Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2026 1st Round Draft Pick

Say hello to the Phillies future 2026 1st round draft pick- Collier Chase. He may seem small now, but he is mighty. At the height of his maturation he will be a 6'5" 225 pound power pitching lefty. Accompanying his blistering 97 mph fastball will be a lasso-like change-up and a devastating breaking ball with more slide than a trombone. Early scouting reports include- excellent athletic family tree, great clubhouse presence, quality baseball "smarts", understands the art of pitching, and nearly unhittable stuff.


The Truth About the Cardinals:

They enjoy handling each other's bat and balls.

They take extra pleasure in the Pujols.



GM-Carson said...

Isn't my boy cute?!

Offense has put up back-to-back 10 spots and we've needed them. The offense needs to keep giving the craptastic pitching staff runs to work with...and then some.

Cole Hamels makes his comeback tonight...thank goodness!

Gert said...

Nice blog!

Off topic:

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Jacobin said...

Nice in-season pickup your family made there... cute kid!

Maria said...

Cute kid. I think there's something wrong with the father though.

Cole pitches today. Hopefully pitching doesn't implode again. I almost had a heart attack at 17.

GM-Carson said...

Here's an interesting excerpt from ESPN.com's Page 2 on the 100 Players Fans Love to Hate-


26. Dick Allen, Philadelphia Phillies and elsewhere: The Albert Belle of his era, Allen was a fearsome power hitter who was still hated in Philly. Some of the abuse, including a stream of racial epithets from fans, was unwarranted. But Allen often came across as immature and selfish: He once missed a doubleheader against the Mets because he went to see a horse race that morning and got caught in traffic on the way back, then walked out on the White Sox with two weeks to go in the 1974 season.

27. Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies: Yes, they even hated the greatest third baseman in major league history. Schmidt's reserved demeanor on the field gave some the perception that he was aloof, a trait Phillies fans hated most when Schmidt would walk back to the dugout after striking out. In related news, Philly fans, while incredibly loyal to their teams, are also insane.

28. Scott Rolen, Philadelphia Phillies: Hated because he wasn't Mike Schmidt.

29. Von Hayes, Philadelphia Phillies: Another former Phillie who lacked passion, Hayes also carried the twin burdens of being a good, but not great player, and of being acquired in an infamous, lopsided traded with the Indians. In reference to the trade, Hayes earned the unflattering nickname "Five-for-One."

30. Bobby Abreu, Philadelphia Phillies: Perpetually underrated offensive player who derives a lot of value from his great batting eye. Or from Phillies fans' perspective: lazy, good-for-nothing albatross who couldn't get out of town fast enough.

31. Pat Burrell, Philadelphia Phillies: Why do Phillies fans hate him? Let's see: No. 1 overall pick, signed to a $50 million contract, terrible defender, who strikes out more than almost anyone else in baseball. On the other hand, Burrell's also one of the baseball's most dangerous power hitters when he's on his game. Watching Phillies fans figure out how to deal with Burrell's recent hot streak has been a rare treat.

*I don't hate any of them. Schmidt is one of my all-time favorites, I'm happy as hell Burrell is back to being "the Bat", I always liked Abreu, Von Hayes is nostalgic, Dick Allen has "dick" in his name, but oh wait- I do hate the fag Cardinal Rolen though.

GM-Carson said...

"Cute kid. I think there's something wrong with the father though."
You're right, the dumb bastard is a Phillies fan.

Bob D said...

He is definitely a first round pick, the father should not endanger his child by being a Philly fan whose team always finishes 2 games out.
I hope I never see that T-shirt ever! Never Ever!

Jacobin said...

I saw that article on ESPN also... there are two other Phils on it, but not in the Phillies division. Mitch Williams is on the list, as is Jose Mesa.

Scott Rolen's whining really got me to feeling like I hated him before he got out of Philly and for about a season after he left. Now, I just don't care. He's pulling the same kind of bitch and moan thing out in St. Louis this year apparently.

I never particularly liked Von Hayes, but the 5-for-1 trade wasn't his doing so I never really held that against him.

I didn't hate Bobby Abreu, but I got sick of watching him jog in to get balls that would bounce once or twice before reaching him. There was something infuriating about it that made you believe this guy was turning outs into singles by showing zero hustle.

Dick Allen is well before my time, and as for Pat Burrell... it's a love-hate relationship with that guy. I'll be pulling like hell for him and he'll be turning in a season that feels like he's spitting in your face... then he turns around and looks like a hell of a ballplayer when you're ready to give up on him.

I think there are Phillies that we all really do hate, but they didn't get mentioned. Where's David Bell or Danny Sandoval? How about Chad Ojea or Omar Daal? Or how about the people we really despise, that anti-Phillie knob goblin Bill Giles and the Gang of Seven ownership group!?!?

BenJah said...

pat and bobby aren't hated nearly as much as david bell and fuqua. just saying.

BloodStripes said...

Cute kid alright. Good to see our Phillies future is secure. Welcome to fatherhood GM. Trying to teach your son that baseballs and throw-able objects are meant for outside play only can be difficult. Make sure you get plenty of those soft murph ball things. My son took a while to learn but it has been worth it. He has a very strong arm and great location for a 2 year old.

I'm sure you will be a great coach and an even better dad. Well done.

Los said...

Make sure that this lefty is a little less fragile than Cole Hammels, please!

Jacobin said...

Bases loaded in the 10th with one out... can we get someone home? Grand slam hero Dobbs comes to the plate and... lousy fielding equals a run scored!

Jacobin said...

...and that lead disappears quickly in the bottom of the 10th as Myers picks up a blown save. Onto the 11th inning...

Jacobin said...

The game goes to at least the 12th inning. Damn. I have a staff meeting early tomorrow morning. Looks like I'll be going to bed not knowing if the Phillies could pull within 1.5 of the Mets. Hmm... looks like San Diego is winning yet again.

SirAlden said...

Hope Collier Chase does not use Scott Boras, but the Phillies Ownership Team of Rollins-Utley-Howard, should definately sign him for above slot.

BloodStripes said...

Winning pitcher - Mesa
Save - Condrey
Go ahead RBI - Rod Barge-arse!!!

Are you kidding. Phightin' Phils or what?

Mets are packing lumpies. Phillies only 1 1/2 out for the division lead.

Fuck yeah!!!

SirAlden said...

Five hours four minutes, for the longest game of the year, for the Phillie's sixth straight.

Contributions by Doghouse Residents Barajas, and Nunez flashing the leather with Rollins in the bottom of the 14th.

Everyone has fallen by the way-side in both the NL EAST and the WILD CARD. The Braves are 5.5 back in the East, The Dodgers with a double header loss to The Rockies now are 4.5 back in the Wild Card. The Rockies with the win are tied at 4.5 back with the Dodgers.


The Phillies are 1.5 Games Back of The Mets in the NL EAST, and 1.5 Games back of The Padres in the WILD CARD RACE.

Counter to what people believed, the NL West did not create multiple contenders for the Wild Card. The teams all bloodied each other.

Not one but Two Chances At The Postseason with 11 games to go.

1 with St. Louis, 7 with Washington, and 3 with Atlanta.

Two teams the Mets and the Padres, two ways to win.

Great Team. T.E.A.M.

"The Comeback Wiz Kids"

SirAlden said...

2 Wins Against The Cards - CHECK!

5 Wins Against The Nationals

2 Wins Against The Braves

9 Wins -- 89-63

das411 said...

Congrats Carson!! Hopefully he helped you stay up for all 14 innings tonight!

(and seriously, if anybody's not sold on JWerth by now there's nothing else he can do for you. Two triples, two steals, big RBIs, big catches, who needs that bum Victorino when #28 is out there?!?)

Jacobin said...

A win in 14 innings! You'd think the damn Padres would lose a game or two at some point.

BloodStripes said...

Just keep winning Phils.

chuckm said...

Anybody from Philly driving down to one of the games in DC this weekend?

furiousBall said...

Cute kiddo, remember bind that right arm to his side at least until age 5.

Jacobin said...

Going down to DC is tempting, but I don't think I've got the resources to pull that off this year.

Lake Fred said...

Cute baby. Enjoy him while he's little. They grew up quick, while you grow old and slow.

CLARE. said...

Oh, that baby! As my roommate would say, "I wanna smoosh it!"

Cole looked...off...last night. He's looked better, and he's looked worse. He needs to get his rhythm back.