Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Quick Thoughts:
*Jayson Werth is doing far better than I ever thought he could. He still has an ugly swing at times, but he is playing inspired baseball right now with heart and hustle. I'm not ready to crown him 2008's starting right fielder, but I'm damn glad to have him on this team right now.

*The Padres are really starting to irritate me. Do they ever lose games anymore?

*1.5 is a very doable number, as that is the number of games we're behind the Mets for the NL East and the San Diego Friars for the NL Wild Card.

*The Phillies have now had 9 pitchers record a save for them this season: Clay Condrey, JD Durbin, John Ennis, Jose Mesa, Antonio Alfonseca, Ryan Madson, Francisco Rosario, Tom Gordon, and Brett Myers. It's nice to be saved, but most of those pitchers have no business closing out a game.

*Winning is fun. Like Nike said, "Just Do It!". Going for 7 in a row tonight with Grand Pappy Moyer on the mound...Go Phils!!!



GM-Carson said...

Hamels was rusty last night, as most expected him to be. Counting on him for the remainder of the season is unwise. It's nice to have him back, and hopefully he can return close to form here in the next week, but it's unlikely. The offense has gotten us this far, and the offense will be what wins it for us.

These sure are exciting times, and it seems like none of the wins come easy anymore.

Finishing up the Cards tonight with a sweep would be huge!

The f'n Pirates better beat the Padres too.

Jeremy said...

I said the same thing this AM when I checked NL wild card standings. F'n Padres know we are on their ass.

GM-Carson said...

The Mets are losing, which helps. The Padres need to lose some here too, because I'd feel much safer if the Phils were ahead or tied in both the East and Wild Card.

Lake Fred said...

I agree, being behind and looking up two teams rears is not the ideal place, however, it beats being the gNats and Fish. Where'd'ya get that touchy feely Cards photo? I may have to flag this blog for objectionable content! LOL!

Jacobin said...

I agree that 1.5 is a doable number, the only thing is can we keep up this winning pace while the Mets continue to flounder? And I'm sick of the Padres winning every damn game too. If we finish one game out, this will be the Lance Barksdale season.

SirAlden said...

Start Fabio Castro!

What is great is noone but the Phillies are fighting for the NL East or the NL Wild Card.

Double your pleasure, double your fun, with doublemint doublemint doublemint gum.

How does everyone like "The Comeback Wiz Kids" or "The Comeback Kids"? This team need a name.

BloodStripes said...

The comeback kids is good. How about the "Phightin' comebackers".

Padres keep winning but so do the Phils. At least NY is tail-spinning. Something has gotta give.

Moyer has a good record against St Louis but Wainwright also has a good record against the Phillies. Good match up. Should be another wild ride.

Fill your fridge full of piss and strap yourselves into the armchair.

Lets go Phightin's!!!!!

Maria said...

Good times so far. A sweep would be good. Let's hope for the best!

furiousBall said...

ok this is the witching hour for moyer, he's thrown 5 innings of shutout ball. phils need to put a couple on the board pronto.

Jacobin said...

Furiousball asks for runs... low and behold, he receives. Pat Burrell brings a runner in!

BloodStripes said...

Burrell is our boy.

Bob D said...

Pirates take an early lead on Padres.
Interesting article in Yahoo about the Mets and if they lose the division " No team – not the 1964 Phillies, or the 1995 Angels, or the 1969 Cubs – has blown a seven-game lead with 17 to play"

We can only hope! It would be awesome for the Phils to overtake them and win it.

Jacobin said...

Crap! They squandered a one-out triple from Utley and left him stranded at third. Well, there's still game to play. Hold the Cards bullpen, hold the Cards!

Jacobin said...

C'mon Jimmy! You're due for a hit! Drive those winning runs home!!!

Jacobin said...

Shit, damn first baseman robs Rollins of a hit and keeps the game tied. Any up for another 14 innings? ...just so long as it's a Philadelphia win.

Jacobin said...

Romero pitches the seventh... Gordon comes in for the eighth... Geary in for the ninth?

WOOOOO!!! Nice play by Victorino to get that second out in the inning (makes it a little less frightening to have runners on the corners).

On a side note, has anyone noticed how awful the outfield turf is in St. Louis? How may muddy ruts have been torn up in that field by players trying to make plays?

Geary gets out of the inning! Wow, talk about dodging bullets (not that I want to talk about my urban adventure the other night).

BloodStripes said...

Another bullpen duel.

Myers in. Get ready for base runners.

BloodStripes said...

Hairston hits a 3 run walk-off homer to win it for San Diego. They were behind all night until that final pitch. Phils 2.5 back.

GM-Carson said...

Last night was a sucky night in many aspects.

*The Phils offense came up small, so small it was barely existent.
*Brett Myers continues to be a letdown in the bullpen...he's not the stud reliever many hyped him to be.
*The Mets won.
*The Padres won their 6th straight.
*The Diamondbacks won.

Suck, sucky, suckful, suckier, suckiest!