Saturday, September 29, 2007

Clinch Day

As all of you know by now, the Phils are in sole possession of the NL East. 1 game up on the Mets with 2 games to go. A Phillies win today and a Mets loss equals 2007 NL East Division Champions for our Phightins. Whipping boy Adam Eaton takes the ball this afternoon against the Nationals on the nationally televised stage of Fox. I hate him, you hate him, hell he probably hates himself, but if he pitches a good game and helps lead the Phils to victory, I think I can find it in my heart to forgive him for at least a day.

Last night was awesome. Cole Hamels "ballsed-up" and went 116 pitches for 8 innings of shutout ball with 13 k's. The offense was lifted by the usual suspects of Rollins, Utley, and Howard. This team is something special and I hope they get the opportunity to show the entire world just how special they are with a World Series trophy.



BloodStripes said...

Shit yeah GM! Its so excruciatingly close I'm going nuts. Cannot stop thinking about it. I am confident though. Even with Eaton starting next these boys will clinch a ticket to Octoberfest by seasons end.


BloodStripes said...

I'm sure Geary and Durbin will be on red alert.

GM-Carson said...

I'm so stoked about today's game, I just hope Eaton doesn't toss a hot turd this afternoon.

I can't believe I was lucky enough to get 3 tickets to the 1st home game of the NLDS. They have to make it!!!

If the Phils make the playoffs, what pitching staff do they take?

1. Hamels
2. Kendrick
3. Lohse
4. Moyer
5. Romero
6. Gordon
7. Myers
8. Geary
9. Alfonseca
10. probably Eaton
11. Condrey/Mesa/Durbin?

Maria said...

How bad are the Mets right now?

It seems that Cole Hamels is back and if the Phillies can win the division and make the playoffs, Jimmy Rollins is MVP.

Bob D said...

Of that list: Alfonseco, Mesa, and Durbin are likely out. Leaving Condrey, Eaton, Geary, Romero, Gordon, Myers, with the 4 starters.

Oh, I hope for a clinch today so tommorow they can rest a few players especially to give Moyer more off time.

How awesome that the Mets are about to become the team with the worst collapse in history, and the Phils (previous record holder) will be the one to overtake them.

das411 said...

BobD, I think you have to keep Alf and Durbin as an emergency long reliever, and leave Eaton off of that list instead. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves...get this thing done today, Phils, and you will own this town!!

Does anybody else think the only pitchers we'll see today will be Eaton and Myers? NO IDEA how many innings each will throw though...

Jacobin said...

I know what I'd like to see today... the Marlins jumping on the Mets so that when the Phillies take the field there already will be a strong chance that if they win, they clinch! Then I'd like to see every scrub pitcher who won't be on the post-season roster get some work for the final, irrelevant day of the season.

Corey said...

the marlins ran some rookie piece of crap out there today, already mets 5-0. and with eaton throwing for us, the odds aren't in the favor of the phils to clinch today.

Jacobin said...

I saw that the Marlins didn't pitch someone of note, but we cannot control their roster moves. At least the Phillies control their own way right now... win today and tomorrow and what the Mets do is irrelevant.

Eaton has sucked, but even the bullpen has been good down the stretch. So I'm hoping he can put together a decent effort today. In Eaton's career he has been a Mets killer, and though the Phils don't play the queens from Queens today, a win certainly would be putting nails in their coffin.

And considering how good the Mets have been at falling apart lately, there's always a chance they blow the 5-run lead (like they did against the Nationals)!

SirAlden said...

The Magic Number for the NL EAST is Two.

The Magic Number to get to the NL EAST playoff game is One.

SirAlden said...


82.44070% 1.53328% 83.97398%

Mutts 17.56!

SirAlden said...

2 Wins Against The Cards - CHECK!
3 Wins Against The Nationals - CHECK!
2 Wins Against The Braves - CHECK!
1 Win Against The Nationals

We need to go 1-1 .500

9 Wins -- 89-63

Will 89 now be enough?
3-0 will give us 90 Wins.

SirAlden said...

Dear Buddha BenJah Of Eternal Light...

Please help our Phillies have the most plate appearances in history they need 90 PA's in the last 2 games, or 45 per game to go down in history with the most PA ever.

Please help Jimmy Rollins get at least 1 triple and 1 stolen base, and 7 RBI's would be nice.

Please help Ryan Howard get at least 1 total base, and a mess of home runs.

Please help Chase Utley get at least 2 doubles, 2 total bases, and 1 stolen base.

Please help Pat Burrell get at least 3 RBI's.

Please help Aaron Rowand at least 2 RBI's.

Thanks Buddha BenJah....!

Corey said...

down 1, runner on third with one out, and the answer is....jose mesa? i doubt it. i see fireworks ahead...

Corey said...

on first thought, i disagree with the quick hook for eaton. sure he wasn't looking great, but he had only given up one run to that point, and with the less than stellar pen, i think you have to risk it and try to get 5 innings out of eaton...

BenJah said...


i'm not all together convinced that buddha-benjah-of-eternal-light is a "stat-loving" god, but he seems to be helping us win, so lets keep giving him the strokes!!

BloodStripes said...

Crappy day so far. Phils still a chance. C'mon boys. Bloody hit!

chuckm said...

Ick. Today was like a hangover from last nights party. Everybody was concerned about the pitching today
and it turned out to be the bats abd gloves that did them in. What can we say other than Go Moyer and Go D-Train tomorrow.

Jacobin said...

The thing that really struck me when I saw the starting lineup for today is the old saying that you should stick with those that brought you there. The Phils are on the brink of the postseason, but we're looking at Adam Eaton and Wes Helms starting this game. With the playoffs to tantalizingly close, you really want those two chumps in there?

Another thing that really sticks out in my mind is how good our lineup made Chico look today. Did he throw a fastball? It seemed the pitch selection from him was breaking ball junk that drops out of the strike zone. Loshe may have had the best at bat against that guy, in that he stood there and let Chico walk him. It looked to me like the lineup was being too aggressive and not waiting for pitches that could be hit.

From Chico to Chooch... Ruiz cost us two runs today first by throwing to second rather than going to third when that guy would have been out by a mile and later by airmailing a ball into center needlessly trying to throw out a runner when there was another run 90 feet away. Of course we could also saddle two runs on the less than stellar play of Ryan Howard today too. I was greatly amused that the Subway commercial where Jared tells Howard his defense is underrated came up right after Howard double-botched an easy grounder.

Oh well, I said weeks ago that I thought it would take 90 wins. I just didn't think that 90th win would come in a one-game playoff!

Jacobin said...

Oh, one other thing... how much more do you hate this guy today?

Guess Who?

BloodStripes said...

Its finally 162 and its do or die.

GM Carson. Can you please find something in the depth of your despair for one last almighty rip and tear all-conquering drama filled post. We need a rant to put fear in the hearts of Phillies phans worldwide. Its worked so many times before. Can you give it one more try?


SirAlden said...

Well you know the "Comeback Kids" had to do this to today makes everything more heroic!

The glass is half full today!