Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Minus 1, Plus 1

Yesterday the Phils lost for the 65th time this season and it was also their third straight loss, now falling 5 behind the Mets for the NL East and 3 behind the D'backs for the Wild Card. Things are getting dicey as each game lost at this point in the season seems to be a minus 1 in the standings. Chase Utley did his part to try and lead the Phils to victory, but failure becomes the Phils as the rest of the team failed to show up. Just like most games, I watched this one on tv, but this one was different because I was in a hospital room...labor/delivery room. Yep, I'm now officially a daddy! I'm pleased to announce that yesterday my wife and I welcomed Collier Chase into this world (plus 1). His mommy is a Braves fan, and I of course a Phils, so how appropriate was it to have those 2 teams playing on the blessed day?


Take Him, Please!:
ESPN's rumor central is reporting that the Astros are interested in our assistant GM, Ruben Amaro Jr., as their real GM. I'd be more than happy to send Amaro packing for the hot Texas heat, because when Patty G ships outta Philly we'll be left with Ruben to run this organization...right into the ground. He already lies through the side of his mouth about injuries and hypes up crap-o-riffic players while only being the assistant, so just imagine what this snake would do if in charge. This wouldn't be the first time we sent him packing, as the Phils traded Amaro after the '93 season to Cleveland for what would become our All-Star closer Heathcliff Slocumb. So, I'll take a package of Brad Lidge and Hunter Pence from Houston for the rights to Amaro.



Jacobin said...

Congratulations! Your September call-up is much, much more impressive than any of the roster moves the Phillies made.

Rather than direct you to some site that will tell you Charlie Sheen turned 42 yesterday or that September 3 is the feast day of Saints like Pope Gregory I or Marinus, I'll direct your attention to what went down on that date in baseball history! --> This Day in Baseball, September 3

Again, congratulations and God bless the little one.

BloodStripes said...

Pence for Amaro? Now there is a good trade.

Thats hilarious that the ballgame was on in the delivery room. What a crackup. Mums team and Dads team as well. Classic. It was meant to be mate.

Cutting the cord is mad eh? Its so rubbery. Then holding your own only minutes born is the best feeling ever. Once again. Congratulations Carson.

Looking forward to Collier's Phillie debut in about 20 years.

Bob D said...

Congratulations! Now will he be a Brave fan or a Philly fan or will he settle for a team between the 2 like a Nationals fan?

GM-Carson said...

Collier will end up being a Phils Phan, because he'll grow up watching them with his papa and grow to love/hate them the same way I do. I do know Luis Gonzalez (aka Gonzo) has a September 3rd b-day.

Since I gave Collier, Chase as the middle name, do you think Utley will come to the christening? j/k

michael said...

no but I bet former Phil minor leaguer Lou Collier will come in his place. congrats hopefully your son will have a baseball career like Chase than like Collier.

Lake Fred said...

Congratulations to Carson and the Mrs. on producing a baby boy while the Phillies lose to the Braves. It's momma's day, so that is why the Braves won. (She does 99% of the work on the birth day.)

goDuke said...

Congrats man... now the real fun begins... and people will start asking you when to expect the next one!

Skeeter said...

Congratulations buddy! You now have a very legitimate distraction from the Phillies if they fall out of the October picture. Good luck with the little guy.

Jarex said...

Get the kid throwing from the left side immediately - first time he goes for the spoon with his right hand, smack that thing away.


chuckm said...


Jacobin said...

Yeah, I wouldn't expect Utley to come to the christening, but if you send him a birth announcement (with picture) and a note talking about how huge a Phillies fan you are, I wouldn't doubt you'd at least get an autograph for the kid :)

CLARE. said...

Mazel tov! Let's talk about your baby instead of the three-game slide we're currently mired in. How big, does he look more like you or your wife, have you already lashed his right hand to his side to make him a lefty?

Congratulations, Carson.

Andy said...

congratulations GM-Carson;

I'll tell you what everyone told me 5 years ago: your life is REALLY gonna change.

While they meant that to be scary, we have discovered it's true in lots of amazing, wonderful ways. Best blessings on your whole family.

And kudos on the name.

furiousBall said...

Congrats Carson. I like that name a lot and very happy you didn't opt for Alfonseca or Eaton as a first name.

Bob D said...

Could've named him Jimmy Shane Chase Ryan Pat Aaron Greg Carlos - so you had the whole lineup in there. At least he wasn't named after the pitching rotation. Look ahead to many blog entries at 3AM with many misspelled words due to you will be seeing blurry. Better use that spell check.

On another note the Phils claimed a catcher from the Padres "The Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday claimed catcher Pete Laforest off waivers from the San Diego Padres.

Laforest, 29, appeared in 10 games for the Padres this season, batting .360 (9-for-25). He was designated for assignement Friday.

In 86 games at Class AAA Portland, Laforest batted .230 with 29 homers and 72 RBI."
He is a 29 year old left handed hitter who throws righty. He has appeared in the Majors in 2003,2005, and this yearbriefly.

SirAlden said...



SirAlden said...

Ruben sadly is a Hispanic Step and Fetch It, in the Wade mode.

If he gets in, you guys will rue the day that you did not appreciate PG, for his adult balance against the owners.

SirAlden said...

Let's Play Two!

Let's Win Two!

Maximis said...

Congratulations on the new baby.

A future Phillie, I'm sure.

BenJah said...

wow, congradulations!! i'm very happy for you, carson: if you father anything like you blog, your son will be a wonderful personality!!

i'm also happy to hear that he has "chase" in his name. but why did you name him after lou collier?? he kinda sucked, no?? either way, best of luck to you and your family.

Los said...

Congrats, Carson!!!! Hopefully, you will win out and the baby will become a Phillies fan ... wait, that might not be the best scenario, actually ...

GreggyD said...

Congrats Carson!!!!! The birth of a new baby has to be one of the best moments, if not the top moment in a man's life. Nice choice of name as well. I wish you and the Mrs. all the best. It will be a lot of hard work, but it will be so worth it.

Congrats again!!!!

Bob said...

Congrats on the new baby! You will love being a father.

P.S. Stand Pat Gillick & Amaro suck as GM's.

Bob D said...

And in celebration of Collier Chase's birth, the Phils win it.

Jacobin said...

We needed a win so badly after dropping three straight! Too bad the damn Mets won again tonight. The Phils need to win again tomorrow. 90 wins or bust!

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for all the "congrats" everyone. I'm back from my day at the hospital (a good one). Collier (a family name, not after Lou Collier) is doing great and so is his mama.

Not winning the Marlins' series sucked. They are a very bad team that we should have taken 2 outta 3 or swept, but instead - choke! This month of September is going to be interesting, but I'm very afraid the Phils have pissed away too many opportunities (April, and close games).

GM-Carson said...

By the way for those that care- Collier Chase was 21 inches and 8.7 pounds, and to his daddy's approval seems to be favoring the left hand.

Pete LaForest is a good pickup if the Phils can keep him in the minors next season, because he's a good insurance policy in the minors should a catcher go down. LaForest is from Canada and is actually French-Canadian, as his real 1st name is Pierre-Luc.

GM-Carson said...

My homeboy Jayson Startk had this to say about my boy Chase Utley's shot at the MVP- Leads the league in: Average, hit by pitch
Top five in: Doubles, slugging, on-base percentage, runs created per 27 outs
Scoring position: 40 for 132, .303 (66 RBIs in 157 RISP plate appearances)

It isn't so much that Utley could miss a month and still be heading for 50 doubles, 80 extra-base hits, 100 RBIs and 100 runs scored. It isn't so much that he might win a batting title, or that he has transformed himself from a defensive clunker into a Gold Glove-type second baseman. There's just something about all the energy this guy emits, the tone he sets, the relentless pace he plays at. He's one of those rare players everybody in the sport admires -- guys on his team, guys on the other team, the GMs who wish they'd drafted him and the stat guys who love crunching his numbers. Utley was the clear MVP favorite when he broke his hand. Then his team acted like it never wanted to lose again for the first week after he came back. Why do we think that's not a coincidence?

*Basically he's saying Chase deserves the NL hardware this season.

He also ranks J-Roll 4th:
Leads the league in: Runs, triples, total bases, extra-base hits (tied), multi-hit games
Top five in: Hits
Scoring position: 37 for 133, .278 (54 RBIs in 156 RISP plate appearances)

About the only two people in Philadelphia who haven't gotten hurt this year are Rollins and Harry Kalas. So Rollins gets points just for being a nonstop energizer on a team that easily could have wallowed in its own bad luck. But he gets more points for having one of the great seasons by a shortstop in National League history. He's going to obliterate the post-1900 NL records for most extra-base hits by a shortstop (82, by Robin Yount) and most runs scored by a shortstop (132, by Pee Wee Reese) -- and has a legit shot at A-Rod's modern major-league records in both departments (91 and 141, respectively). He's the most underrated defensive shortstop in baseball. His impact on the clubhouse is undeniable. And unlike Utley, who has put up much bigger numbers at Citizens Bank Hitters Paradise, Rollins' home/road splits are almost indistinguishable. So it's hard to believe how little MVP conversation this man has generated, considering the year he's had.