Wednesday, September 12, 2007




michael said...

uhhhh....i dooooon't gettttttt it??????

BenJah said...

the least the guy could do is TRY to be better. he seems to just accept that he sucks and lives with it.

guess what, douchebag, i cant!! fuck you, motherfucker!! what?? i'm just a stupid fan and i couldn't do any better?? you're right, i can't do better. that's how fucking lousy you are. you have the same pitching skills as a little league coach who cleans rat guts and bird shit for a living. you suck, you fucking turd!

Circus Time said...

yo carson i was down at the shore; just saw your comment on my blog. now that im settled into college i should be posting reguarly again. peace

furiousBall said...

the worst part of the game last night was when Eaton got up after getting drilled by that line drive

Bob D said...

Jacobin said yesterday"Beaton to a Pulp" It applies to today again.

Love Larry Anderson as an announcer when he said "This is the inning you have been waiting for, (Daily News Home Run Inning) If you have been waiting for anything tonight" very bluntly truthful.
They can't score more than 4 each game, they need to have pitching. What a surprise Mesa another inning another run.

Jacobin said...

I think this link to a YouTube video may just about sum up the Phillies season in relation to making the playoffs at this point.

Sing it Steam!

Needing every win they can get, the Phillies go into a series against a Rockies team that has traditionally been a crappy road team... so the best we can hope for is a split in this series after getting drubbed 12-0! They get a triple play in this game, and yet still lose 12-0! It's disgusting... playing .500 ball to run out the season isn't good enough to make the playoffs!

Can we agree that the Charlie for Manager of the Year talk should be taken out behind the shed and shot like Old Yeller?

BloodStripes said...

The Phillies are playing like Old Yeller at the moment. Dead and buried.

SirAlden said...

WOOT! The San Diego Padres Lost!

So the Phightin's lost no ground in the Wild Card Race, while the hooves of the Rockies and the Dodgers came thundering up.

Not to worry, today's pitching match-up soo favors us. It's in the BAG.

SirAlden said...

Song sung to "Come as you are" by Nirvana.

"I HATE Mesa, HATE Mesa...


HATE his GLOVE, HATE his shoes,


(for wanting to act like a big shot one last time when he scouted and signed him)

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- every fuckin time the Phils lose you seem to find a way to try and make it postive. Well, just because the Padres lost doesn't make our loss sting any less, in fact they just missed out on the perfect opportunity to make up ground. Fucking Losers!!!

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