rotation. I hope they put him back there for next year as a switch now is too late." A-freakin-men. Who's decision was it to put Myers in the closer role? I honestly don't know. Whoever it is, needs to be shot...repeatedly....with rubber it inflicts repeated, excruciatingly painful hits, one after the other, so they too can feel the pain of being a Phillies fan.
Chris Roberson
There is no D in Chris' name for a reason. He had an error plus multiple missed catches in the 8th and 9th, including the game winning hit that went off his glove. Wild Thing called his fielding "absolutely horrendous" on Post Game Live. Frankly, Roberson has looked horrible in the field all year. Fuqua should read The Tortoise and the Hare, or at least take a listen to the book on tape or have Ruben Amaro read it to him, because speed does not equal defense. Like the Phillies, Roberson goes the wrong way, fast.
There is some interesting stuff on about Cole Hamels, but today's post would need intermission if I put it on here today, so I'll wait until tomorrow..

On to the beer portion of the blog...

Greg Dobbs - Lionshead
Lionshead is made by Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre, the company that bought and produces the Stegmaier brands of beer. Wikipedia describes Lionshead as a pilsner that's "cheap price (around $10 per case) and generally unoffensive taste make it a favorite for college students." Hey, just because you're not in college anymore, doesn't mean you can't be frugal. Despite it's cost and relatively mild taste, you won't find many people (at least not in the Central PA region) enjoying the Lion. I myself am guilty of overlooking the King of the Jungle in favor of other "tailgate friendly" brews. Kind of the way Greg Dobbs was overlooked by a lot of teams. Dobbs was 10-27 for Seattle last year and had a career minor league average of .307, while playing first, third, and the corner outfield positions. Seattle was deep in the OF and let the former Oklahoma Sooner go, but it doesn't seem that there was much interest in Dobbs despite his solid numbers, as the Phils were able to pluck him from the waiver wire. And at 385K, Dobbs has been one of the best waiver wire pickups in the majors this year. Productivity and affordability - that's a winning combination.

Geoff Geary - Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
This India Pale Ale from Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery checks in at a cool 21% alcohol by volume. And what do you get when you combine the overwhelming hoppiness of an IPA with that much alcohol? Extreme flammability and a horrible bitter taste in your mouth. Hmmm, kind of like gasoline. And there you have Gas Gan Geary.



Jacobin said...

I probably should have been more illustrative in my nasty comment because I meant to invoke the imagery of dry heaving until blood begins coming up. And even if that is a disgusting image, it still isn't as vile as the 8th and 9th innings were yesterday.

If we wind up two games out of it again, I think two games that will immediately come to mind will be yesterday's Gordon-Myers-Roberson shitfest against Atlanta and the Lance Barksdale game in Houston.

GM-Carson said...

i'm sitting here w/ collier in my arms, and he says yesterday's loss was "bullcrap!" kid i've got.

by the way mitch does a great job analyzing during postgame. i'd like to see him in the booth next season in place of sarge.

Bob D said...

Jacobin has the feeling about right. Maybe throw in a ruptured spleen and bullet wound to the head that will surmise the Phils playoff chances now. I believe they have plummeted down to near single digits in percentage.
As for Manuel he can go, Gillick I don't think he has done a horrible job. He has done good for the minors and picked up a few quality guys (Victorino, Dobbs, Coste, Werth, and Iguchi). He did fail to assemble a bullpen and that has killed this team for extended periods of time this year.

So here is to dry heaving till you bleed.

Bob D said...

And 1 off day to let this linger

Jeremy said...

Not living in the Philly area I don't get to watch many games unless nationaly televised. Yesterday was one of those rare occassions. That game summed up our season. Slammin' offense, above average starting pitching (minus Eaton), and crap in the pen. I say bring back Bedrosian or Tekulve.

furiousBall said...

I nearly crashed and bled out from eubola that loss was so bad. and a monkey didn't even bite me.

that i'm aware of.

GM-Carson said...

FuriousBall- a monkey may have not bitten you, but I'm sure it humped the hell outta your leg.

Bob D- for future reference, Shane Victorino was an Ed Wade pick up, as he was a Rule V in 2005 before Gillick got here.

This team has to get some REAL pitching this offseason. No more #1 starters miscast as closers, no more washed-up pieces of shit like Gordon trying to hold down leads in the 8th, and no more revolving door of various turd torpedos from Ottawa. Whomever the GM is, needs to put a serious effort into the rotation and more pointedly the bullpen.

furiousBall said...

Carson - when isn't there a monkey humping my leg? I mean seriously

Damn, that was all out loud wasn't it?

GM-Carson said...

Tell me FuriousBall, does the Monkey fling pooh on you when he's "done"?

I hate Charlie Manuel because he has no clue how to handle his starters and then when he makes the quick call to the bullpen he has no idea how to effectively use his relief pitchers. I hate Patty G for piecing together this piece of crap pitching staff and for keeping Manuel in charge of this team. Too many winnable games thrown away by piss-poor managing and piss-poor pitching.

Los said...

That game last night is one that will probably cost them the playoffs .... they'll miss the postseason by 1 game ... and that's the one we'll point to ... of course there have been several like that one this season ... sigh.

SirAlden said...

Let's look past this.

There could not be anything worse that could have happened, bloop hits or not.

Our team has endured the loss of pitchers: Hamels, Madson, Garcia, Lieber, Myers, and Gordon. If any one of these pitchers had given us 50 innings of 4.50 ERA 1.33 WHIP pitching we would be in first place.

We are still in it.

This is a very very good team. The character being built here is enormous and will bode well for the next 3-5 years of the Rollins, Utley, Howard era.

Roberson lost the game for us, and noone remembers the unbelievable game saving catches that he made for us in early August.

I do.

We are being tested. I for one love this team (not Mesa) with every arm in the pen hanging at their sides like limp noodles from overuse.

The teams were are contending with are not world beaters. IF we hand the ball to the youngsters, the new wiz kids, we may all be cheering in a week.

If we had a healthy Cole Hamels and Ryan Madson we would be in 1st place now. But we don't.

Hitters we have lost Howard, Utley, Werth, Victorino, and Bourne. If any one of these hitters had been with us for one more month we would be in first place.

We have a great GM who has made the decisions that have given us, Howard, Iguchi, Dobbs, Pierre-Luc La Fontaine, Victorino, Werth, Rowand, and Bourne.

Going into next year, I would not trade this team straight up for any team in MLB.

If Eaton, Helms, or Barajas had stepped up and played at their career average, we would be in 1st place.

Look at the 20+ terrible things that have happened to us, and remove any one of them, and we would be in 1st place.

I love this team. They are great guys. Win or Lose they match in heart any Phillies Team that has ever played the game.

Give them your support everyone.

Give them your support.

SirAlden said...

Victorino was correctly seen as better for the team than Abreu, and like Howard was given the starting spot by Gillick.

Hamels would be a September call up this year if Wade was still GM.

chuckm said...

Sir Alden, a few differences of opinion (respectfully)

"Going into next year, I would not trade this team straight up for any team in MLB"

I would trade pitching staffs with almost any team in baseball. If we had Kansas City or Washingtons BP the Phils would be neck and neck with the Mets with a wild card virtually assured. This is not hyperbole. Gillick screwed the pooch with Garcia & Eaton. Now, that is hindsight, but Gillicks neglected to make contingency plans in regards to Gordon, a pitcher who looked terrible after he came back from the DL last year and who had to be considered possibily done for. There is no excuse for our opening day starter to have to be put in as emergency closer. None. The money spent on Rod Barajas should have been used to keep Aaron Fultz. The BP could have bolstered by looking to Japan for relief pitching. The Red Sox did so, with excellent results. Sorry, but I am not buying the "injuries" excuse. Neglecting the pen and presuming that Gordon would be in good shape not only threw the pen out of whack, it threw the rotation out of whack, and that is Gillicks failure. The Phils do have a shot at the wild card and I wont give up until the bitter end, but the fact is that the Phillies pitching is at the bottom of the league and that is on Gillick, regardless of whatever good moves he has made.

Bob D said...

The bullpen seems to be a glaring weakness for this team. The rotation is not bad, but it could be better. Eaton has had a horrible year, and Moyer and Durbin have been somewhat inconsistant but they have shown more than enough potential and the ability to win to keep. Kendrick has been a godsend along with Hamels. So 4 fifths of the rotation has been good, and it could be all 5 if Myers was left there. Myers is a very good pitcher but he has not settled into the role of bullpen/closer no matter how much propaganda the Phillies website tries to throw our way. He should have stayed longer than just 3 starts in the rotation.
The GM did make a mistake with assembling this bullpen. I remember Carson and others questioning them about letting Fultz go. He would've been perfect setup man. Gordon only throws fastballs because his arm still bothers him. Alfonseco and Messy have been inconsistant and lately just horrible. I would rather see Kane Davis and Fransico Rosario along with Fabio Castro pitch more than the 3 old timers. They have great speed on thier pitches and they have potential to be good pitchers.
The rest of the team is put together well by Gillick along with an improving farm system.
So I say Gillick is OK at GM, but I think a manager who knows better NL stratagy would get this team over the hump.
This last loss really hurt, but they still have a chance. They have 3 important games against the Mets that if they sweep means they could make up 2 games against the rest. They still have Florida and 7 of last 11 with Washington. Thats a chance to finish the regular season with many wins. And the wildcard is still possible also, but they have let the Dodgers in ahead of them now which hurts thier chances even more.

Bob D said...

How bad has Mesa and Alfonseco been:

Alfonseca has a 30.38 ERA (nine earned runs in 22/3 innings) in his previous six appearances, while Mesa has a 19.50 ERA (13 earned runs in six innings) in his previous seven appearances.

That is worse than bad!

kentucky phils phan said...

3 games back of the wild card, cmon phils, lets go get it

BloodStripes said...

Even though it was a sickening loss it is still only one loss. Phils somehow still in with a chance. Smash these Marlins Phils and make amends.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden, you mention the Phils are lining themselves up for a godo 3-5 year run in years to come with Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Hamels. I disagree, the time is now! Get it done now! You're right in saying that's a strong nucleus of players to forge onward with, but Gillick needs to get the proper supporting cast around them now, because if he did even a mediocre job assembling a pitching staff and Charlie Manuel wasn't such a rockhead, they'd easily be in 1st place. Remember, this already was a good team that Gillick took the reigns of...where's the improvement in the record?