Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Revisiting History

Last year the Phillies were in the thick of the Wild Card race as the season was coming to a close. The Phils were idle last night, and got some much needed rest, but that wasn't the only good thing to come out of the off day. With a 6 pack of games remaining this season history is repeating itself as the Phils are tied for the NL Wild Card with the San Diego Padres who lost last night. To make matters more interesting the Mets lost leaving the Phils a reachable 2 games out of the NL East.

I had this to say at the same point in the season last year- At times like this you need a beer and some good music to calm the nerves and ease the tension. The Phillies only have 6 games left, and each game will probably be a heart stopper. So grab a six-pack of your favorite brew and pop in some tunes for your pre-game warm-up, because this is going to be one helluva end to the season! *Those words still ring true. Let's go Phils...we want playoffs!!!



BenJah said...

yes!! this is really exciting! 6 games to go...c'mon phils, let's take it to them.

i just have to ask, b/c sunday's post really bothered me: have we grown tired of bashing fuqua and upper management that we now have to come down on our star players?? i'm not saying cole is as tough as i'd like him to be, i'm saying fuqua has a history of botching the pitch count thing, and this is just the latest example. why is it cole's fault? pretty soon we'll be asking utley why he doesn't have stronger hands to prevent them from getting broken by inside fastballs.

BloodStripes said...

Colorado and San Diego have a tough final week. A playoff spot is there for the taking.

Bob D said...

The loss by the Mets is huge as they have made it a possibility to overcome 2 game deficit rather than a 3 game deficit in 6 remaining games. I see Moyer pitching today, so I take it they are skipping Adam Bomb Eaton until Saturday. I really like the Phils chances for the wildcard.

BloodStripes said...

Phillies.com probable pitchers page reports Eaton starting on thursday. Even with Eaton pitching the Phillies can still make it.

SirAlden said...

After last night 89 Wins, is looking better.

If the Phillies go 4-2 in the final 6 games they should have at least a Playoff game with the Padres.

Both the Met and the Padres look beat, I watched both games last night. The Mets announcers were incredulous that the Met's pitching is in such a sad state that they are giving Philip Humber his first major league start on Weds. They said that should never happen in the middle of a pennant race, and that they had never remembered that ever happening before. Maine is burned out, and Pelfrey who started last night is starting again on Saturday.

Ed Wade traded Jason Lane to the Padres to help with their depleted outfield now that Bradley is out.


SirAlden said...

I don't understand why Eaton is listed to start on Thursday and not Kendrick.

Bob D said...

Lane is not eligable for the playoffs, so he is only playing this week. (Thanks Ed Wade)

Phils still need to beat the Braves. They maybe starting Eaton Thursday to setup the rotation for the playoffs. That would put Kendrick starting either game 2 or 3. Sounds like the rotation for the playoffs will be:

If the Phils take care of business before the weekend and clinch a spot the rotation will be juggled.

They can carry an extra bat with a 4 man rotation.

Jacobin said...

If they are still fighting for a playoff spot, I don't know if I want to see Adam Eaton on the mound. But in any event, a playoff rotation isn't exciting me to think about. We know this team runs on offense and the occasional good start helps out. The real question is going to be if the bats can stay hot in the cool October air.

GM-Carson said...

Getting to the playoffs is the priority, by any means possible. Screw setting up the rotation for the playoffs, because it means nothing if they don't get in.

Benjah- I knew Corey and I's view point on the whole Hamels thing would not be taken well. I personally think he needs to balls-up and start pitching through minor pain. Yes it is management and Manuel who lift him early or force a long DL stint, but it was him who complained to begin with. This happened last year in his rookie season too. He has a fragile mindset and if it continues season after season it well get old and played out. Bottom line is we needed Cole at 75% for a month, because that is better than a John Ennis, JD Durbin, or Adam Eaton start. This whole "handling with kids gloves" thing pisses me off.

GM-Carson said...

From ESPN.com- " It was a rough day for a couple of leaders in the National League races -- particularly the Padres, who dealt with bad news on and off the field. After learning Milton Bradley is done for the year and Mike Cameron will be significantly hampered by a hand injury, the Padres got blitzed by the Giants, and they clearly misssed those two bats. San Diego put runners on base but couldn't bring enough of them in, stranding 13 in a 9-4 defeat.

The pressure was evident. San Diego's double-play combo of Khalil Greene and Geoff Blum both took oh-fers and combined to leave nine men on base. San Diego also got another poor effort from Chris Young, who has gone from Cy Young contender to major question mark in a two-month span that may have something to do with injuries and fatigue.

Likewise, the Mets had a tough contest against the Nationals, getting blown out, as they continue to be plagued by bullpen strugggles. This was also the first time in a while that New York's bats didn't have a strong game, and with Mike Pelfrey on the mound, it was needed.

The team that had the best day? Yes, it's possible to say the Brewers, who won easily. But don't overlook the Phillies, who moved into a tie for the wild card and gained a half-game on the Mets. As one "Baseball Tonight" producer noted, the Phillies' best chance to reach the postseason might be to play no games this week and just let everyone else lose their way out of the race."

GM-Carson said...

It has been reported that Gillick officially announced he'll return to fulfil his 3 year contract as Phils GM in 2008, and then that will be it.

Also, the Phils claimed some no-talent ass-clown off the Braves named TJ Bohn.

BenJah said...

corey and carson -- it's all good. that's the nice thing about this site: everyone is free to voice their oppinions about anything and share their thoughts.......even siralden. sigh... ;-)

SirAlden said...

Even SirAlden sigh...?

TJ Bohn was drafted originally by Pat Gillick, and played for Seattle in 2006 before being grabbed by the Braves. He has been injured all year and has bounced to all the different Atlanta farm teams on rehab.

Why is it when The Braves or Boston grab someone they are crafty genuises, and when Gillick does the same he is pond scum.

When you are messing with waiver wire stuff the percentage of success is way lower than Gillick's this year. Where would we be without Dobbs or Werth or Romero. Not to mention the deadline trades of Iguchi and Lohse?

TJ Bohn was picked up by Gillick because?


Gillick was messin' with sasquatch and screwing with the Braves. GOOD FOR HIM!

BloodStripes said...

Kendrick to pitch thursday against Smoltz. At least now we have a chance.

Rollins is awesome!!!

BenJah said...

yes, even siralden....sigh. dude, you piss me off a lot, but you have to know that if we ever run into one another, the first round in on me. it's all good!

SirAlden said...

Second and Third Rounds on me Benjah...

Glad you are finally realizing that this is "Pat Gillick's Team", and it started with Pat getting rid of the CANCER that was MIKE LIBERTHAL.

Then he got Howard and Hamels to the MAJORS where they belonged.

Los said...

What a ride it's been ... hopefully, it won't end soon.

Bob D said...

Uhg! a loss and just when the Mets open the door for the Phils to move a game closer. Hope that the Padres and Rockies who are surging lose tonight.

Gillick has been good so far as he has aquired more talent than aquiring dead wait. Eaton and Garcia are examples, but Dobbs, Werth, Romero, and Coste are positives.

Congrats to Rollins for a 30-30 season, though I prefer the victory more.

Jacobin said...

Crap! At least the Mets lost tonight. The Phils cannot afford to drop another one to the Braves... which should be fun against their top two pitchers.

SirAlden said...

That Sucked.

BloodStripes said...

SF were one strike away from victory and Giles pumped a homer. They pitched for the win and took the one game lead.

Phils will catch them. Its Colorado thats the worry. We need some lovin' LA and Snakes.

GM-Carson said...

The Mets loss, but big deal. We lost too! With only 5 games left, 2 games back in a huge number.

The Padres come from behind win was killer. It sucks we're rooting for the Nationals, Giants, Marlins, and other pond scum to beat our competition.

The Rockies are hot, winning 9 in a row.

We're now 1 game back on the Wild Card, but with Hudson and Smoltz set to go I think we missed our chance at a victory last night.

F'n Gas Can Geary lived up to his name, making a bad situation badder last night...what an asshole!

BloodStripes said...

Hudson and Smoltz smoke skin cigars. They may be good pitchers but the Phils offense is up there as best in baseball. Hudson is Hudson is 1-4 with a 4.54 ERA in his last six starts. Its time to pump the gaylord right up his ringboss.

BloodStripes said...

The only pond scum are the mets. You'd think Washington was leading the division. Bloody hell mate, they will probably get beaten by St Louis on thursday. They are in a better position but are struggling big.

When its over I will say we suck just like we have for several years now, but it ain't over yet.

chuckm said...

I' have trying to figure out the scenario for a Phils/Mets playoff game. It would seem like it would be
Lohse vs Humber(?)