Sunday, August 12, 2007

WSBGM's - Hair Edition

In both the first and third games in this series with Atlanta, the Braves jumped out in the top of the first with runs and it appeared as if it was going to be a long night. And both times the starter settled in (Hamels, Moyer) and the Phils were able to come back and notch victories. This usually doesn't happen for the Phightins, especially against the Braves.

I thought Moyer was done in the first, but the old man still has some fight in him. My only problem with Moyer was his hair (see picture above.) Dude needs a trim. What is with the "upwardly mobile" hairs that seem to be running away from his ears? When hairs on the side of your head grow vertically you end up looking like either Wolverine or that dude from Flock of Seagulls. Either way, not the best of looks.
Jayson Werth did have a run scoring hit last night, so I can't rip him too bad, but what was up with that pitiful effort to score on Nunez's hit in the fourth inning. He should have rolled the catcher, at minimum a hard slide into home. A Baryshnikov toe-tap around Brian McCann should not have been on his list of options. Stopping short of home and discussing the pros and cons of tagging him out would have been equally successful and far less....well, David Bell-like. And since I'm talking about Werth and I've mentioned a player's hair already once tonight, have you seen this guy with his helmet/hat off? Is that a perm? Whatever it is, it's scary. And when he grows his facial hair out and combines it with that overgrown hedge on his melon, he looks like the freaking wolfman.
Wild Card
The win keeps the Phils one game behind San Diego. They need at least 4 of the 6 road games against Washington and Pittsburgh, because they come home to LA, SD and NYM. Ouch.
Enjoy the off day!



SirAlden said...

Moyers has gone 4-0 in his last five starts with Abe Nunez as his thirdbaseman.

Nunez was excellent fielding Sunday Night even made a Webgem.

If you judge Nunez as a Starter he sux. If you judge him as the team's back up glove/utility player to cover 3B SS 2B he could be tbe best in the National League and well worth his moola.

Thomas Perez was great for 1.5 years with timely hits and shaving cream pies, doing the step and fetch-it routine got him an extra 2 years and paychecks in the Majors.

Nunez as the utility infielder is Aces in my book - a great up grade on Thomas ~no mas~

SirAlden said...

A.J. Happ and his first major league win coming up on Friday.

SirAlden said...

BTW excellent use of the Bullpen -Manuel with the off day coming up.

Some credit here?

Corey said...

sure, i give manuel credit for making basic pitching changes that any monkey with a scorecard and the ability to waddle to the mound and wave his right or left hand in the air could do. the bullpen pitching was excellent, the use of the bullpen was typical and average.

GM-Carson said...

That was a pretty good game last night. I was scared of a blowout coming with that top of the 1st by Moyer, but Grand Pappy settled in and gave us 6.1 solid innings. Bullpen came in then locked down, they were awesome last nigth. Did you see Brett Myers staring down the hitters between pitches...loved it!

Steve Smith is horrible. How many players has he haphazardly sent this season and how many has he retardedly held?

GM-Carson said...

By the way, did anyone hear Joe Morgan say, "Pat Burrell can run"? I almost spit up the milk I was drinking when that idiot said that. Really, Morgan is horrible!

GM-Carson said...

Afterward, the Braves let their frustrations be heard. "It was a little fly ball," said Braves manager Bobby Cox of Ryan Howard's opposite-field three-run homer. "It goes out here and Cincinnati. Maybe Houston [with] the short porch. But if we get the call ... "

*Alright, I'm not going to fool myself into believing the Brick Cit House is a pitcher friendly or even neutral park, but if it's so damn easy to hit homeruns in why didn't the Braves go deep last night and why was Howard's homerun the only homerun? Shut your cry-baby traps you little whiny losers! And as far as that "call" goes, the umps had balls and made the right shut up yet again Braves! I guess when you have a string of 14 years you get accustomed to "getting" calls, like a Maddux strike 6-8 inches off the plate.

Bob D said...

391 feet? That would have left nearly half of the stadiums. Dobbs is the best utility infielder on the team. Kind of reminds me of 1993 and Mario Duncan.

Manuel was non-commital on whether Eaton will start on his next turn. Sounds like a decent chance for Happ or Durbin. If its Happ then we should see either Geary or Condrey go back to the Minors. (I'm not sure whos left on the carousel we call a bullpen)

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- I agree Dobbs is a helluva utility bench player, but where did that comment come from? Also, Gas Can was sent down to make room for Branyan.

Let Eaton pitch long relief, we can't continue suffering through his starts expecting to stay in this playoff chase.

GM-Carson said...

Never mind Bod D- I now see why you brought Dobbs up, because Sir Alden was singing the praises of No-Hit Nunez. Nunez does have a helluva glove, but his bat is weak.

Corey said...

carson, you were drinking milk? breast or formula?

GM-Carson said...

Straight from the teat my friend, of a cow that is. Betsy is my barn yard buddy.

Maria said...

Joe Morgan and John Miller did pose an interesting question...Who's a speedier runner? Pat or Jamie Moyer. Personally I think it's Jamie just because Pat is the slowest human out there.

Jacobin said...

The best utility infielder on this team is going to be Iguchi when Utley comes back, provided Gillick was sincere in saying that they weren't going to move Iguchi to third base.

Personally, I don't expect them to call Happ up again, but if they do and he gets shelled are we looking at the new Gavin Floyd?

GM-Carson said...

Grand Pappy beats The Bat in a foot race every time. Burrell is slower than rush hour traffic in LA.

GM-Carson said...

Phils record currently sits at 62 wins and 55 losses. There are only 45 games left to play, and they will have to go 30-15 to reach the predicted 92 wins I set for them prior to the season...doubtful.

furiousBall said...

J-Roll is the man, I know he has no chance for the MVP, but his season deserves some votes. He could be a 30-30 guy this year - awesome.

Bob D said...

And too think JRoll was an All-Star snub. But that also speaks greatly of the type of SS in the NL, let alone the NL East.

Hopefully Dobbs and Gooch will split time at 3rd.

CLARE. said...

Bob D, Gas Can Geary was sent back to Ottawa (DFA'd?) last week to make room for Condrey on the 25-man.

re: Joe Morgan saying Burrell can run. When your mom says, completely out of the blue, "These announcers stink. Who are these guys? They're awful. Where is Harry Kalas?" you know your play-by-play and color guys are idiots.

CLARE. said...

More to the topic of today's post and for a Ladies... perspective, I like to think Grampy Jamie is trying to learn a few things from the kids with that haircut.

Re: Jayson Werth. In his defense, he does not photograph well. He's much better looking while doing stuff. When he has a full goatee, he looks like Sheriff Bullock from Deadwood. Trust me, this is a good thing.

SirAlden said...

"I guess when you have a string of 14 years you get accustomed to "getting" calls, like a Maddux strike 6-8 inches off the plate. "

Absolutely correct!

Nice to see enemies whine.

SirAlden said...

Bob D was talking about Dobbs vs. No Hit Nunez.

Dobbs is a really great 3B 1B LF RF bench player, Nunez can cover 3B SS 2B.

Please don't get me wrong, I do not think the Philles always "fart flowers" the way my posts imply, I just want to balance the non-stop whining on other sites. I do not think Gillick makes 100% good calls, or Manuel is Bobby Cox, I think Gillick is a mature hand who is quietly working to undo the straight jacket that our team was in with Wade/Monty contracts, not trading any important piece away,
and collecting draft picks.

If you were Gillick and had signed Eaton which seemed like a fair enough risk compared to what others were getting at the time, would you be be wanting to throw money at marginals or save up for the Cabreras and Santanas and Bedards of the world?

As for fog-horn leg-horn in my head I counted 11 managers I would rather have than cholly, but I also counted 18 managers I would rather not have. I believe everyone screaming at most of his moves (that are no longer his moves they are Williams) is micro-management at it's worst.

A quarter of a decade of 100% gang of seven inherited wealth ownership, with 5 years now of just missing will destroy any fans mind. We are better off than the Pirates and 20 or so other teams, but we need some justice.

Saying that Iguchi was just a fall in the lap, and last night use of the bullpen was standard, and Nunez can't hit homeruns are all true statements. But there should credit coming back.

How should they be judged?

Well did they get us a point with 45 games left that we are in the race, which makes the turnstiles spin madly, and gives us cash to pay overslot for draft picks the way the big boys do.

We have a great team that is on the rise over the next 3-4 years, with serious CAP space (even though MLB does not have a CAP system). If you lead the league in runs 3 years in a row, and still have room for improvement at 3B, and there is mad cash for top pitcher, with about a half a dozen minor league arms coming along to trsde for that guy before he hits the FA market, then you done good.

Gillick has done good. And cholly has been ever the optimist who has helped and supported our hitters and kept everyone loose.

We need a new Pitching Coach, and we need a #1 lights out starter, and all the normal pieces an good GM can collect. Then this team will be right up there with the Schmidt, Bowa, Boone, Maddox, Carlton, Tug McGraw golden years of the franchise.

SirAlden said...

And Greg Luzinski in Left.

Bob D said...

Siralden has a point about the minors. At the end of next year we may start seeing some of the best prospects come out of the minors in the last few years. And these guys are quality guys. Both fielders/hitters and pitchers too. This is an area that Gillick has greatly improved. For any GM it takes 3 to 4 years for the minors to reflect how good a GM is. With Wade he was fairly good at that, but too many bad trades hurt the system. The Phils have a good number of strong prospects in A ball and now some being promoted to AA ball.

As for the other Gillick moves some have worked and some not so good. Most thought Eaton was a decent signing but not really horrible, I'm sure we all wanted Santana but that was a pipe dream. Werth has been so/so, Nunez has been painfull but so/so. Dobbs and Iguchi have been steals and very good ones. Barajas we knew he would have pop with little else and we all wanted Coste to play instead. And that is just a few. We still have a contender that will get stronger when Vic, Utley, and Bourn all return.

Jacobin said...

You forgot that we need a new third base coach. This guy is the pits. Other than that you make some good points, though my biggest fear is that this ownership group will find ways to screw things up rather than make them better (which is based on watching them under the stewardship of Anti-Phillie Bill Giles turn an impressive team and system into about 20 years of garbage).

SirAlden said...

The ownership could absolutely betray us and not spend the 45 Mil over the next 2 years.

But that will not be Gillick's fault.

SirAlden said...

No player in baseball has scored more runs in the past four seasons than Rollins' 461.


GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- your big ass post above was far and away your best one on WSBGM's ever...I think I understood every point you were trying to make.

Jimmy Rollins will get MVP consideration, with #'s like his you can't ignore.

So Clare you think Jayson Werth is hot sometimes? My wife thinks he's a huge sleezeball.

BloodStripes said...

Some great posts here crew. Good reading.

CLARE. said...

Oh, I hope Jimmy gets more than a few MVP votes. He deserves it. He's been so clutch and so consistent all year.

Carson, it sounds like your wife has inside information. Care to share that with the class?