Sunday, September 02, 2007

Public Enemy #1

Public enemy number 1- Jimmy Rollins. With a 4 hit effort last night, Jimmy Rollins upped his batting average to the .300 plateau. He also went deep for the 25th time this season and stole his 28th base, giving him a solid chance at reaching a 30-30 season (something I never thought I'd see him do). He began the season by trash talking on the rest of the NL East calling the Phillies "the team to beat" and he's done everything within his power to make that statement ring true. Right now the Phightins are 3 back of both the NL East and NL Wild Card, but with a month of baseball left to play, October game action is still a possibility. I'm going to advocate for J-Roll for MVP, acting as his personal hype man, much like Flava Flav was for Public Enemy (minus being a skinny black crackhead that wears a viking helmet). Rollins plays shortstop, and he plays it well. By the end of the season he will have set career highs in runs, triples, homers, rbi, and most likely OPS and batting average. He means as much to the Phillies offense as any other player in the NL means to their team, so I give him the nod as 2007 NL MVP as long as he finishes up the season strong and the Phils remain in contention.

Bass! How low can you go?
Death row, what a brother knows.
Once again, back is the incredible,
The rhyme animal,
The infallible D. Public Enemy number one.
Turn it up! Bring the noise!

*Public Enemy and Anthrax teamed up for a killer track called "Bring the Noise".



BloodStripes said...

I fully agree Carson. Jim has been fantastic. Use any superlative you want. He's the best. MVP all the way.

Public Enemy rock. Awesome band. I actually met them once when they were in Oz over a decade ago. They were cruising the beach strip where I grew up the day of their concert in Sydney so we went over and said gidday. Saw them that night and they blitzed it.

Check this gem from those stinkin' mutts. Found it on saturdays game notes from Yahoo baseball.

"During their recent series in Philadelphia, the Mets asked the commissioner's office to look into whether the Phillies might be stealing signs with a center-field camera or something. Bob Watson, baseball's vice president for discipline, traveled to Philadelphia on Thursday and found nothing suspicious. The Phillies swept four games from New York, pulling within two games of the NL East leaders Thursday."

Do they suck or what? Wankers!

GM-Carson said...

The Mets are a bunch of cry baby faggotty-ass h-mo's!

Public Enemy is some of my favorite rap of all-time.

Some scary stats: Alfonseca July- 6 ip, 12 h/bb, 7.50 era, August- 6 ip, 19 h/bb, 9.00 era, and 1 game in September- 1 ip, 3 h/bb, 27.oo era. Mesa August- 7.1 ip, 21 h/bb, and 13.50 era, 1 game in September 2 ip, 4 h/bb, 9.00...things aren't looking good in the 'pen.

Bob D said...

Todays target Phillie Enemy #1 Scott Olsen

Jacobin said...

I had seen the story about the Mets making accusations that the Phillies were stealing their signs. I guess there is always an excuse when you don't want to face up to the fact that your team and several of its players are choking in a big situation.

Scott Olsen... if the offense can't get up today to smack that punk around, I don't know what will do it.

SirAlden said...

Phillies vs. Braves

Just the way it should be...

Good luck! Lads!

SirAlden said...

SD and AZ lose...

No ground lost in the Wild Card Race.

chuckm said...

The Phils pitching sucks

GM-Carson said...

I hate Adam Eaton, what a worthless piece of shit. I want to punch Pat Gillick in the face every time Eaton pitches.

By the way, since he went deep, Eaton officially beat the Nunez vs. Phils Pitchers poll of who goes yard first.

Way to lose to the worst team in the NL 2 out of 3...pieces of shit!