Thursday, September 06, 2007

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Wayne Gomes

In honor of Wednesday's bullpen meltdown, and all the bullpen meltdowns this year, I'm giving a shout out to a "great" reliever of the past: Wayne Gomes.

Talk about bullpen disappointment. Gomes was drafted #4 overall in 1993 out of Old Dominion University. Players chosen after Gomes in the first round: Billy Wagner, Derek Lee, Trot Nixon, Chris Carpenter, Torii Hunter, Jason Varitek. (And Scott Rolen in round 2, so not a bad job there by the Phils.)

Gomes pitched for 5 years with the Phils, and spent some time with the Giants and Red Sox. He never finished a season with an ERA less than 4.24. Gross.
Cole Hamels Likes Quacks
The following is from a article:
Hamels said he usually visits a chiropractor twice a week when the Phillies are home, and has located a few others that he trusts while the team is on the road, such as Atlanta, Cincinnati and Chicago. But appointments are sometimes difficult to come by, and Hamels feels such lapses, caused by a majority of road games in July and August, have led to his elbow injury.

Sometimes it's tough to get [appointments] when we're traveling," he said. "When I'm at Spring Training (and at home), I go twice a week and I get a massage before I get adjusted."

With such regular maintenance, would Hamels have been on the disabled list if the team had a chiropractor on staff?

"I don't think so," he said. "I really don't. A lot of it is keeping your elbow in place. When you're using it, it can slowly slip and you develop some fluid and inflammation. When you're keeping it in place [through exercises], then when it's using that wear and tear it's actually [occurring] in the right area. In July and August, we were traveling a lot and it was very hard for me to [see one]. That's why it would be a big help if the team would get a chiropractor. That's up to them."
I don't find it reassuring that our ace has his mind and his arm health tied up in a group of chiropractors. I see this sort of thing (vague arm injury, unknown severity, unknown recovery period, etc.) being a yearly occurrence. It's not the first time. Elbow in 04, back in 05, now elbow again in 07. I wonder if a chiropractor would have prevented him braking his hand in the bar fight? As far as the Phils hiring one, they might as well just to keep Hamels' mind at ease, but why stop at a chiropractor. They should invest in voodoo dolls of the entire New York Mets team, a Native American medicine man to be team doctor, Criss Angel could be their pitching coach, Harry Potter would make a nice bench coach, and if they would just play Powerball more often, they might be able to increase payroll. And if Hamels needs Tommy John surgery, forgot Dr. James Andrews, I recommend Dr. Nick Riviera...for only $129.95!



GM-Carson said...

Looks like Dr. Corey doesn't think much of chiropractors. I will say it feels nice to go to one, but they're done in like 10 minutes and get paid outrageous money. For what?- popping some bones.

Hamels is injury prone, that's always been the knock on him.

Wayne Gomes sucked!

GM-Carson said... is reporting that 3B Mike Lowell wouldn't mind playing for the Phils next season if the BoSox don't resign him. He'll probably be looking for a 3 year 30 mil contract. He's a decent fielding good hitting 3rd baseman, but he's getting old and has been through a lot of stuff (cancer, various injuries) already in his career plus he tends to be inconsistent. That doesn't mean I don't want him though.

BloodStripes said...

If Lowell wants to be a Phillie then sign him up. A good player and a major upgrade.

BloodStripes said...

I'm not quite ready to give up on the Phils yet although I did the other day. But I wanted to mention the Eagles. Only because their new punter is an All star Australian footballer named Saverio Rocca. Affectionately known downunder as Big Sav. He is big and tough and can boot the ball a mile. He has just become the NFL's oldest ever rookie. Good to see a Philly team get some Aussie blood on the roster. Go Sav!

GM-Carson said...

From my homeboy Jayson Startk: Ominous note for teams like the Tigers, Dodgers and Phillies (all of whom emerged from Labor Day weekend at least three games out in the wild-card race): In the 12 seasons of the wild-card era, just one of the 24 wild-card teams was as many as three games back on Labor Day: the 2001 Cardinals. One asterisk: The '99 Reds were four out, came back and tied the Mets, but missed the playoffs because they lost in a one-game playoff the day after the regular season.

*Translation- we're screwed!

BenJah said...

whatever hamels needs.....hamels should have!! it bothers me that this has to go through the media. why can't he just ask management for one?? if the guy has to get straightened out TWICE a week, then it is no longer a luxury item; it's a necessity.

i'm not sure i trust him going to them in rival cities like atlanta, anyway. all it takes is one big fan on one big weekend to fuck us over!

GM-Carson said...

If the Phils picked up Lowell, and let Rowand go, I'd suggest this lineup:

1. Rollins (S)
2. Utley (L)
3. Lowell (R)
4. Howard (L)
5. Burrell (R)
6. Victorino (S)
7. Bourn (L)
8. Ruiz/Coste (R)

Now that's some good lineup balance. By the way, Lowell and Burrell could be flip-flopped if need be. Plus with Vic/Bourn in the bottom of the lineup, it will be like mini-leadoff hitters with that speed.

BloodStripes said...

Thats a bloody good lineup. Come to think of it. Any lineup without Nunez in it is a good one.

I agree with Benjah. Just get Hamels a back snapper.

Bob D said...

Carson, Howard maybe a better 5th hitter with his low BA. There may be better options at 3rd base during the offseason aswell. Lowell will be 34 and his career average is 280 rather than his 327 this year. He usually hits 20 Hrs with about 40 doubles and some speed. He is on his downside of his career in terms of age but he is solid at this time. The question is will he be that way at age 36 in 2010? The Phils also have a few potential minor leaguers to play 3rd as early as 2009 they may be ready.
Invest in pitching. I can see this offseason being more trades by the Phils for several pitchers rather than free agent signings.

chuckm said...

The Phillies need more offense like Pamela Anderson needs bigger tits. Forget about tying money up in a 34 year-old position player and invest in PITCHING PITCHING AND MORE PITCHING. Look, even a middle of the pack staff this season would have the Phillies right there with the Mets, if not better. Look at what Clevelands BP shoring up job has done for them this season.

furiousBall said...

you ever mention Criss Angel again, the Phanatic get it.

I have a pack of ass eating dogs that will rip him apart.

michael said...

Some Pirates news from the Pirates have fired GM Dave Littlefield. He'd been the team's GM since July 31st, 2001 and his contract actually runs through 2008.

Jacobin said...

The Pirates GM should be fired considering all the lousy moves he's made over the years, perhaps highlighted by the dumbass acquisition of an expensive broken old pitcher this year (playoff push?! LOL... wtf).

Chiropractors often cause more damage than they heal. A friend of mine was going to a chiropractor for over two years to get constant back pain taken care of. In the end, he wound up going to a real doctor who diagnosed the real cause of the trouble and discovered other problems that were likely related to the chiropractor's "treatment." I'd be worried about my star pitcher getting himself stretched apart and cracked by a quack. I'd put more faith in a happy ending massage from a Filipino hooker for purposes of therapy than the work of a chiropractor.

BenJah said...

cole hamels needs a backiotomy!!

Skeeter said...

"cole hamels needs a backiotomy!!"

....brilliant reference!

BloodStripes said...

As much as I like him I reckon Hamels needs to toughen up.

Bob D said...

The D-Backs signed Wickman today, at least we didn't get him. We have Mesa!

Maria said...

It's hard to be optimistic about the rest of the season but I will try.

Let's say that within the next 7 games, we somehow gain 2 or 3 games on the Mets...than when we play them in the next week, we could be in 1st place or tied.

I tried.

Bob D said...

It could happen.

Bob D said...


GM-Carson said...

I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm sick and tired of Ryan Howard. He actually disgusts me as a ball player. He is fundamentally unsound in all facets of his game besides power. Power is all he has. His defense makes me want to puke. He can't throw to safe his life...37 hr and 113 rbi don't make up for the fact that he's come up very small this season.

JD Durbin needs to see a "quack"- a psychologist that is. He has decent stuff, he just can't keep the good going or get the bad to stop.

Season is over, as most already thought it was.