Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Turk Wendell

For some reason, I've been thinking a lot about bad pitching. Poor rotations. Flammable bullpens. And with the Phils traveling to Queens to take on the Mets tonight, one name jumped into my head: Turk Wendell.

In an effort to solidify their bullpen for a playoff run in '01, the Phils traded Bruce Chen to the Mets for Wendell and Dennis Cook.

Wendell, famous for wearing a necklace of animal teeth and other eccentricities, had posted a 3.51 ERA for the Mets before the trade. With the Phillies, however, Wendell was absolutely atrocious, giving up 21 hits and 13 runs in 15+ innings. He was 0-2, and the Phils lost the NL East by 2 games.

It was suspected from the start that Wendell was injured. He spent the entire next year on the disabled list...
What the September?
It's bad enough I have to sit through Phillie collapses every stinking year. Now I'm stricken with some sort of punk rock curse.

Last September, I went to see one of my favorite new bands, Left Alone, at a little venue outside of Harrisburg. Unfortunately, a broken exhaust system ended the show before they they played. This September, one of my other favorite bands, Sixer, who haven't put out an album in 5 years or toured in 3, are back on the road. And one of there stops is Harrisburg. On a night I don't have to work. For only 7 bucks. Awesome! And then...the bass player has a freaking stroke a week and half before the show. End of tour. End of playoff hopes. Freaking September.
Props to Gas Gan and the bullpen last night. Looks like the blind squirrel found a nut. And it's about time, I've been waiting for 2 months for Geary to do something that didn't totally suck so I could post this "Spinal Tap" pic of him, Utley and Howard. It's even better that the offense went to 11...and then 12.

The Good - Only 1.5 back of San Diego, tied with LA...and Cole Hamels may be back next week.
The Bad - First-place and red-hot (9 of 11) Mets are up next. Sure we swept them last time, but lightning rarely strikes twice, and we don't have Zeus pitching, we have Kyle Lohse and Adam Eaton.
The Ugly - JD Durbin. ERA over 6, hasn't gotten past the 4th in his last 3. Eaton-like.



Jacobin said...

Speaking of concerts, I caught Alice Cooper this past week and it was a fantastic show. The other acts weren't so good, but Alice was great. There was a lot of stage theatrics that were in the crazy/horror realm, which reminds me of watching the Phillies with the difference of this show being fun.

chuckm said...

Oh man, Wendell and Cook. I called them "The Mutts Revenge" as those two almost singlehandedly killed 2001. How many times did those 2 come into middle releif and cough up crucial HRs.

furiousBall said...

Prediction...Mets sweep us to pay us back for the 4 gamer

GM-Carson said...

Corey- nice reference to the amps being turned up to "11" then the Phils surpassing and going to "12".

Love the fu-manchu on Utley, rock on!

Screw the Mets!

CLARE. said...

Chase Utley + Fu Manchu = joy.

Seriously, that's the second funniest thing I've seen all day. (Shameless plug!)

Jacobin said...

The Fender Hot Rod series of amps go up to 12. If I had an extra $500 the last time I was amp shopping, I would have gotten one of those rather than a solid-state Line 6 of similar wattage. Wait, this really isn't baseball related at all. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the Mets and their sugarplum fairy left-side of the infield? Or have I complained that Lo Duca is still owed a fastball in the ear for his homo dance during that game where they hit three consecutive homers against the Phils?

B.S. said...

Every year, one or two terrible pitchers with 6+ ERAs kill this team's playoff chances.

BloodStripes said...

Fuck off LoDuca!

BloodStripes said...

Alright Phillies!!!

Top win!

Jacobin said...

Jamie Moyer gives us a rare good start and the team finds a way to come back and win. Very nice...

However, the suck stat of the night is that this was only the second time in the last 37 or so games that a Phillies' starter has gone at least seven innings. Another stat from tonight is that it was the Phils' 44th come-from-behind victory (leading the league in that stat). Now it's great to be able to fight back and win, but having to do that so many times is just an indictment against the starting pitching. If you don't fall behind constantly, you don't need to come back all the time.

BenJah said...

as the great taoist philospher, lao tzu, once famously stated......."fuck it"

44 come from behind wins, and counting!! i like giving it to them grom behind, so good for the phils. its so much sweeter that way........just ask, our new father!!!!

chuckm said...

THank you to the New York Mets for coughing up yet another game that Manuel was practically handing to you.

GM-Carson said...

I have to admit I was cursing Manuel for lifting Moyer after roughly 80 pitches through 7 and allowing him to bat in the top of the 8th. Then when Manuel lifted Romero for Gordon I was screaming...woke the poor baby up, but Gordon plunked Wright which was nice then pitched well. In the end Manuel's decisions actually worked out in the Phils favor for a change of pace. Nice win.

It was refreshing to watch Glavine and Moyer pitch decent games, I get tired of so much offense all the time from both sides.

By the way, 6-Finger-Ant's 4 game suspension for hitting Todd Helton is bullshit. The Phils batters have been getting pegged all season and Werth got hit earlier in that Colorado game, a pitcher should be give the opportunity to stand up for his teammates.

SirAlden said...

Greg Dobbs lofted a sacrifice fly to center to extend his league-leading pinch-hit RBI total to 14.

Greg Dobbs AB 288 RBI's 48
Wes Helms AB 273 RBI's 38
Abraham O. Nunez AB 237 RBI's 16

Don't look now but the three headed 3B Monster (granted not all at 3B) has 798 AB's and 102 RBI's.

And for two nights in the Row Tom Gordon was able to break out his killer signature curve.

San Diego tied it in the bottom of the 9th and went on to win in the 10th on a walk off homer. The Phillies are a wonderful wonderful group. Good luck until you break out hearts Lads... Good luck.

SirAlden said...

Do not forget that LoDuca gave us that game for being a pansy ass and getting thrown out in the 9th inning for arguing balls and strikes.

His defensive replacement Catcher DeFelice "Spanish for - I gave LoDuca fellatio, and MAN! yuck! I found de lice" dropped Ruiz's foul pop, and the rest is history.

Thanks LoDuca I hope we get way ahead today and they let Jose Mesa pluck you on your ass.

BTW watch Jimmy Rollins over the shoulder run into Left Center to basket catch a pop up that should never have been caught.

GM-Carson said...

That catch by Rollins was awesome. He was so nonchalant about it after he did it too, which made it even sweeter because they Queers in Queens were booing him all night long.

I seriously think I hate Mets fans more than any other fans in baseball right now (Yes, more than Yankee fans). I hate all the gay little songs they play between pitches and other homoic shit like that.