Sunday, September 16, 2007

New York, New York

Back to back sweeps and 8 in a row versus the Muts.

That was one of the ugliest games I've seen in a while. The Muts made 6 errors(Moses with 2 of them) and their pitchers walked 11 batters, which resulted in the Phils scoring 10 runs on only 7 hits.

On the negative side, the Mets are still 3.5 up and the Padres continue to win.

Also, glad to see Brett Myers come in and "close out" a 4 run lead. Actually, I'm not. That was the third appearance for Myers in three days, in a situation where they did not need him. I'm surprised to see Fuqua mismanage the bullpen and overuse pitchers...

And what more can be said about Gavin Eaton?
In the first two games, the Phils send out their two best pitchers to face 14 game loser Anthony Reyes and 17 game loser Kip Wells. There can be no letdown from the sweep like they had last time, because they need to make hey early in the series.



SirAlden said...

The Video Wrap-up

Hats off to
5.Rowand CF
6.Dobbs 3B
7.Werth RF
8.Ruiz-Coste C

Compare this to the last two season's bottom of the order, and this is why we are leading the league in Runs Scored. These guys are what separates us. They are the heart and soul of this team.

Everyday one of these guys leads us to victory

Jacobin said...

How can you be surprised by Manuel mismanaging the bullpen? I hope that comment was meant in a sarcastic way. Pitching Myers made about zero sense to me. You already threw Gordon, so you knew he would not be available for the first game in St. Louis. Now you really cannot use Myers in game one either (although it wouldn't surprise me if they did). So does this mean we're looking at Mesa as a setup man and Alfonseca as the closer? Kind of disgusting, isn't it?

chuckm said...

Can we get a little bit of help from the Buccos this week? If they can somehow split the 4 against SD, it would be a huge help.

furiousBall said...

I was surprised to see Gordon and Myers yesterday too and that could bite us in the ass during this series. How about JC to close the first game? He's been the best reliever all year IMHO.

Bob D said...

JC Romero has appeared in the last 3 games as well. Why not a complete game shutout, or a 10 run lead in the 9th inning. Then we can have anyone close it out.

Promising matchups for the first 2 games, the Phils need to capitalize on it.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel is a dumbass. Using Gordon and Myers in yesterday's game was unnecessary. Now Gordon and Myers and probably Romero are unvailable tonight in St. Louis. I'm glad we won that ugly game on Sunday, but Manuel should have used Condrey for the last 2 innings.

Maria said...

Please no disappointments this series!

BloodStripes said...

Phils looking goo.

Mutts looking crap. More errors and Nats lead 8-4.

Phils for the division!

SirAlden said...

Mutts lost 9-4.

Phillies up 6-0 in the 5th.

Oh happy day.

SirAlden said...

Grand Slam Howard!

Two opposite field home runs.

Howard classic!

Bob D said...

Ryno with a grand slam, it will make tonights game a grand win. 11-0 in the 6th inning. Kendrick working on that shutout also.

Now its up to the Pirates to pounce on the Padres

BloodStripes said...

You guys still breathing?

C'mon Castro!

Jacobin said...

Phils lead 11-0 in the sixth and almost blow the game. Where was Romero, Gordon, and Myers when this game go too damn tight? Oh yeah, used in all three games against the Mets... not that the Mets series wasn't crucial, but watching Condrey tonight made me want to vomit (actually, flipping back and forth between the Eagles game and the Phillies game made for a rather nauseating evening).

But, hey, Phils win! Mets lose! 2.5 back... oh yeah, the f*@#ing Padres keep winning.

SirAlden said...


SirAlden said...

1 More Win Against The Cards

5 Wins Against The Nationals

2 Wins Against The Braves

9 Wins -- 89-63


Bob D said...

Ennis and Durbin are the other choices to start. I vote for Ennis, but Castro would be a good pick also. Durbin seems to have lost his touch recently.

Bob D said...

Someone needs to check to see if Corey and Carson are OK. Or thier computers just crashed.

chuckm said...

I think that after Friday Phils could go into a 4 man rotation for the duration with only Moyers and Lohse starts being on 3 days.

tue: Hamels
wed: Moyer
thu: Lohse
fri: Eaton
sat: Kendrick
sun: Hamels
mon: off-day
wed: Lohse
thu: Kendrick
fri: Hamels
Sat: Moyer
sun: Lohse

SirAlden said...

"It's time for FABIO FRIDAY!"