Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

Pat Burrell - Heineken - A case of Heineken in the state of PA will run you more than 25 bucks, pretty expensive for a generic, mass-produced lager beer. It's not horrible, but in my opinion, it's terribly overpriced. They have flashy advertising that portrays Heineken as the "hip" beer and cans of beer that look like kegs (so radical, dude!) - so it appeals to the yuppies AND the chug-a-luggers who can't get enough kegged beer and don't like their money. It all adds up to people over-spending on their brew. That's pretty much Pat Burrell: flashy college career, top draft pick, solid numbers as a youngster and now he's an okay player who is severely overpaid, yet schmucks like me have this unrealistic vision of him as a much better player. Also, Heineken is a foreign beer, which for some people automatically makes it better. And Burrell is from Arkansas, which kind of is a foreign country...
Eaton On DL
Shoulder inflammation? Sure, whatever, I could give a crap, as long as he's not pitching for a while.
Now when his spot in the rotation comes around, the Phils might have a chance to pick up a win.
DC Futility
24 K's and 5 runs in 2 games.
But King Cole throws down tonight, so chalk up another series win for the Phightins. I guarantee it.



SirAlden said...

Phillies Sign Sampson

"The Phillies landed Washington high school righthander Julian Sampson (12th round) for $390,000.

MLB wants picks after the fifth round to receive no more than the last slotted bonus in the fifth round, which was $123,300 this year."

So thank you GM Pat Gillick for getting the owners to sign Sampson for $266,700 above what MLB's slot.


SirAlden said...

San Diego Lost

BloodStripes said...

Hamels needs to pull us through this series because all those strikeouts are gonna kill us.

I am not surprised that the Nats have done well this series. They are 19-13 since the All-Star break, including 12-3 at home, where they have won five consecutive series. They have been tough to beat so if the King wins the Phils have done well.

BenJah said...

you're not kidding about arkansas! i went there on business with my old job and it IS a foreign land. the people were really weird, and the pizza (if you could call it that) was incredibly bizzarre.

and heiniken is gross!

GM-Carson said...

I'm glad Eaton is on the DL. I'm pretty sure it's a fake injury, but whatever.

Since Corey is guaranteeing victory tonight I'm in a good mood, because a series win is still good. If the Phils keep winning series, we'll be in alright shape come the end of September.

GM-Carson said...

From a commenter on BeerLeaguer: Meanwhile, the news about Offerman made me realize (for some reason) that he has become the sixth member of the 2005 Phillies to have been arrested and/or have had charges filed against them, following the lead of Marlon Byrd, Terry Adams, Jason Michaels, Ugueth Urbina, and Brett Myers. That's got to rival even the '83 Royals for some kind of twisted team record.

*I knew of Myers, Michaels, and Urbina, but was unaware of Adams and Byrd.

Jacobin said...

Spending an extra $250k for a potential pitcher is a drop in the bucket compared to paying Gavin Eaton $8 million for the crap fest he's been this year and the $10 million Freddy Garcia's lone win cost.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils offense is slumping big time! From The top four hitters went 1-for-13 with two walks and a single (by Howard), continuing a collective August slump that may coincide with Chase Utley's absence from the lineup. Rollins is 9-for-48 (.189) since Aug. 2, Iguchi is 2-for-21 (.095) since Aug. 9 and Pat Burrell is 6-for-32 (.188) since being moved into the third spot on Aug. 5.

Howard is 4-for-24 (.167) with a homer and four RBIs since Aug. 8, and is hitting (.202) since Utley broke his hand on July 26. The Phillies struck out 24 times in the first two games of the series.


SirAlden said...

I wish we had brought up HAPP!

If it failed at least it would have looked as if it was pro-active.

Durbin might succeed but if he fails it will seem as "same old same old"

I wish we had brought up HAPP!

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- I'm not so sure Happ would have been the right decision. He pitched poorly in his MLB debut and has just recently gotten back on track in Ottawa after a very rough 1st half of the season. Let him in Triple A and keep experiencing success, because last thing I want is this kid turning into a headcase, aka Gavin Floyd.

Bob D said...

If the Phils do not activate Barajas and Eaton along with the other injured players before Sept 1, then they can use any other player in thier spot come playoffs (aka whoever is hot).

Jacobin said...

I'm on board with giving Durbin a start or two to see how he does. He had a couple of good starts and hasn't been bad out of the bullpen lately. Considering Happ's prior appearance for the big team, I'm okay with letting him season a bit with success at AAA. While it is unfair to suggest he'd be as much of a head case as Gavin Floyd, it's not a bad thing to try to avoid that happening again.

SirAlden said...

Was looking at who was able to sign 2007 draft picks and found this link:

The Phillies did not sign 5 of their top 33 picks, the Yankees 4, the Mets 5, and most significantly the Red Sox 11, and Braves 12!

The Yankees were not able to sign Greg Peavey from Washington State: in every article they talk about Julian Sampson who we signed, and Greg Peavey in the same breath.

Scroll down there are lots of articles... on Sampson

SirAlden said...

A.J. Happ in his last 3 starts.

13.2 innings pitched, 3 hits, 0 runs, 0 earned runs, 1 walk, 15 strikeouts, and no home runs allowed.

As for ruining a pitcher's confidence, and turning them into Gavin Floyd's I have always wondered about that.

I think Gavin Floyd was and is a pussy. I do not think you ever ruin a good pitcher with balls, even though that is the conventional wisdom. They go out and attack.

Jarex said...

A few weeks ago there was some man-love for Jayson Stark on this blog - I just pulled this bite from his latest ESPN entry for sharing purposes:

We're not sure Manuel has much of a shot at being Manager of the Year, but there's now more of a chance the Phillies will bring him back than anyone expected. "That club is really growing on me," one scout said. "Charlie has done a great job, despite what their fans think. That team has the best makeup of any club in that division, even with all the injuries they've had. And that's a tribute to the manager."

furiousBall said...

I can't believe how bad Howard and Rollins have been looking at the plate lately.

Anyone else notice Sarge has been getting on Ryan for standing so far off the plate? Pitchers are eating him alive with low fastballs on the outside part of the plate.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Stark is my homeboy!

Manuel is a legitimate R-Tard!

Ryan Howard needs to make some adjustments...again!

Jacobin said...

Hmm... has a poll to pick Brett Myers entrance music, he's narrowed it down to three choices:

"In the Air Tonight" by Nonpoint (18% 396 votes)
"Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva (24% 516 votes)
"Lights Out" by P.O.D. (58% 1,272 votes)

After viewing the "Ladies and Gentleman" video on YouTube, I had to vote for that song... since the video features two women in a boxing ring punching each other. How could I not vote for a song that has a video in which a woman is getting hit when it comes to Myers?

Maria said...

Whenever Ryan Howard has 2 strikes, it's definite that he's going to strike out. Last night we had the bases loaded no outs and couldn't score 1 run after Chris Coste's single. The Phillies have never heard of a sac fly. And how come Ryan Howard always seems hesitant to throw to second when it seems that they have a chance for a doubleplay.

GM-Carson said...

Just yesterday I was personally invited back to the infamous Phillies Phans Phorum by one of the moderators, Philly Chuck. I hadn't been on there since November, but since I got an email to come back I figured what the heck. Turns out they're still the same group of arrogant assholes they were in November. I swear these guys jerk off to stats, that seems to be all they care about. Bring something up that can't be statistically proven and it's bullshit in their eyes. For example, I commented on my observation of Howard's poor defense, but of course the stats don't necessarily back that up because there have been many could-be double plays or even easy groundballs a step to the left or right of him missed that have gone unscored an error, so they want no part of this discussion. They're like a bunch of fucking robots watching the game, I don't understand how they can even get pleasure out of it.

This was a personal message I received today from one of the moderators- (I deleted your phrase - which I saw as gratuitous and unnecessary - referencing "statbook" and "taboo."

Please do not generalize - particularly in a way that can be seen as derogatory or critical - about philliesphans in public posts. If you have a question or complaint about what is expected here, please bring it to the attention of PC or myself in a PM.)

*Kiss my ass!!!

GM-Carson said...

We're the K-Kings in this series, we're striking out all over the place again tonight. At least Chooch went deep for the 1st time in 176 at bats, spanning back to the walk-off shot a few months back.

BloodStripes said...

Chris Roberson with a huge play. Perfect throw. Almost blew it Phils. Can Myers close it out?

Maria said...

Myers is so good with a lead. Mets are losing 10-7 and the Braves already lost.

BloodStripes said...

Alright!!! Myers closes another with some filthy curveballs. Wicked stuff.

Giants beat Atlanta and our friends in Pittsburgh added 2 runs in the 7th to level it against NY and piled on 3 more in the 8th to lead 10 - 7. Capps to close it out. Go Buccos!!!

Jacobin said...

Two out of three in Washington is nice (wish we could have gotten a sweep, but you take what you can get!). Thankfully the damn Mets and Braves lost tonight. You'd think at least one of those frigg'n teams would go on a little bit of a losing streak.

BloodStripes said...

Is Gorzelanny Italian? His name sounds like something you could eat like a pizza. One large Gorzelanny please with anchovies and a coke. My background is Italian so its alright to make fun. He's been good this year but the Phils offense is better. Chop him up Phillies. Gotta keep winning.

GM-Carson said...

Well, sad and proud to announce my return to Phillies Phans Phorum is over in 2 short days, as I've had my usage rights revoked. I got into an arguement about how strike outs are bad and defense does matter and of course that pissed them off because that didn't fit their outlook...whatever.

Hard to believe we won the Washington series, our offense sucked.