Saturday, September 01, 2007

7th Heaven?

With their 9-2 victory over the Florida Marlins last night in Miami the Phillies have climbed to 10 games over .500 (72-62) for the first time this season and also have won 6 straight dating back to last Sunday. During the past week the Phils have gotten themselves in a position to make a run at both the NL East division leading Mets and whatever team is currently in the Wild Card lead (flip-flopping Arizona and San Diego). We know 6-Finger-Ant has got us covered to this point through a 6 game winning streak, but what happens when we reach 7 in a row today? Maybe that inbred Manuel is hiding a 7-toed foot under them there cleats...sweet Jeebus, that would be 7th heaven!


News & Notes:
*Russell Branyan has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for the fabled Player To Be Named Later. I heard PTBNL has a helluva curveball.

*Cole Hamels' return has been put on hold...who could have predicted this? ME! This organization is full of liars. Current diagnosis on Hamels is "minimal pain" in his left elbow and will be rested for at least another 6 days. My guess, out for the remainder of the season.

*Speedster Michael Bourn is on the mend, but still has some swelling in his severely sprained ankle and is probably about 2 more weeks away from game action.

*Kane Davis, who topped out at 96 mph and pitched 2 scoreless innings of relief last night, became the Phillies 28th pitcher used this season. Good job Patty G!

*Kyle Kendrick is everything we could have hoped for and more (8-3 w/ 3.79 era and 1.25 whip). This kid has the poise and composure to be a successful starting pitcher for seasons to come. His pitches are nothing spectacular, but he never seems to lose focus even in unfavorable situations...staff savior this season.

*Chase Utley currently owns the NL's highest batting average, upping it to .341 with a 2 hit performance last night...MVP?

*Jayson Werth is the man right now. Over the past 10 games he is 21-35, that's a bodacious .600 batting average. He may have been almost entirely werthless for the 1st part of the season, but he just like Pat "The Bat" Burrell have experienced a rebirth in the 2nd half.

*I mention Chase Utley as a MVP candidate, but what about our ol' standby Jimmy Rollins? Try these numbers on for size- .296 avg, 117 r, 173 h, 34 dbl, 15 trpl, 24 hr, 76 rbi, 27 sb, and a .875 OPS.

Here's the best part of 7th Heaven- Mary Camden (aka Jessica Biel).



Bob D said...

Correction: Werth is 16 for his last 24 at bats a 666 batting average.

As for MVP Rollins and Utley may hurt each others chances a little being on the same team. But they are both likely to be in the top 5 in voting.

Today's pitching match up looks good for the Phillies. Durbin is showing good composure in the rotation. He along with Kendrick should get some votes for Rookie of the Year. They will not win the award because Milwakee 3B Braun should be a runaway winner. Kendrick now leads all rookies with 8 wins, while Durbin has 6- make that 7 as the Phils extend thier winning streak to 7.

GM-Carson said...

The Brew Crew's Ryan Braun and Ass-tros Hunter Pence will get the majority of the NL R.O.Y. votes, but Kendrick will certainly get some consideration, and if Durbin can post a couple more wins, him too.

Bob D- my math on Werth was way off. Over his past 10 games, he's 21 for 35...holy shit!

klkatz said...

momementum means a lot going into the final stretch... and we have momentum. Will undoubtedly be an exciting september.

Bob D said...

I feel the Phils putting up a 10 spot on Florida today. That would be awesome.
There are 3 teams right now 2 games ahead of the Phils. If they can catch 1 of them and keep everyone behind them away, they will be playoff bound. I really like our chances. San Diego has been good lately, but Arizona and even more so the Mets have been slipping some lately.

Oh yeah, lets not forget about Ruiz as he has put up an impressive rookie year behind the plate. Nothing spectacular but very solid all around. He should get some consideration for ROY.

GM-Carson said...

Carlos Ruiz is a very solid defensive catcher, with decent speed on the base paths, and his offense is decent for the 8 hole of the lineup. I really like the catching tanden of him and Chris Coste.

A 10 spot for the Phightin's would be awesome...hopefully The Real Deal Durbin can hold them to under that amount.

kentucky phils phan said...

i really hope that cole isn't out the rest of the season, that'd be bad...but you are right about chase, he deserves MVP i think no doubt. .341 average!? it's crazy how good of a hitter he is. unstoppable. and kendrick and hamels will anchor the rotation for years i think. i've got a good feeling about this team, they just never give up.

Los said...

I have to apologize to Jayson Werth for calling him Jayson "Werth-less" earlier this season ... what a turn-around!

Jacobin said...

It's cool to learn that Corey, Carson, and myself all have October birthdays. We all deserve Phillies' baseball during that time of the year!

All the suggestions for there being a 10-spot tonight have turned out to be correct. Too bad it's the Marlins putting up the runs tonight instead of the Phils. The way things started out, it looked like it was going to be a slugfest between the two teams, but then the Phillies failed to get runs home.

Blech. The damn Mets had to win today.

Bob D said...

I noticed something about this game early on with that Ump. When Durbin hit Uggla (I'm sure not intentional) as the 2nd batter, the Ump issued a warning to both teams. Larry Anderson stated the best "What an idiot" and "that was a stupid call" and "he doesn't know the game of baseball". Anyway I played back the rest of that inning and Durbin did not throw 1 pitch to the inside of the plate or even the inside of the strike zone. The Ump really rattled Durbin and probably cost him the game.
Condrey pitched a few good innings however he allowed all 3 inherited runners in the 1st score. Mesa and Alfonseca pitched poorly also. Only Rosario with 4K's pitched well.

SirAlden said...

I was worried about Durbin, who had to warm up during the last game with the Mets.

We will get them next time.

Rosario was topping out in the high 90's.

Go Phils.

GM-Carson said...

These fricken 10 spots against our pitching staff are disgusting. I know it will happen a few times over the course of a season, but that's the 16th already this season that it's happened. On the flip side, the Padres have 17!

Last night's game sucked, with a capital SUCK.

marit said...

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