Sunday, September 23, 2007

76 And Done Counting

What does 76 mean to Philadelphia this weekend?

The number of points scored by the Swedish National Football Team, errr, the Eagles against the Lions? No.

The number of fingers on El Pulpo's left hand? No.

The name of both the basketball team and the greatest stretch of paved road east of the Mississippi? Well, yes, but no.

The number of pitches the staff ace throws before coming out of a one run game after the fifth inning at the end of the playoff race in a game that could have put the Phils in the pole position for the Wild Card? You got it!

I don't want to hear about being cautious and about all the years Cole and his chiropractor will be contributing to the Phillies cause. I don't want to hear about magical, mysterious pitch count numbers that mean abso-freakin-lutely nothing. [Contrary to popular belief, a coaching staff CANNOT predict the number of pitches it takes to cause an arm injury.] I don't want to hear about any of it. I want to make the playoffs. I don't want the staff ace to hand the ball over to El Pulpo or Geoff Geary or Kane "Unable" Davis after only 76 pitches. I want him to "clutch up", take the ball, and win a ballgame.
The Phils dropped to 2.5 games behind the Mets. Thankfully though, Greg Maddux went Gavin Floyd in San Diego yesterday and the Phils remain 1/2 game out of the Wild Card.

Also, we should all send thank you cards to Milton Bradley, for putting Mike Camerson "day-to-day" after stepping on his hand and then injuring himself arguing with the umpire.



SirAlden said...

Agreed on Hamels. Dubee is a tool of the owners.

Bradley of the Padres is getting an MRI today on his knee. Ah... the baseball gods.

Even though we are a half game behind the Padres in the Wild Card Race,

has us rated at having a 43.44% chance at the wild card to the Padres 34.41% . This may be due to the strength of the schedule, chances of the Padres taking the NL WEST, but I'll take it!

Bob D said...

A loss by the Padres today will put the wildcard in a tie. The Mets lose today and we will be 2 out and not 3, making a tie likely if the Phils can run the rest of the schedule out.

Bob D said...

The bullpen needs todays rest

SirAlden said...

2 Wins Against The Cards - CHECK!

3 Wins Against The Nationals - CHECK!

2 Wins Against The Braves

2 Wins Against The Nationals

We need to go 4-2 .667

9 Wins -- 89-63

The good news is the Phightin's are at home for the last 6 games of the season, tonight will be a big night, if the Padres and or Mets lose tonight the Phillies will be Tied in the Wild Card, and 2 back in the Division Race.

Will 89 now be enough?
5-1 will give us 90 Wins.
6-0 will give us 91 Wins.

Tony said...

I was so angry when Hamels came out of the game. Aside from the mess in the first, he'd been fine. He obviously hadn't thrown that many pitches. If we need a PH to get Dobbs home, yes, I would've agreed. But when Ruiz got Dobbs home in the 6th, the only right move is to pull the PH back and send Hamels to the bat AND pitch the 6th. Brain dead coaching.

Did Manuel seriously think LaForest was going to do anything, much less drive Ruiz in from first?

chuckm said...

The way I see it is that even if Cole was kept in for another inning, the Phils were out of relievers and runs would eventually be given up. My gripe with the staff was that they couldnt get the Phillies to stop overswinging on that stiff Hanrahan.

GM-Carson said...

I know this next statement may be unpopular, but I'm going to make it- Cole Hamels needs to grow a set of balls and quit being a pussy. Screw pitch counts, his ass should have been in the game until he was tired an ineffective.

Also- I saw the Milton Bradley argument/injury- that guy is a jackass!

GM-Carson said...

By the way, those Eagles jerseys are ugly as sin. Do they think they're the UCLA Bruins or something?

chuckm said...

Carson- Cole didnt beg off pitching, it was the staff (or one of the Powers That Be) that was adamant about the pitch count. Cole was being diplomatic, but it was obvious from the comments he made in the press that he felt like he could keep pitching and was disappointed that he was taken out.

Jacobin said...

We need 90 wins, but 91 would be even better. The upcoming games against Atlanta have us facing Smoltz and Hampton, which is no easy task. If they take 2 or 3 against the Braves, they then need to run the table against the Nationals. This off day also allows the team to skip Eaton in the rotation if they so choose... let me put my two cents in: SKIP EATON! (think of it as being like going on a diet and eating less earned runs)

BenJah said...

i've never seen them, but i'm pretty sure cole has a set. probably a pretty good one judging by his playboy-model wife. i know you're probably feeling good about yourself since you know your's works (or at least the mailman's does), but we've seen this crap all season long from fuqua and upper management. why are you giving hamels shit for exiting early?? i'm not telling the drama queen not to throw a fit, i'm just reminding you to put it in the right place.

furiousBall said...

I think that Cole can continue being a pussy, but grow the balls. He'd be like a bad ass tranny.

Corey said...

"why are you giving hamels shit for exiting early?? " - because i want hamels, as the staff ace, to be a leader on this team. that would have been a good time to step-up and say to "i'm not coming out of this game." and maybe he did, and it is completely unjust criticism. and you're right, the majority of the blame does fall on "management," but a true leader would not have come out of that game. curt schilling is a total tool, but you would have had to drag him away from the mound that day. we all want to cole to be a great pitcher and lead this team, and it was disappointing to see him come out of the game, because it showed he still has a way to go.

SirAlden said...

Dear Santa,

Please help our Phillies have the most plate appearances in history they need 236 PA's in the last 6 games, or 39.33 per game to go down in history.

Please help Jimmy Rollins get at least 2 triples, 1 homerun, and 10 RBI's would be very nice.

Please help Ryan Howard get at least 2 runs scored, 14 total bases, and a mess of home runs.

Please help Chase Utley get at least 3 doubles, 10 total bases, and 1 stolen bases.

Please help Pat Burrell get at least 1 homerun, and 6 RBI's.

Please help Aaron Rowand at least 2 RBI's.

Thanks Santa!

BenJah said...

there is no way to know how cole reacted to getting pulled early. he did what his boss told him, and was calm in front of the that really bad??

SirAlden said...

Mota is melting down in the 8th.

10-3 Nationals!

Looks like we get the first of 2 defeats we are hoping for tonight.


BloodStripes said...

Mets were dominating Washington earlier in the season. They are getting smacked.

I agree about Hamels. A while back I mentioned he needs to toughen up. I understand you gotta be careful sometimes but the bloody season is on the line.

Jacobin said...

Washington pounds the Mets and San Fran is up 7-3 on San Diego in the fourth! C'mon bitches, lose!

If the Phillies are in a tie with the Padres tomorrow, I will feel damn good about the wild card chances. Milton Bradley is a punk, and karma is certainly a bitch as the guy tears his ACL continuing his punk-ass ways.

Jacobin said...

Giants tack on some more to go up 9-4 in the seventh! Let's see those Padres lose! Ugh... why am I still up? My bedtime was long ago... oh well, see you all tomorrow when the Phillies are sharing the lead for the wild card!

SirAlden said...

Lackluster Mets and Padres both lose!


Tied for the Wild Card, 2 games back in the NL EAST.

6 games to go may the best men win.

BloodStripes said...

Its now a 6 game season. Phils well rested and ready to go at home. The time is now boys to turn it up a notch. I hope Jamie Moyer, Brad Penny and Matt Cain all pitch gems.

BloodStripes said...

Hanging for tomorrows action. I'd get the snip to be in Philadelphia this week.

The Phightin's have come close too many times. This year its just gotta happen. The last few years experience should see them through. NY and SD are playing crappy ball. Sew up the wild card and chase for the division boys!

GM-Carson said...

I knew my opinion on Hamels wouldn't be well received, and that's fine by me. I feel that over the course of his minor and major league career he's fallen short in big situations and had "minor" injuries that have "MAJOR" impact on the team. Management may be the sole blame here, but I believe Cole shares in it.

Anyway- happy times- tied for the Wild Card and 2 back of the East.