Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Tale of Two Men

For the 1st half of this season Pat Burrell sucked. I could sugarcoat it and say he was subpar, but I like to be brutally honest, and he indeed did suck registering a .215 batting average with 32 runs, 37 rbi, 11 hr, and a measly .786 OPS. For someone making 13.25 million dollars that's pretty crappy. In fact, it was so crappy that Corey and I officially gave up on him. Wish we would have waited about a week longer, because as soon as the 2nd half started, Pat Burrell returned to being "The Bat". Since the All Star break Burrell has posted a .330 batting average, 36 runs, 53 rbi, 17 hr, and an astounding 1.112 OPS. Basically, he went from being a reason this club was failing to a reason this club is still holding on to hope. Pat Burrell's 2007 season has truly been a tale of two men, and I couldn't be happier being wrong in this case.


Quick Notes:
*Chase Utley is flippin' awesome!

*The Phils are only 1.5 games back of the NL Wild Card.

*I hate Jose Mesa!

*Loserific Adam Eaton pitches tonight, what a chode-imploder.



BloodStripes said...

The Eaton v Morales matchup could be a runfest. Maybe Eaton could be good for once. Ha! keep dreaming. C'mon Phillies, out hit 'em again.

Bob D said...

The only way Eaton could be good for once is if he hits 2 Hrs himself in the slugfest. Also if Manuel doesn't bring in any of the crappy over-the-hill relievers to protect a small lead. (Alf,Mesa,Gordon)

Lake Fred said...

On last night's ESPN highlights at 11:30 PM CDT, they referred to him as "Pat the Bat"! Cool! Glad to see he's now earning his money. How's his foot? Who knows?

chuckm said...

Eaton is the reason that the Phillies *had* to win last night by hook, crook or fan interference.

SirAlden said...

Pat the Bat dipped down to .201

I wonder if it is his foot? If it is Cholly? I wish someone like Mike Schmidt would sit down with him and talk about his hitting, compare, then have it all written out.

Even a blind squirel finds an acorn every once in a while.

Eaton is DUE for a 2 Hitter.

12-7 for 88 WINS is very doable.

CLARE. said...

Awesome win last night. I think it helped that I appeased the baseball gods with a good deed: I helped my roommate with an essay for her Critical Pedagogy class.

I was jumping around my living room cheering when Ry Ho hit that double, but I'm a little ashamed to admit that I never realized just how fast Chutley really is.

Nice going on the link from Zolecki's blog by the way.

GM-Carson said...

Didn't know Zolecki linked our blog, guess I'll have to check it out. He's a well respected journalist, and I'm just a wannabe.

Chuck M- thanks for mentioning that "fan interference" double, because in my opinion it looked awfully close to being a grand slam...meaning GAME OVER!

Jacobin said...

Zolecki is a fine writer... it's too bad he works for a crappy rag of a newspaper.

chuckm said...

Zolecki does a solid job on the Phillies beat.

chuckm said...

Eaton coughs up a jack. You cant even stick him in the pen someday as he gives up runs as soon as he comes out. Useless.

Los said...

I think someone kidnapped Burrell and replaced him with Reggie Jackson.

Jacobin said...

Eaton is just horrible.

Bob D said...

The Phils pitching is horrible.

Jarex said...

Bright side moment of the night: Eaton ONLY gave up 4-runs in 5-innings; essentially he lowered his ERA.

Hey - is there a good Eagles blog that anyone knows of? They completely sucked on Sunday and I'd like to read some good fan takes - I was in Chicago at a Sox game on Friday night and sat behind a bunch of Phillies fans who were catching the game then driving up to Green Bay the next day - what a site to scout the crowd and see an Utley jersey. (this was the game when the Sox scored 6 in the 9th to tie it, complete w/ a Thome 3-run tater).

As another side - I hit Wrigley on Thursday with my Phillies jersey on and got a few call outs from other Phans - we're everywhere.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard's strikeouts are annoying.

I hate Adam Eaton!

SirAlden said...

Pat The Bat

-Before July 2: 76 G, .201, 8 HR, 32 RBI, .369 OBP, .364 SLG, .733 OPS

-Since July 2: 60 G, .337, 20 HR, 58 RBI, .448 OBP, .698 SLG, 1.146 OPS

Jacobin said...

I like the one headline I saw today... "Beaton to a Pulp."