Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Assume the Worst

When it comes to the Phillies and injuries, always assume the worst. It is true that Chase Utley made a speedy recovery and has played up to his standard since his return. However, many other Phillie players have fallen by the wayside when it comes to mending- Ryan Madson is now out for the remainder of the season. Scott Mathieson has been shut down from his Tommy John rehab and probably won't be allowed to participate in the Arizona Fall League. Ace Cole Hamels' return was supposed to be this past Sunday, but his comeback continues to be pushed back. Shane Victorino rushed back and hasn't been able to play regularly and is essentially on the equivalent of the active disabled list. The Phils brass isn't always the most truthful with the public in terms of injury prognosis, as this has been a reoccurring theme this year with Brett Myers, Tom Gordon, Freddy Garcia, Jon Lieber, and young prospect Kyle Drabek all falling victim to their mounting lies. So next time we're told Jimmy Rollins is suffering from a hang nail on his left foot, assume that means he will need his leg amputated from the knee down.


Oh, Canada!:
Hulk Hogan used to come out to the theme song with the lyrics "I am a real American". Rumor has it newest addition to the Phillies, Pete (Pierre-Luc) LaForest, who is a catcher is going to have his plate music switched to the remix "I am a real Canadian". Why? He despises fake Canadians and he is north-of-the-border proud. If you recall, Rod Barajas was born in Ontario...Ontario California that is. Since Rod is Pierre-Luc's competition for some time behind the plate and pinch-hitting appearances, he decided to show his maple leaf pride and rub it in Rod's face. LaForest has spent parts of '03, '05, and '07 in the majors catching for the D-Rays and Padres collecting 137 at bats with a .204 batting average. Despite his lackluster stats, Pierre-Luc is already one of my favorites as he's giving some of the French infusion that the team has been missing since Rheal Cormier departed last season.



GM-Carson said...

Shut up Larry! Chipper Jones is publicly crying yet again- (from "The first pitch to me with the bases loaded was in my batter's box, inside," Jones told reporters after the game. "Now you tell me how I'm supposed to hit that. We have to get Questec here in this ballpark. We've got to. Umpires have got to be held accountable. That's Little League World Series stuff right there."

Jacobin said...

Yeah, Chipper was bitching that Atlanta's park doesn't have the Questech thing (or however you spell it) and it allows umpires to be awful at calling balls and strikes... What the hell? This is an Atlanta Brave complaining about an umpire calling balls strikes when they are off the plate? Isn't that how that team of post-season chokers lived for over a decade? Waaah... waaah...

GM-Carson said...

As I recall the Braves were getting some very questionable pitches called for strikes Monday afternoon in their favor. It is true, that some times umps suck, but it usually evens out over the course of a season. However, Steve Avery, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux made had great success living 6-8 inches off the plate in the 90's getting those pitches called for strikes. Like I said before...shut up Larry!

B.S. said...

On the positive side, Phillies pitchers won't have to throw Chipper any strikes tonight.

With Beerleaguer on vacation, the much-improved version of is making more of an effort to provide comprehensive coverage. I got your message and added a link to We Should Be GM's

Bob D said...

If he wants the Umps to be held accountable, he should take notes from Jose Offerman. He used his bat to hold people accountable. And that was only 1 pitch, were any of the others hittable?

LaForest hit 29 Hrs in AAA and added 1 more in the majors so far. With Ruiz, Coste, Jaramillo, and now LaForest (a lefty) this team seems set for catchers next year. Notice I left off Barajas.

1PM time to smash the Braves

Whelkman said...


A belated congratulations for your life's achievement.

Though I feel sorry for poor "Chase"; born into Philly sports he doesn't have a chance--he's doomed!

Jacobin said...

Gordon and Myers did a fine job last night, but today they pretty much sucked up the place in the 8th inning... perhaps using them in a day game following a night game isn't working out? Of course, I wouldn't be doing cartwheels if Mesa and Alfonseca were out there either.

Blah, the bullpen has turned what appeared to be a good relaxing win into another day of cursing at the radio.

Jacobin said...

Thank God for tomorrow being an off day. I think I need a break from the brand of "excitement" the Phillies have been pushing since sweeping four games against the Mets.

Today's game makes me want to dry heave blood. Pardon my language, but this was fucking disgusting.

Jacobin said...

Chris Roberson as a defensive replacement makes an error in the seventh and in the eighth fails to catch at least two balls that would have stopped that bullshit bloop-hit rally the Braves had.

Manager of the Year Manuel sends Myers out to pitch the ninth after he throws a bunch of pitches in the eighth and looks like shit doing it. Very nice move there. Take four straight from the Mets to climb within two of the division, then go out and drop four out of six games.

Anyone else want to punch something (other than Brett Myers in relation to his wife)?

Bob D said...


Gordon is only throwing fastballs (sign of still hurting)

Myers is miscast in the closer role and should be in the rotation. I hope they put him back there for next year as a switch now is too late.

BloodStripes said...

Extreme meltdown.

Get ready for one last surge to get within one or two then fall again.

Goodbye 2007.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel = R-Tard

Myers = Over-Hyped Unproven Non-Reliable Closer

Gordon = Washed-up Piece-of-Shit

That wasn't just any loss, that was a horrible loss.

Jacobin said...

The Phillies' bullpen is like a cheap porn star. They get paid more than we ever will to blow leads and suck constantly. Not to mention that everybody has scored on them.

furiousBall said...

Worst loss of the year right there.

Bob D said...

Worst loss of the year and an extra day to fume about it! Violence will be up in Philly for the next day or 2.

SirAlden said...

I am wondering if that is the worst loss in Phillies history.

Robinson is a great fielder, made and error, and on the last play had the double tip off his glove.
If he had made the catch the ballgame would have been over.


Mets lost.

das411 said...

a belated congrats to Carson and the newest sbGM!!

Good thing this team will be a hell of a lot better by the time he's able to watch these games than they are today. Can we count down the days until Lieber, Garcia, Gordon, et al are no longer Phils yet?

Maria said...

Note to Charlie Manuel: Speed doesn't mean defense. It's so much more disappointing to listen to it on the radio.

They should have been 4-2 on the road trip and end up going 2-4. Obviously they're still in it mathematically but it's hard to stay optimistic when the bullpen is goddamn inconsistent and you can't hold a 5-0 lead. It's funny how they lost the 2 games where Chase had 3 hits but ended up winning the game when he goes 0-4.

I still hope they make the playoffs but it's going to take a strong homestand. At least 5-2.

GM-Carson said...

I'm still wondering as to why Tom Gordon was ever brought into yesterday's game to begin with. He pitched the day before, and the lead was rather large at the time he came in. There were plenty other options out there for the inbred retard Manuel to choose from.

GM-Carson said...

I wish Brett Myers would knock the shit outta himself...what's your excuse this time pussy?! Seriously, I'm starting to dislike Myers. Last season the entire wife beating thing soured me, but then he started to turn around his public persona, but then this year he gets wrapped up in this "closer" thing and starts bitching about his entry music and then bitches about his home park and gets mad a reporter for questioning him...suck it up and pitch you asshole!