Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Sampler

Getting Religious:
David Wright and Jose Reyes are good. To be honest, they're spectacular, but they're not the best thing since sliced bread or Double Stuf Oreos. Wright and Ray-Ass (thanks Wheels) have a wide array of skills and are near the top of the heap at their particular positions, but they're not the second coming of the Messiah or the one who parted the Red Sea. My wife gets annoyed with the media, including Chris Wheeler, constantly hyping them and now refers to Wright as Jesus and Reyes at Moses because of this awful lovefest.


I love how Mets fans relentlessly boo Jimmy Rollins and Pat Burrell; it's rather amusing considering how J-Roll and "The Bat" have played so well against them this year. Burrell is the Met-Killer with 41 homeruns off of Mets pitching so far in his career, and Jimmy has been doing his best to make the Mets believe that the Phils "are the team to beat in the NL East". So go ahead and keep the boos raining down on them, they'll continue to kick you in the balls...oops, I meant vagina.


ESPN senior writer, Howard Bryant, wrote a piece about how the Phillies are the biggest tease in all of baseball. In 6 out of the last 7 seasons the Phils have come oh-so-close to the postseason, but have yet to taste that sweet champagne. This season is still to-be-determined, but Phils Phans and people all around the country feel as though they will come up just short again. Teasing can be fun, but only when you actually get some in the end.


I hate New York, I hate the Mets, and I hate Mets fan. People from NY hate Philly, hate the Phils, and hate Phils fans. All things are equal, we all hate each other and that's what a rivalry is all about. Yesterday the rivalry went a step farther when Marlon Anderson outraged over a called 3rd strike argued with the umpire thus getting ejected and then proceeded to throw a hissy fit ending with him throwing his batting helmet. The batting helmet hit catcher Chris Coste in the chest protector and Coste thought it would be funny to discharge the helmet from the homeplate area via a good kick. When Coste booted Marlon's helmet, Shea Stadium lit up with boos. Next time Coste needs to lay the smackdown on Marlon's bitch-ass!



SirAlden said...

ESPN HIGHLIGHTS - "Whoops I did it again" this time by Carlos Beltran, and baby Marlon Anderson.

How about a link to uTube with little "Chase"?

Dear Adam Eaton,
Pitch Lights Out today, and I will personally forgive you.
your Pal,
Pat Gillick

GM-Carson said...

I HATE Gavin Eaton...have I mentioned that recently?

Seriously, Eaton better pitch well today or I will go personally kick the shit outta him.

Maria said...

Coste just kicked the helmet back, he could've done a lot worse.

To end the series with a sweep would be sweet. Especially since the Giants are worthless and can't the Padres.

BloodStripes said...

Eaton is 2-0 with a 2.89 ERA in three starts against the Mets this season. He seems to lift like the rest of the boys against those gay mutts. A 15 game series against them would be perfect wouldn't it? The Phils would cruise to the NL east title.

I am now on two weeks holidays/vacation, to watch all the action of the playoff race. Every bloody minute of it. (Except for taking the Mrs away for 2 nights for our anniversary. Should never have married in september. Gonna miss two games! Shit!)

Bottle how you are feeling right now Phillies. Bottle the way you can play against the mutts and take it with you to St Louis and Washington. Unleash it again at home and win a phucken playoff berth! Just think of all the lives you will save when you make it.

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- you are Phired up today...I'm loving it. Give us a rally cry for old times sake.

I wish Coste would have thrown Marlon's helmet back at him. Shit would have hit the fan then.

BloodStripes said...

Now that it is do or die time and the Phils are Phightin' and beating NY the way they are, its hard not to be pumped. Especially after reading the Howard Bryant article. It makes you realize how much this can mean to people. Phils phans have endured much pain. We have all paid our dues. Philadelphia's time has come. Phuck creating another record to do with losing or not making it. The Phillies must play like they are now against all teams. Even in Washington in an empty, no atmosphere bunker. Take the winning attitude into every game. Its time for the Phils to rise above.

As Skeeter has proposed to do once before, lets collectively will our boys on. The players and all of us phans need to think we have already made it to the playoffs. It feels bloody good doesn't it? We know they can do it. They now must make it happen. As Charlie said in the article. "Lets see it Phillies!"

BloodStripes said...

As for the booing of Burrell. No-one can or has done it better then the Phillie phans themselves. Mets fans really are stupid if they think their booing would affect him. Pat is a bloody rock of Gibraltor! To think of all the shit he has copped from his own phans and he still refused to leave Philly. I admire him for that. Hids tenacity. Especially now he has proved his worth. Pat loves a good boo in the face. Keep it up mutts!

BloodStripes said...

Hamels to pitch tuesday. Stars are aligning for the Phils. Against NY they play championship baseball every game. The question remains, why not against other teams? Its there if you want it bad enough Phils.

Love the Manuel qoute. "Lets see it".

Someone make a big phuck off sign with that on it and take it to a game.

C'mon Phils!!!

chuckm said...

I guess I'm going to be a stick in the mud, but watch the Phillies win today and then lay a turd in St Louis. The Cards have lost 9 in a row, so law of averages says they are going to win sometime. Pissed ff at the Giants. I mean, blanked over 6 innings by Brett Tomko? No way to they get anything off of Peavy today in SD. Looks like the Phillies would have a better chance hoping for a D-Backs collapse.

Mike said...

The really shocking thing about the Coste-putting-some-bitches-in-their-place helmet incident is that the Mets didn't respond by bitching and whining and calling for the guy's head like they ALWAYS do when they're made to look like fools. Goons like Billy Wagner and Paul LoDuca can strut and brag and bat-flip, but don't you dare offend their delicate egos by, say, sweeping their asses ("dancing around"), rolling your eyes at their petty tantrums (Coste), or if you're an umpire, ruling a play against them--EVER.

By the way, at this point in the season series, I think it's safe to admit that when Jimmy Rollins made his much-ballyhooed "proclamation" in spring training, I cringed a little. That kind of thing can come back to haunt you, at least from a standpoint of pride. You know it's always in their heads, and that they are hoping, LONGING to see you strike out, the way we do when "Jesus" Wright comes up. But now, even though the Mets will probably win the division, I'm so glad that it is our Phightin Phils that just won't let them off the hook--the jagged and maddening thorn in their side. I love hearing the boos rain down as J-roll steps into the batters box almost as much as I love the silence of 40,000 goons as, seconds later, he slides into third time and time again.

Bob D said...

Yeah, the Phils have answered the Mets on the field and not on some microphone or in some newspaper article.

Maria said...

Eaton's trash. You knew he wasn't getting out of the 5th inning without giving up a run or 3.

SirAlden said...

Grand Slam Dobbs!

Thank you Pat Gillick.

SirAlden said...

Jason Werth today:

O for 1 with 1 RBI, 3 Walks and 2 Runs Scored.

.321 Batting Average.

Thank you Pat Gillick.

Maria said...

Thank you Greg Dobbs.

Corey said...

the packers blew out the giants. thank you pat gillick.

furiousBall said...

see, just like i said, we swept the Mets again

BloodStripes said...

Phightin' Phils win again. 8 straight against them. To easy.

Chuckm - I'm with you. They play awesome ball in NY then play crap in Florida or Washington. It's like they need a big time atmosphere to get pumped and play well.

Its usually the other way around but its all well and good to spank the top teams but they have to spank the bottom teams as well.

The Phillies have the game to make the playoffs. Its up to them and how bad they want it.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils may be phoolin' me again, but it's phun while it's lasting!

BenJah said...

i hear pat burrell's wife boos him in bed, and he STILL bangs the shit out of her......when he's healthy.

BloodStripes said...

Hahahaha!!! Benjah! I love it bro. Crack me up.

Phils are gonna take their A-game to St Louis. Howard going home to pump some homers. Its Washington that worries me.

Los said...

Man - if we could only play the Mets about 10 more times this year ... sigh.

BloodStripes said...

You bet Los. If that happened we would canter into the playoffs.

Jacobin said...

Dobbs' pinch-hit grand slam was great! It's so nice to sweep those Mets for the third time this season! Now if the Phils didn't go out and play like shit following every big sweep they've had this year, they'd be leading the division... of course, they have the best record in baseball after starting out 4-10, so if they would have started the season any better they'd be in great shape right now.

Jacobin said...

There are 13 games left in the regular season for the Phillies. I wrote not too long ago that I thought it would take 90 wins to be assured of the playoffs and 88 wins to have a good shot at being in. Right now the Phillies are sitting at 80 wins.

To reach 90 wins, the Phillies need to go 10-3 from now until the end. To reach 88 wins, they need to post a 8-5 record.

Unfortunately, I do not believe the Phillies went 10-3 more than once this year (if they did it at all). Consider that they're riding a four-game winning streak. This seems to make it a sickening likelihood that this team goes 7-6 and finishes at 87 wins (or if they go 6-7 we're back at 86 wins again...).

10-3 is improbable, but not impossible. 8-5 is doable, though not easy (considering how the Phillies have played against the friggin' Nationals this year). We have 3 games against the Cardinals, 7 against the Nationals, and 3 against the Braves... so where are we going to find eight to ten wins?

SirAlden said...

2 Wins Against The Cards

5 Wins Against The Nationals

2 Wins Against The Braves

9 Wins -- 89-63

BloodStripes said...

We are all thinking about it. Its bloody nerve racking. A win keeps you high and a loss just sinks ya like a good punch in the guts.

Siralden is always positive and has made it all look so simple. 9 is certainly possible. Just win every series and it should be on.

Hamels to start 3 of them. Hopefully those three our boys can win. Kendrick and lohse have been good so we should be in most games. Our offense needs to remain hot to prop up any bad pitching days.

SirAlden said...

Grand Slam Howard!

Two opposite field home runs.

Howard classic!